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Vonage In The News
Vonage Expands International Presence with Investments in Asia Pacific Region

Vonage to Present at the Oppenheimer 20th Annual Technology, Internet & Communications Conference


Vonage Customer Reviews
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

Great Price, No Complaints
Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

Vonage Reviews

Vonage VoIP - Voice over IP: Vonage Internet Phone Service Features
  • Use existing high- speed Internet connection; broadband, wireless, or cable.
  • Add a phone line that runs over the Internet using your regular telephone unit.
  • A great way to lower long distance spending.
  • You can even replace your Telephone line with Voice Over IP!
  • Your bill will reflect additional applicable taxes

Voice Over IP

You get local, regional, and long distance U.S. and Canadian calling,

plus a new Digital Phone Adapter.

Check out these great features!

       Dialing 911

        3 Way Calling

        Caller ID with Name

        Call Hunt

        Call Waiting

        Personalized Voicemail

        Call Forwarding

        Call Transfer

        Caller ID Block (*67)

        Repeat Dialing

        Call Return (*69)

        International Call Block

        Network Availability Number

        Bandwidth Saver

        Adding additional lines to your account

        Area Code Selection

        Telephone Number Portability

        Virtual Phone Number

        Toll Plus

        Fax Service

        Enhanced 411 Dialing

        Real Time Billing Information

        Real Time Online Account Management

        Great Benefits:

        Keep Your Existing Phone Number

        Great International Rates

        Calls to Any Other Vonage Subscriber

        Phone Adapter

        Money-Back Guarantee

        Refer-A-Friend Program

 Live Customer and Technical Support Via Toll-Telephone and Online




Call Waiting:

Enables you to place one call on hold while you answer a second call, then alternate between the two.

  • While on the phone, a tone alerts you to another call.
  • Press the flash button or switch hook on your telephone - as you would with a normal telephone line.


Caller ID (number only):

Allows you to identify the party that is calling you.

Must have a telephone or device that supports caller id.


Personalized Voice Mail:

Allows a person calling you to leave a voice message. Includes a local access number, calls to check Voice Mail and Message Waiting Indicator (stuttertone). In addition, we give you advanced VoiceMail options like Email notification and the ability to check Voice Mail online.


  • Simple web access through your web account.
  • Play your Voicemail using Windows Streaming Media
  • Manage your Voicemail (change PIN, enable email alerts, trash old messages)

By telephone:

  • Call your local access number or
  • Call your Vonage phone number and once the message greeting starts, press *


Call Forwarding:

Enables you to configure your phone to automatically forward a call to any telephone number that you choose.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on Configure Call Forwarding.
  • Set up Basic or Advanced Forwarding by following the instructions on the web page.

Basic Call Forwarding
Allows you to direct all of your calls to the phone number of your choice. If there is no answer or a busy signal at the destination number, your Vonage voicemail will answer the call after 30 seconds. You can set up Basic Call Forwarding from the Vonage Web dashboard by selecting the Call Forwarding Options link.

Advanced Call Forwarding:
Gives you more control over the call forward process. Not only can you choose a number to direct all of your calls to, but you can also determine the number of seconds your Vonage phone will ring before the call is forwarded.

You can decide if you want your Vonage voicemail to answer the call should your destination number be busy or unanswered. If you elect to have your Vonage voicemail answer the calls, you can also determine how many seconds the destination number should ring before your Vonage voicemail answers the call.

You can set up Advanced Call Forwarding from the Vonage Web dashboard by selecting the Call Forwarding Options link.


Caller ID Block (*67):

Allows you to block your identity from any party you are calling that has caller id service (only available on a call-by-call basis).

  • Pick up the handset, listen for the dial tone, press *67.
  • Wait for the dial tone.
  • Then dial the number you want to call. Your number will not be displayed to the called party.


Repeat Dialing:

When a number is busy, the repeat dial feature, when activated, will continue to redial until the call is completed. To activate repeat dial, dial 5 and hang up when you get a dial tone signal. Vonage will ring you back when the number you are calling is available. You may continue to make other calls in the interim. To enable repeat dialing just go to the features page of your web account.


International Call Block:

Consumers elect to enable our International Call block feature to prevent unwanted or unintentional international calls. Since only the Account Administrator (account holder) can enable or disable the International Call Block this can prevent unwarranted use of the account. In additional, a slip of the finger can mean an unintentional international call. An international call black can guard against this situation. Configuring this setting is easy by going to the features page of your web account.


Call Transfer:

You can transfer a call from your Vonage phone number to any other phone number quickly and seamlessly. This includes transfers to other landline phones, to mobile phones or to voicemail. To transfer a call just:

  • press the flash button or switch hook on your phone and dial #90
  • dial the 11 digit telephone number
  • dial #
  • listen for the dial tone
  • hang up the phone


Bandwidth Saver:

Vonage's Bandwidth Saver feature allows you to modify the sound quality of your call slightly to save valuable bandwidth. Customers with 128Kpbs connections often elect the Normal Sound Quality setting on our Dashboard. This saves bandwidth and still provides excellent call quality. Please note, once the Bandwidth Saver feature is elected it can take up to an hour for it to go into effect. If bandwidth is an issue for you or if you have occasional dropped calls, we suggest you try the Normal Sound Quality setting today. To configure your account simply go to the features page of your web account.


Call Return (*69):

Allows you to automatically return your last incoming call. Use it as much as you like, it's free.


Real time Online Account Management

Nicknamed "the dashboard", this is the one location where you can get all the information you need about your account. Heres what you get in your account:

The dashboard lists your ten most recent made and received calls, account information, order information and service announcements. It also has a link to Call Forwarding Options and allows you to log into your voicemail.


