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D-Link VWR connecting to my existing Motorola VT2442
Seeking Executive Contact E-Mails For The Company
Small and Medium Size Business
error reads files corrupt
Router to VTA OR VTA to Router? Echoes/Delay
Lose Dial Tone After Few Hours
Linksys PAP2 vs. D-Link VTA
Dropped Audio on all calls, Modem resets connection
RT31P2 behind DI-624 (FIOS)- cant get access network
Vonage and Nokia N80 internet edition
Wirelessly connect to Telewest cable modem & Linksys RT3
V-Access page updated
V-Access for Brize Norton
belkin n1 router
Lost Connection?
CallerID when calling Area Codes 206 and 360
Does *77 work to reject calls whose caller ID has been block
Audio broken with call forwarding (simulring, network avail)
Dlink DIR-655
My one week review
Problems with bridging and vonage
HP 7310 - receiving fax problems
One sided - They hear me but I can't hear them.....
Incoming calls
Unable to connect to calls from non "V" subscriber
No Dialtone!! Anybody else having this problem this morning?
Board of Public Utilities -
Noon NC time...incoming calls not coming thru
Calls placed from empty house and phantom caller-id
RT31P2 not working
quad wiring to cat5 wiring upgrade question
Is there some kind of network status web page?
Verizon FIOS 20Mbps down / 5Mbps up
Static on the Line
Wall-mounting adapter?
Phone line not working internet light not green need help
"all lines are busy" from 1600 GMT
Choppy / One-way / Dropped Audio
Activation Fee?
Tell me why
Router (vt2442) security issue
Vonage Box (RTP300) too many Mac Addresses
People calling me often get strong echo
It seemed fast at first - AT&T to Vonage
Is it my new computer or my Motorola VT2442?
help connecting vonage adapter (dlink vta) to verizon fios?
Power light=red Motorola VT2142
So i've had no dialtone for over 24 hours now.
Voip and ADT alarms
Voip and ADT alarms
Selective call blocking soon?
Lost router password..RTP300
Need to route calls from Spain to the UK
Is there a way to see total minutes used?
Connecting D-Link wireless to vonage linksys...
Reset Registration info on IP811 Remote Handset
Problems recieving faxes
After end of call, I get new incoming call but no one there.
Credit Card/Bank Phone Authorization
RT31P2 -- LAN Static IP Problem
Mitel VoIP phones compatible with Vonage?
What's the catch?
Hard reset not working, access page cant be accessed
DHCP Issues with the VT2142 (Motorola)
voicemail down?
Is it Possible to keep landline and Vonage?
file sharing
Effective Stock Limit to Sell
vista and wrtp54g
IP forwarding through the modem and vonage device
Caller ID block is totally anonymous?
"NO CALL ID" message
Vonage not working with cox cable
Vonage in HOT SPOTS
Can I use landline voice services and VoIP together?
What a sleazy thing to do, Vonage
Calling France "Lines are temporary busy."
RTP300 Static/noise (possible fix)
Call quality to France gets an A+
Shared ethernet on Mac Book Pro
tapping VOIP
Fios Actiontec M1424wr router - wired / wireless
Multiple Router setup questions
Phone port 1 is red.
Anyone used D-Link VWR-VR (need review)
New Equipment Suggestions ??
Can I add a new #, route only that to voice mail?
does VOIP interfer with cable broadband speeds?
Scanner failure & warming up messages on HP3100 all-in-o
Printer won't work when routed through RT31P2
Printer won't work when routed through RT31P2
Vonage with Kayako supportsuite
Repeat Dialing call-backs are horrible!
Vonage legal problem
Will a wireless print server work?
Can't call 905-310-SURF (Bell Sympatico Internet Support)
Vonage Return address
Simple List of V-Access Phone Numbers?
Why one-plus for local calls?
Slow internet speeds... adjusting Vonage settings?
v-phone trouble... (linux, winxp, ...)
slower mail
Wireless network?
My Vonage has been down for the last half hour
two months free?
poor business relations
Phone Service Fails to sync; Vonage Says buy new router
Vonage & Vibestreamer
Cancel a Line from Account Website?
