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HildBeft Posted:
You can recollect
password by
connecting the
router to your pc
and open the

In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
How to arrive at wifi password?
On Oct 20, 2016 at 05:05:49

HildBeft Posted:
Great tips..
Thanks for sharing

In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
How to have Vonage and another land line?
On Oct 20, 2016 at 04:55:03

massrman Posted:
The devices are
available at
different price
margins , please
share your

In The Forum:
IP PBX for small business
On Sep 30, 2016 at 00:48:03

massrman Posted:
Hi these are most
commonly used SIP
PBX interops and

In The Forum:
IP PBX for small business
On Sep 30, 2016 at 00:37:45

Sammy00 Posted:
Has anyone setup a
W52p phone for
vonage? I have
a W52p with two
wireless handsets,

In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
W52p Setup
On Aug 30, 2016 at 10:38:01

James44 Posted:
Hi, I am
looking for a good
Sip Trunking
provider in
Canada. they
should offer

In The Forum:
A good sip trunking provider
On Jul 17, 2016 at 23:42:46

James44 Posted:
Which network
connection do you

In The Forum:
Wireless Access Point plugged into switch
On Jul 13, 2016 at 22:55:00

jjatsk Posted:
We are renting a
few offices right
next door to our
main building. I
have a wireless

In The Forum:
Wireless Access Point plugged into switch
On Jul 09, 2016 at 12:00:54

Pman Posted:
Hello, While
Vonage has been a
great service over
the years, it is
time to part

In The Forum:
LNP – Local Number Portability
Cannot port phone number to new carrier - repeated failures
On Jul 05, 2016 at 09:12:07

jbugz67 Posted:
We recently
purchased 5
Polycom VVX 300
phones from
Vonage, and have

In The Forum:
Nothing but problems with VVX300
On Apr 15, 2016 at 14:58:07

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 Taking Vonage On The Road

Vonage In Print News

The World of Business Just Got Smaller

June 27, 2005

By David Grossman

Did you ever tally up your expenses after a trip and get that sick feeling when you realize your telephone calls cost more than your hotel room? I was very disappointed recently to learn my cell phone would not work in Asia. I received more bad news when my calling card provider told me it would cost me $2.30 a minute to call the U.S. from Asia. Even after scouting out a variety of calling card options, the lowest rates I could find would still be $.35 a minute, or $21 an hour. That's a lot of Yen, Won and Bhat.

 Posted by vonage on Monday, June 27 @ 17:24:24 UTC
 (2511 reads)
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 Vonage TV Commercials: Fake Or Real?

Vonage In Print News

Vonage Advertisements

June 22, 2005

By Brian Steinberg

Q: I think the ads for Vonage are quite funny. But I need to know: are the various accidents that happen in the ads real, or are they staged? --Lynne Burgess, Rowayton, Conn.

A: Vonage says it has opted for reality over fiction. The advertisements you are talking about can make a person laugh, or fall off the couch in horror at some of the really wacky accidents they depict. One ad for Vonage, a provider of broadband telephone service, shows a skier taking a leap off a roof onto a pick-up truck. Another features a snowmobiler wiping out. A third -- a real heartbreaker -- sports a young tyke ready to take his turn at the plate in his backyard. He loses his grip on the bat, causing the window on a glass sliding door to break. "People do stupid things," say the ads, which are created by Havas's Arnold Worldwide Partners. "Like pay too much for phone service." A Vonage spokesman tells us that the company "receives reels of footage from its advertising agency, Arnold, for review from a variety of sources." One ad, for example, looks as if it comes from a videotape made in 1992.

 Posted by vonage on Wednesday, June 22 @ 21:00:00 UTC
 (2714 reads)
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 Andretti Wins Again In Vonage Car

Vonage In Print News

Andretti Claims Victory on Indianapolis Road Course

June 22, 2005

By Staff

Marco Andretti made it 2-for-2 on road/street courses in the IRL Menards Infiniti Pro Series.

Andretti, the grandson of racing legend Mario Andretti and son of IRL IndyCar® Series team owner Michael Andretti, won the inaugural Liberty Challenge at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was his second win in three starts this season.

"I had the car to do it, that's for darn sure," said Andretti, who also won the first non-oval event at the Menards Infiniti Pro Series Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in April from the pole. "(Engineer) Tony (Cicale) and the guys set up an awesome car. Like I was telling them, I never had a better in my career yet, so far. Right to the flag, it was consistent and it showed with the lap times."

Andretti's No. 26 Vonage Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone was challenged only once during the 25-lap event. Jeff Simmons, who started third, took the lead on the opening corner, but missed the second corner, handing the lead back to pole sitter Andretti.

 Posted by vonage on Wednesday, June 22 @ 20:00:00 UTC
 (1108 reads)
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 India Is Ready For Vonage VoIP Services

Vonage In Print News

Which Broadband Provider for VoIP?

June 21, 2005

By Vipul Shah

Q: We have been out of Mumbai since sometime... and hence do not have info about trends and service providers etc...

We are looking for broadband service provider in chembur
area. We only need to use the net for web-surfing + voice chat + email. Please give me as much or as little info that you might have.