The activity page lists all made and received calls for the last seven days. Days are consecutive regardless of whether or not calls were made on a particular day.


The Billing page provides information such as billing cycle, next payment date and monthly charges to date. You can access three months of bills and an itemized call detail that updates within moments of any activity. You are also able to request credits from this section.


The Voicemail page allows you to manage your messages as well as listen to them online. In addition, you can set up email notification of voice messages and change your voicemail PIN.


The Account page provides account and user information. It also allows you to edit the account information and password.


Real time Billing Information:

The Billing page provides Real time information about all your billing charges. In addition, you see your billing cycle, next payment date and monthly charges to date. You can access three months of bills and an itemized call detail that updates within moments of any activity. You are also able to request credits from this section.


Select your own Area code:

With Vonage DigitalVoice, you are no longer tied to your "local area code". You can select any Area Code you want from our list of available area codes. This means even if you live in New York, you can have a California Area Code.

Imagine, all your friends and family that live in California would be able to call you in New York by calling a local number. For small businesses and home offices, this gives you local presence in many areas, without the cost of building offices outside of your local area. Area Codes Available


Take your home phone Anywhere:

Never before have you had the ability to take your home phone with you wherever you go. With Vonage DigitalVoice, you can travel with your home phone or even move without skipping a beat. Whether youre traveling across the United States or anywhere else or youre moving into a dorm, or another town; all you need is a high speed internet connection and the phone adapter (that we provide for free). Its home phone service that goes with you.


Phone Adapter::

You get a Cisco ATA 186 for use with your Vonage Service


Any call made from a Vonage phone to another Vonage phone is always free. If you are on the basic plan, in-network calls are not deducted from your minute plan. Voicemail calls are always as well.


30-day risk-trial:

If within 30 days of your account activation, you are experiencing any difficulty with your Vonage DigitalVoice Service, please call Vonage at 1-VONAGE-HELP and let us assist in resolving the problem!! If we cannot get it working for you we will waive the $39.99 disconnect fee*.

*Please note that the first month's service fee and the one time activation fee will not be refunded. Customer is responsible for returning equipment to Vonage.


live Customer and Technical Support and Online Support


Customer Care by Phone or Fax

Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 9:00PM EST
Phone:   1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357)
Fax: 1-732-333-1353


Customer Care by Email

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Getting you the assistance you need, when you need it most, is our priority.

To contact a Customer Care Associate or Technical Support Representative, click the appropriate email address below. In the email window that opens, type your Account Number or Vonage telephone number in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include all the information listed below. We will call or email you with the information you need. Please let us know whether you prefer to be contacted by email or phone (and the best time to reach you).

Product Information:

Interested in learning more about Vonage? Our knowledgeable Sales Associates can help you.


General Customer Inquiries:

Questions about how to use your service? Our Customer Care Associates can give you the answers and will explain any new features that have been introduced. We can assist you in placing your order and help you track your order.

Or you can send your feedback to tell us how we are doing. Vonage encourages you to email suggestions for additional features or content. We also welcome feedback about our on-line website management tools.



Questions about your bill? Considering canceling your service? Please provide us the following information.

Billing issues:

  • Invoice Number
  • Detailed description of the billing issue


  • Effective date of cancellation
  • Reason for cancellation


Need technical assistance with a new installation? Our qualified Technical Support Representatives can guide you through the setup.

Please include the following information in your correspondence:

  • Name of your ISP
  • Make and model of your router
  • Make and model of your telephone
  • Brief description of your home network (computers, routers, hubs, switches, firewall software)
  • Detailed description of the issue you are having
  • Call-back number and best time to call you


Having difficulty making or receiving calls? Accessing your Voicemail? Experiencing a call quality issue? We can troubleshoot your service issues and help to resolve them.

Please send the following information if applicable:

  • Name of ISP
  • Make and model of router
  • Make and model of your telephone
  • Brief description of your home network (computers, routers, hubs, switches, firewall software)
  • Detailed description of the issue you are having and when the problem started
  • Call-back number and best time to call you

Vonage forum
We are happy to assist with your problems online, through the Forum. Use Vonage forum to find the best solution for you.


Real Time service announcements:

Vonage posts important announcements that affect all Vonage customers to your web account. Holiday hours, service outages, planned system maintenance, or the launch of new feature enhancements are example of service announcements. If you are experiencing any service related problems, check your Web account for an announcement prior to contacting Customer Care.


Refer-A-Friend program:

A program exclusive to Vonage DigitalVoice customers;



Vonage Service Plans

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AK and HI residents pay $29.95 shipping. Limited time offer. Valid for residents of the United States (&DC), 18 years or older, who open new accounts. Offer good while supplies last and only on new account activations. One kit per account/household. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or plans and is not applicable to past purchases. Good while supplies last. Allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. Other restrictions may apply.

1Unlimited calling and other services for all residential plans are based on normal residential, personal, non-commercial use. A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to: the number of unique numbers called, calls forwarded, minutes used and other factors. Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

2Shipping and activation fees waived with 1-year agreement. An Early Termination Fee (with periodic pro-rated reductions) applies if service is terminated before the end of the first 12 months. Additional restrictions may apply. See Terms of Service for details.

HIGH SPEED INTERNET REQUIRED. VALID FOR NEW LINES ONLY. RATES EXCLUDE INTERNET SERVICE, SURCHARGES, FEES AND TAXES. DEVICE MAY BE REFURBISHED. If you subscribe to plans with monthly minutes allotments, all call minutes placed from both from your home and registered ExtensionsTM phones will count toward your monthly minutes allotment. ExtensionsTM calls made from mobiles use airtime and may incur surcharges, depending on your mobile plan. Alarms, TTY and other systems may not be compatible. Vonage 911 service operates differently than traditional 911. See for details.

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