Want to completely transfer my home number to V-Phone
Linksys WRTP54G manual Firmware upgrade to Linksys FW
VOIP in Guyana
Need List of Carriers I can port from
Cisco ATA 186 Adaptor v. Motorola VT 2142
Changing carriers?
Switching from Verizon to Vonage any helpful info?????
Website Update
Wireless connection is interupted while on the phone
Choppy/slow connections
I need help creating my network, please advise what router!
Bad Links in Forum Email Newsletter
Understanding the regulatory world
Quality of Service
Hard time porting out of Vonage
Manually Updating RT31P2 Firmware
Softphone throught VPN connection
DDNS Setup not working: "Wait response reason: 21474488
Does vonage/VOIP have a future?
Compatible wireless headsets?
Lexmark X5470 All-In-One Fax Problem
Is anyone receiving annoying calls from 000-000-0000?
Trouble transmitting data with airport extreme
Canada Account to US Account
vnc on vt2442
VT2442 Port Forwarding - Lost Cause?
one way audio (outgoing)
2 Line Phone and Fax
Faxing from computer
Request for Vonage: Airtel experience info
additional phones
Simulring Cell phone problem fix
click, click, click
need to reboot router frequently
Concerns re. setup with Macintosh system
Accessing Norstar Voicemail using a Vonage phone
WRTP54G Fast wired connection, slow wireless?
Dubai - access via VT2142 broadband voice gateway
Where Vonage is the Worst (Calling UK mobiles from the US)
2 Line Phone And Fax
Would Vonage hurt HDTV signal?
login page tab order
Another Problematic Monday with Vonage?
Structured Wiring
Anyone else had Royal Mail lose a returned router?
vonage d link vta-vd into antique Comdial Executech
New Forum Feature
VPN setup on rtp300
Quality of Service
Sporadic quality and technical issues with Vonage
Voicemail Indicator
Convert my Small Business to VOIP
Looking to upgrade to WRT54GL
When receiving a call, computer speakers also rings
Poor quality - garbled or no service at all
Converting Small Business to VOIP
UK Calling Trouble
Internet and phone drop connection intermitently
Vonage Completely Down
Port forwarding on a USRobotics 5461 Router
Quick Question Cable Modem
getting information
DLink 524 - DLink VTA - Quidway ADSL Modem - BSNL - Problems
bad quality on calls from US to Canada
Another wall-mount question
Voicemail outage
Poor audio quality and inconsistency with connections
Unable to activate new adapter
VOIP from Vonage AND Optimum Online - will it work?
Switching Ports
DCM202, WRT54GL, and WoW - Vonage the problem?
What sequence is Vonage - changing priority for better QOS
my outgoing calls are shown by recipient as a private number
Also having workaround installation problems with Vista
Ajijic/Lake Chapala: LagunaNet (by SouthMex) vs. TelMex?
Porting out of Vonage - Address Mismatch Advisory - Beware!
PAP2 and Sb5101 Conection problem
VT1005 not showing up on network, not in DHCP table
Brinks Home Security and VoIP
Must I use a Vonage Router?
Sound Issues motorola vt2142
Need help with billing issue
Unable to dial most #s from corded phone; cordless OK
online gaming
Linksys BEFSR41, VT2442 and Choppy Calls
Wireless Linksys wrt54GS setup help
Switching with Earthlink & Bellsouth
V-Phone/Vista workaround doesn't work...
Calls to Iceland
FAX line versus voice line
Unanswered FAX line notifications?
RMA / RA experiences with Vonage?
Some real advice about v phone-softphone
dlink VWR
Can the the Handsets with the Vtech IP 8002 be reprogramed?
V-Access numbers work well
outbound to landline intermittent anyone else?
Call hunt problem
Call hunt set up
VTA-VD d-link system and I'm trying to get it started
Moto VT 2142. Calls not functioning, Vonage has yet to fix.
replace existing wired router w/ wireless
RTP300-VD problems
Problems adding wireless router to existing network
Solutions for dropped calls and echoing
not able to make phone calls to the US from my UK number..