A: Give a shot to MTNL Tri Band ADSL services. In most part of Mumbai they have enabled it and if you fill up form tomorrow it would start service at your home within 2-3 days Someone from MTNL will come with ADSL modem which will plug into your PC's Ethernet port. You can expect 256kbps speed, which is good enough for most applications including VoIP. MTNL would also offer you ADSL modem which will plug into USB port but don’t take this option as unlike Ethernet devices, USB devices are heavily driver dependent and next time you have to change/upgrade operating system of your PC if they don’t have driver for your device your PC won’t be able to use it.

 Posted by vonage on Wednesday, June 22 @ 19:33:01 UTC
 (12773 reads)
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 Vonage Provides A Scalable VoIP Solution

Vonage In Print News

How scalable is your VoIP solution?

June 21, 2005

By Deb Shinder

Voice over IP (VoIP) may be the future of telephony, but will the VoIP solution you choose today scale to meet your company's future needs? There are a few questions you should ask potential VoIP providers to help you evaluate how well their products and services will scale.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is finally coming into its own as both businesses and residential customers recognize the advantages of using their high speed Internet connections to provide low-cost long distance telephone service. Call quality and reliability have improved considerably and attractive pricing plans are available. VoIP can save your business a bundle -- but how well does it scale?

 Posted by vonage on Wednesday, June 22 @ 19:30:17 UTC
 (1287 reads)
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 Vonage VoIP: An Affordable Alternative To Traditional Phone Service

Vonage In Print News

Keep Your Phone; Lose Your Phone Company

August 1, 2005

By Sandy Larson

If you could have an outstanding quality business phone service with unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for one low fixed rate per month, you’d go for it right? Especially if you could keep your existing phone number, and take your phone with you wherever you go?

Vonage, a New Jersey-based broadband phone company, is redefining communications by offering small businesses an affordable alternative to traditional phone service.

Using technology known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Vonage can relay your voice over the Internet every time you use a regular-corded or cordless touchtone phone. All you need is a special phone adaptor (provided free of charge when you sign up for service) and a broadband connection.

 Posted by vonage on Tuesday, June 21 @ 23:05:24 UTC
 (1901 reads)
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 VoIP Phones Remain Tax Free

Vonage In Print News

VoIP No Bargain For Cities Losing Phone-Tax Revenue

June 22, 2005

By Leslie Cauley

NEW YORK — Internet telephony may be one of the best bargains around for consumers. But it may also be a threat to the economic stability of cities across the USA. Once considered a toy for techno-geeks, VoIP is making its way into the mainstream. The Yankee Group research firm estimates that VoIP will have close to 30 million users by 2009, up from fewer than 1 million today.

The problem: Cities have long depended on telecom taxes to help pay for everything from sewer lines to teachers' salaries. Internet telephony, considered an "information service," operates largely tax-free.

 Posted by vonage on Tuesday, June 21 @ 23:01:51 UTC
 (1015 reads)
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 Vonage Wi-Fi Phone To Cost Less Than $100

Vonage In Print News

Nearly Everything Gets Unplugged

June 21, 2005

By Olga Kharif

Consumer-electronics companies aren't sure yet just what folks will want in their broadband wireless gizmos, but that isn't stopping them.

Wireless technology has liberated the laptop computer. Now consumer-electronics makers are using it to untether everyday devices from cameras and cell phones to TVs and refrigerators.

Get ready for the next wave of wireless gizmos. This October, Eastman Kodak (EK ) will bring out a digital camera that will let you snap a photo and immediately show it to a friend on a Wi-Fi-enabled PC or TV. And by early next year, you'll be able to zap that picture to a screen on a refrigerator when Samsung unveils an ice box with a wireless, detachable display that can function as a TV -- or gallery for family photographs (for these and more new products, see our Slide Show, "A Blitz of Wireless Broadband Gadgets").

 Posted by vonage on Tuesday, June 21 @ 22:58:53 UTC
 (1971 reads)
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 Vonage Selects Call Center Technology From Avaya

Vonage In Print News

Vonage America, The Sales And Services Subsidiary Of Voice Over Internet Protocol Telephone Provider Vonage, Selected Call Center Technology From Avaya Inc

June 21, 2005

By Staff

Vonage America, the sales and services subsidiary of voice over Internet protocol telephone provider Vonage, selected call center technology from Avaya Inc., which made the announcement yesterday. Financial details were not disclosed.

Vonage said it was upgrading its call center technology to bolster its customer service in the increasingly competitive market of consumer VoIP phone service.

Avaya also said that it helped Vonage expand its call center volume capacity using SIP-based technology. SIP is a telecommunications protocol that promotes integration and interoperability between communications channels, including audio, video and instant messaging.

 Posted by vonage on Tuesday, June 21 @ 22:55:25 UTC
 (1378 reads)
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 Vonage Adopts Avaya VoIP System For Call Center

Vonage In Print News

Vonage Adopts Avaya IP
Company Officials Say It Has Doubled Call Capacity

June 20, 2005

Vonage America, Vonage's sales and service subsidiary, will incorporate Avaya's SIP-based platform into its call center. The system integrates with Vonage's SIP-based IP phone service.

Vonage's main contact center will use Avaya's Customer Interaction Suite and Communication Manager IP Telephony software.

One new SIP-based feature is support for "buddy lists." Call center agents to IM the appropriate contact or expert while the customer is on the phone.

 Posted by vonage on Tuesday, June 21 @ 22:53:02 UTC
 (2414 reads)
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