Israel - Bezeq & Netvision - port 5060 & 6000 block
deleting numbers from vtech IP8100
Firmware (current: 1.30.01) upgrade for Linksys RT31P2 ?
IP811 handset charger replacement
Terrible Connections & Comcast
Seasonal resident wants to travel with Vonage
International V-Access numbers not completing call
Switched to B&O Beocom2 phone - Line always off the hook
People cant hear me :-(
Caller ID functioning incorrectly since switching to Vonage
Decommissioned RTP300
Settings for VTech IP8100 to enable Motorola firewall
DTMF Touch Tone Problems
VOIP Phones Poll: Hitachi IP-5000 or D-Link DPH-540
firewall on the motorola vt2442 ?
Selling New Vonage Devices
Can I have an 800# ring 2 accounts at 2 locations
Avaya ip office
Callerid name
wireless internet delay
Uniden UIP1869V has Choppy Audio Most Times
Vonage with Nokia E65
Parental Controls
Security System monitoring
Old Linksys PAP2
Voicemail to other Vonage Customers?
Anonymous Call Rejection / Screening not working
New Vonage user with Fios needs help with terrible sound
Limited or No connectivity when using a HUB
vonage is killing my web server
Problem with Click to call.
Verizon vs Vonage Lawsuit
Changed Router IP and now all is not working
DLink VTA-VD behind SMC Barricade router - voice quality
Re: voip service
Blocked VoIP in the Middle East
Motorola VT2142 Upgrade Quality Question
A bit confused about Port Forwarding, configuration, etc...
RTP300 Downstream of a Linksys WRT54G v5 - Any Issues?
Dropped calls & calls not coming through with RoadRunner
How do I transfer Vonage over to a new Internet provider?
Issues in the last 4 weeks
problem with outgoing calls
Dropped audio (one side only)
Any good clamshell cordless phones out there anymore?
Circuits Busy
Help!! Vonage Motorola VT2142 w. BSNL Xavi in Gujarat, India
D-Link VTA question: no port forwarding needed?
Just Getting Direct TV and I have Vonage
Phantom 092xxx inbound call
Speed Dial
Motorola SB5120 Firmware Version
poor quality
INT'L l Phone Calls Broken - Anyone else having issues??
1800 numbers will work!!!!
Trouble receiving some local calls, Call cannot be completed
Full Vista support within 48 hours
wireless hook up
Performance tuning with the a router and D-Link VTA
A simple tip for Vonage users - Static IPs!
D-Link VTA and can't hear incoming callers but they can hear
Defective replacement charges
Brother MFC-8860DN Fax Troubles
Anybody having problems in the 615 area code today?
Motorola VT2442 and port forwarding problems
VM stutter tone but VM is empty
Motorola VT1005 Subnet Configuration for Comcast
wireless network VOIP Mortorola vt2142
Confused about Alarm monitoring options, can anyone help?
New Service Issue - Got someone elses number
IP phone using wireless internet
Vonage Website - Can't Access Secure Section
What's going on with Vonage.com website?
QOS & Static IP lines
DLink VWR can't share printer to wireless clients
VT2142, Building with own ISP, choppy audio both ends
VWR - Re-entry of WEP KEY may require use of IE
Can you run 2 phone adapters with differant numbers ?
Telewest 'phone stop working at 12pm when RT31P2 attached
The Recommended setup for multiple lines??
Caller-id gives "location" not "name"
cheap international calling
New Service for Business Questions.
Was it something I changed? Do I have a virus or bad router?
Problem with an "Invalid Number"
Porting out your number does not mean your Vonage...
Pops and Clicks Solved
Using Vonage outside US?
Vonage one of "five dumbest things on wall st." th
wireless dsl installation
use in Spain
Wake up call
Tivo Setup
Lag in answer & Dial tone - WRTP54G
VOIP checking everything before I sign up
GinnyPig for voip double checking everthing
The vonage router is blocking my port forwarding
problems with pap2v2 in india
No incoming calls...not even in Activity log!!!
Didn't pay for IPO - What about tax reporting?
Linksys Pap2V2 ---power conversion from 110 to 240 in India
Help Port Forwarding in my Vonage motorola VT2142-VD
QoS - Does The ISP's Equipment Have To Support It?
Wireless Installation
Vonage and halo
non connection to internet of second computer
file sharing between wired and wireless isn't working
fax line vs voice line
good show on VOIP
Belkin wireless router dumps
dropped audio on incoming calls
Who's your Bet for American Idol this time?
Vonage works well with Fiber Ops
changing my setup...
Brinks/Vonage wiring
dry loop ...voip ....alarm system and home distribution
Vonage V-Phone Bluetooth
$100 rebate problem for VTECH modems from Bestbuy
RT31P2 Vonage Router - Internet has stopped working
Cannot Use Both Lines At The Same Time
$100 cc rebate for activation
1970's home, NID has nothing to unplug?
Got Voice
Poor range from Vonage/Motorola VT2542 wireless router
Multi line Panasonic KX-TG6500 problem
RPT300 Enabled Remote Admin port KILLS port 80
Fast Busy Signal when connected to wall jack only
Callers from Christmas Past
Cannot receive calls on virtual phone number
Wireless Connectivity Problems With RTP300 and WAP
Massive Nationwide Outage
20% discount for annual payment
Straight to vmail and then recieve same call multiple times
Vonage Canada Free Month Offer - Rebuttal
D-Link VWR Known Workarounds
how does vonage determine where numbers are available?
Soft phone does it work ?
Provisioning Status Unprovisioned File Not Found
Virtual number with a history - not my history
Connnecting MN-500 & UTStarcom F1000W WIFI phone
Can I find out if an outside phone is forwarded to my phone?
Dry DSL with Vonage
Couple of questions about business accounts.
phone just stopped working
Anybody here aware of the actual Disconnection Fee with..?
SoftPhone - can you recommend a laptop that works with it?
Verizon Patent Lawsuit
Strange number
Anyone using Netgear FVX538 router?
Share Trading Halted
Getting frustrated with dropped and silent incoming calls
Vonage phone with Windstream DSL
Can the WiFi phone F1000 be used with primary account?
Very Concerned About Vongage going out of business!
WRTP54G Firmware Push? v 5.01.04
Just signed with Vonage... What to do know?
Verizon Patent Lawsuit - Questions Answered
International Call Forwarding / SimulRing
Vonage VOIP - Markham - Many problems - suggestions?
billing page
Call Waiting Caller ID
RTP 300 behind a firewall... anyone able to do this?
appreciate your respones
Time is off
Ruling May (Most Likely) Be End for Vonage
IP PBX integration
Unable to install VT2142 on Win2k OS
Vonage compatibility with Vtech 2650
European / Italian phones and the RTP300?
Starting today all my incoming phone calls have no caller id
Vonage and Wireless Router Bridging Wrt54G's Plus Sveasoft
vt2142 motorola configuration
I want to change my voice
Motorola VT2142--Problem
Vonage Billing Address for LNP
Voange V-Tech 8100-2 in India
Web interface slow to dead, no voicemail
can I use same vonage equip as before, considered NEW cust??
Can this be done by Vonage or will they have issues with it?
Speed Dialing or Ideas
Toll Free Plus
VPhone - server is not responding - port issue?
Phone not working or goes in and out, chopping and echoing.
Intermittent service loss: "line not provisioned"
It isn't just Vonage that screws up number transfers
Vonage customers in North Carolina, pls read
Setup of VT2442 to Operate as a Switch
One VONAGE Line, Several Phones
3 lines on multiple phones
Using voice line to fax
Wireless printing blues with dlink vwr router
Hard wired system worked then stopped...Help!
D-Link VTA-VR, Lights Blink, No Dial-Tone
New user signup fails with invalid MAC address error.
Blocked Calls
I have a wireless internet connection
"We're Sorry......the number you are dialing is invalid
Port Forwarding Question once again
Vonage - Winfax on XP
Telephone Line Not Provision to Use
Vonage in India
RTP-300 and Intermitant Caller ID
VTECH 8100-2 seriously degrades my internet speed
In Order to Better Understand what makes FAX work
False busy signals on calls to the midwest
Vonage Bankrupt by 2009 -- Citigroup Analyst
Current VOIP Adapter Shipped or Best Retail Adapter
These two guys know more about Vonage tech than...
Mostly wireless setup with Voynage, will quality be OK?
Phone 1 LED blinks with orange light
The Phones must be Down at Vonage
Disconnect and rebate recovery fees
Click to call automation? Possible? Work together on this?
Using multiple phone adapters from different ISPs
Sipgate.de to Vonage via SIP
VT2442 Slow Speed problem
Phone 1 LED blinks with orange light
Shaw High speed to Extreme-I
RT31P2 As A Bridge
Problems with wireless RTP300 and WAP54G access point
is pap2 better overall than RT31p2?
RTP 300 and Network Cable Unplugged Errors.
v-access for France
Isn't the WinXP dialer a softphone?
continued? My progammer says?
Softphone or Vphone and dialing from browser or app?
VT2142 Setup Issues Behind Firewall.
Private/Anonymous Numbers Not Ringing Through
Using netgear fvs124g & linksys rt31p2 with no outbound
Connecting Linksys RTP300 and Netgear WGR614
VWR-VR Not saving settings or able to print from wireless
Silence or rapid busy signal on outgoing calls
Choppy Audio poor QoS percent
Distance between cable modem and wireless router
Vonage in the Bahamas
Wireless Installation - Test
vphone file transfer.
VoIP and 5.8Ghz Phones
Mailing address for Vonage Canada
Visual Call waiting
Loud buzzing noise in background when making/receiving calls
Any experience with Motorola VT2542?
Complete lockup when turning on phone, rt31p2...
Softphone gadget for windows VISTA!
Loud background noise / Dropped calls
unable to receive incoming calls
VT2142 causing "TCP Firewalled"--Where's the probl
Possible to port from Vonage to AT&T Callvantage?
Why charge for a SoftPhone?
SIP credentials..have the been released yet? how do I get it
Has It Begun? The disintegration of Vonage?
Unable to make or recieve calls. Working 10 mins ago.
Vonage and VoIP, Inc. sign a two-year contract
Leaving Vonage
Waiting for proxy registration when trying to use a V-PHONE
New DirecTV HD DVR?
Seeking Mailing Address for Vonaga Canada
Panasonic may sue Vonage, Skype, others over "VoIP"
Free Soft Phone 2 months
2 Free months of Softphone
Router or Vonage Phone?
Router dummy with WRTP54G need assistance !!
State with lowest regulatory and state fees
VPN PPTP Passthrough GRE WRT54GP2
Outage in Wisconsin - 262 area code
Try international calling
D-link VWR dropping DSL and other settings
Home Intercom System - Best Way to Connect Vonage
Home Intercom System - What is the best way to connect pap2?
Recording and debugg softphone lesson1
Land Line Forwards To Vonage
Automated E-mail Not Received RE: Monthly Charges...
It's over, I'm out...
Outage in 317 Indy??
Outage - April 5th, 2007
Outtage in PA..
Outage in West Virginia
Now working
Recommended QoS Routers?
Problem after new wireless router installation
Illinois 847 Down Again
Virtual phone number fast busy
WRTP54G with XP Internet Connection Sharing No Dial Tone
F1000 WiFi Phones need to make/receive calls via USB port
Friday - April 6th is it down again....???
Ruling bars Vonage from customer signups
CISCO ATA 186+ WGR614+Comcast=bad call quality (drops, echo)
Contingecy plans - what if vonage goes down bad?
"Sorry, the number you dialed is not assigned"-Fro
Vonage VT2442 setup in India with BSNL Broadband connection
Hardwired for years...stopped working suddenly
Ruling bars Vonage from customer sign-ups
Fax and voice on ONE Vonage Line
Service went down - Unable to connect to network - Atlanta
I'm expereinceing a problem
How Do I Check Messages When My ISP Is Down
Vonage "down for most customers"
Malicious prosecution to punish only Vonage viz Verizon?
Number migration to another provider
Turned on Google News Alerts:
Number Transfer
Vonage Down in Wi
Down in lots of places
Vonage down in CT?
5.8 GHz Panasonic KX-TG5623
port forwarding is needed for most Dlinks....
Is there a modem that has a direct vonage connection
All's well in PR - with 704 Area code
Motorola VT2142 Port Forward
TimeWarner blocking Vonage customers getting phone help?
Linksys Wireless Router Help
State taxes on fees ???
Buffalo w/ DD-WRT and VT2442
One-Way Audio w/PAP2 and Belkin F5D7230-4 in Seoul
Trouble Connecting with IP8100 Blinking Yellow Light
700 Get News - New Feature
Vonage other connections
Call Fowarding through TUI
usb phones
Weird Problem, no sound.
can't log into web account
Combining Existing Landline and VOIP in the same house ...
Thread deleted?
Outage in Oregon
Vonage Out?
2nd port on vonage adapter (RTP300) intermittent
Voicemail slow to connect (*123)
Problems Home Wiring with D-Link VTA VR
Dead Line
Canceling Vonage Service Procedure ???
Cisco 871 w/Adv. IP Services
number porting differences by voip company?
Incoming Calls- Busy signal- non-Vonage network calls only
Intermittant outage
Adding wireless network behind RTP300
Internet Going down when on Vonage call
Click-2-Call flaky???
Vonage Billing Practices
Remote access to VTA-VR Management Interface
Vonage CEO steps down
Today's Conference Call
V phone in France , where can I get it ?
It's on the wall....
Outage in West Virginia
vonage rebate status
Pap2 v2 not hanging up
legalised voip
Vonage to all my phones (waiting for dry loop)
ip address for vta phone adapter
After Vonage win -- Is cable in Verizon's crosshairs?
Vonage V Stick Talk Software UK.
What do you usually do when you're bored?
D Link VWR set-up
Citron as CEO?
Offers from Vonage after porting number to a diff. carrier
Saving software from the V-Phone to my computer.
Lines that could be removed from Web Account
Optional bypass of PIN in voicemail
to visionx
IRS and Immigration?
Tapping/Recording Conversations?
DLink VWR, how to make it stop trying to connect to Vonage?
moderating new member's postings
Hawking HBB1 Broadband Booster $10 Rebate
Helpful and knowledgable
Does Vonage support T.38
Default Static IP of the Motorola VT2142
CISCO 79xx SIP phones / Asterisk based PBX provider
Simulring/Net unavail number failure
WRTP54G Router is slow
can I switch my ata from moto vt1002 to Dlink vta?
New cutomer and looking for some help
Good Luck Cancelling Your Service!
Choppy audio AFTER cable outage - Problem Fixed
Dlink DIR-655 Router -- VoIP Gateway not working
DLink DI-624 and 2 DLink VTA-VD
Need advice, connecting Linksys WRT54GX and WRTP54G
Outage in NY due to fiber cut and storm????
Continuous busy signal presented to outside callers
2 Months Free of Service for New Sign-up
How to get a new telephone adapter?
Who here signed up for a 2nd Line FREE for 2 Months?
Cannot use both lines simultaneously
Down in IL
VPN Problems: Motorola SB5120 cable modem &Linksys WRTP5
Multiple Lines to 2 phone numbers
Could Vonage Sprint to an Exit?
Widespread outage or just me?
Azureus & Vonage/Motorola VT2142-VD
Phone starts to ring every night at 1135pm CST
Reprogram Router and Phone Adapter
Good news/Bad news transaction with Vonage
Can this work ?
Vonage legal woes could lead to bankruptcy-filing
Vonage softphone on HP ipaq Pocket PC
RT31P2 loses Net and phone at least once every two weeks
Vonage through ISA Server 2000 - No sound
firmware upgrade
Sprint Considering To Buy Vonage
Cannot hear caller.
VT2442 Settings Reset
QOS Recommendations
News Article: "Vonage Warns of Bankruptcy"
Vtech IP8100 Call Quality Issues
D-Link VWR - Networked printing not working
Comcast's Powerboost?
VTech 8100-1 not working
help me on this networking question from my sister
Down in Central Ohio (again)
No Vonage service today...
No Vonage service...
Service down in Myrtle Beach, SC
Problem With The Vt2142
VOIP out in Ontario
Hardwiring in an appartment
Unlocking adapter
Comcast LNP issues
Verizon Patents - Clear proof of prior art from 1995
No tax?
Vonage reports outage, again!
New Vonage Text: Voicemail - to - text conversion service
Service Interruption Chesterfield VA
Why is vonage adapter doing a TFTP ?
Using Asterisk to autodial and play audio file.
New Theme
Poor DSL QOS% and Bad incoming audio
Two voange lines one router
Thinking about bailing on Vonage...
Wanting to stay with Vonage....
RJ11 to RJ45 adapter
Incorrect Caller ID Stamp due to Motorola VT2442 V Router
Wi Fi phone in Retail Stores?
Cannot get phone number released from Vonage
2 lines on one internet connection
Have net connection but NO phone connection-- WHATS UP?
Call Waiting drops calls
MSN Yahoo and Other Java based Chats
Bridge Voip PSTN & Non Present dialing Question
Cordless Phone Issues
Phone Adapter keeps blinking twice
Simulring Caller ID Error to Cellphone
US Vonage in the UK?
Can't get home wiring to work.
VTech IP8100 W/ Regular Phone
Rate Vonage Customer Service
Vtech 8100 stopped working (hand sets can't find base set)
Want wireless CPU but stay hardwired for XBOX LIVE
How much upload speed does Vonage use ?
VPhone suddenly died .... won't bring up dial pad
No Problems With Service This Weekend???
2 phones on one account causing internet problems
rt31p2 solid power light but no phone light
Multiple Handsets, Single Line
What's with this 604-55-0700 # on call display?
So, no connection, no audio, and crashing like crazy!!!
Recommendation: Whats the best cable modem?
Caller ID Does not Always Display
VT2542 loss of network connectivity
Federal Universal Service Charge increase
Where to buy VT2542
D-link VTA blinks twice and won't connect
Move line feature suggestions
Complete breakdown of service... must switch immediately...
Using vonage in India
Need mobility, can use some advice
VTA-VD Connection
Vonage Wins Permanent Stay in Verizon Patent Litigation
Vonage Wins Permanent Stay in Verizon Patent Litigation
Forum pages "flickering"
Linksys WRT54GP2
T-Mobile & Vonage Users
Trying 5 Months to have my number ported from Vonage
The end of the Vonage and Verizon conflict
Configure WRTP54G to allow inbound HTTP traffic
Configuring WRTP54G QoS for Vonage voice traffic
Voicemail Down?
Going from wired router to wireless
freetocompete.com (Check out link below!)
"Screw" Competitors - Verizon's reason for patents
click2callu down today? is it reliable?
SNMP Community Strings - Linksys PAP2
Service to Call Pakistan?
Click 2 Call not working today...
Connecting to Office PBX System UK/BT
UK & US accounts on same device
The device has no network setting
Vonage sftphne and Express Talk sftphne for pocket pc.
Problems accessing Voicemail?
Vonage in Cairo Egypt
Handset won't connect -- Searching
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When calling the UK from the US..Sound quality?
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How much is the total bill??
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Home wiring woes
home wiring woes
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220VAC Power Supply
Partial Service Outage?
Use RJ45 splitters to connect a PC and an ATA by one Cat5
What phone adapter?
external serial modem w/ caller id for Vonage
Calls to DirecTV stopped working for me on 5/1
firewall disabled then no connection
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Noise on the line - will replacing device help?
Noise on the line possibly fixed!
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Problems with Windstream customers?
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whats the diffr between SB4200 nad SBV4200
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"Lines Temporarily Busy, PLease Try Again Later"
Pick your own number?
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I am trying to add a fax line
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Any hope for overheating router?
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Tried everything! BAD Choppy audio, Can't Run My Business!
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Are there alternatives to X-Pro
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Vonage now has 306 (Saskatchewan) numbers