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Verizon FIOS and VoiceWing switch over question
phone Europe for free
phone number in printed phone book
Academic VoIP project
can't access web setup page on pap2 voip box
Soft Phones in Hotels
If you are using a Belkin Pre-N router, read this
Constant annoying humming noise on line
Vonage Customer cannot call former vonage customer
WRT54GP2 High Gain Antenna
VT2442 and FTP server access
Is there a device that has 4 phone lines?
Allowed Phone Number List
Feedback + Voice Mail + Multiple Lines
New TV commercial with wrong phone number?
"No service, try another AP" UTStarcom F1000
can my computer still use a dial-up service?
Changes in Vonage Privacy Policy?
VoIP w/ FiOS Question
Delays in conversations
Multiple Line Options....Help!!
3COM Firewall Port for Vonage Linksys Adapter
d-link vta for $9.99
calls while using Vonage sounds like it is "in delay&qu
Webmail behind Motorola 2142
Caller ID outgoing name display service?
Are some cable co. blocking the use of Vonage???
Moving to new state want portable number there
Can dial out but ring no answer
Static on phone line with RTP300 behind Linksys router
My Motorola VT 1005v Cannot register with Servers
Message Waiting Indicator not working on RTP-300
WRTP54G Choppy & OneWay audio, drop outs, not ringing
V-Phone Activation Problem
VoiP works better with ADSL vs Cable @ same speed?
Anyone...Is there a 915 area code or Prefix available?
v phone use and experience in France
Can I use two VOIP companies at the same time?
speed test java applet available?
Network Caller ID Software
Sporadically cannot dial into Conference Calls
not recognizing touch tones during a call
WORDS of the DAY
Sound quality issues with RT31P2
Added WRT54GL and Now Have Bad Static
Are my line stats sufficient?
Area Code 345
Can't get D-Link VWR to be 'slave' to existing router
Two green blinks of death
home wiring ..does it work with vonage
Vonage vs IP TV, can't have both?
Caller Display Not Known
Product to make TiVo install easier
What Does This Test Mean??
Failure of new F1000 WiFi phone to register w/closed network
ZyXel and wrtp54gP2 (vonage 2 phone adapter)
Stabilizing QoS rating with VT2442 (garbled incoming voice)
Home wiring installation using old Cable & Wireless
Unable to receive calls from vonage customers
VT2442-VC. I had the system working in Calgary on hi-speed c
Telmex and Vonage - is it any better now
Username and password.
Unresolvable problem over phone.
cable signal booster/amplifier
Choppy Incoming with Vonage Adapter, great with softphone
Details for Madurai BSNL
hooking up multiple phones, can I somehow connect wirelessly
Cannot link Linksys router and vonage router together..
VT8100 connect to wired land-line
Questions regarding start of service
Incoming Caller ID Time?
Any t9 user here?
Loss of Wireless signal
VT2142 and a 501 PIX
Embark and certain local exchanges unable to call us
Smile Guys!
wireless network problems
2 lines to a 2-line phone UNiden TRU 9466 - problem
Avaya One-X and Softphone
UTStarcom F1000 WiFi - New account questions
Another WiFi + Ethernet + Vonage Connectivity Question
Software Fax
Connecting a German phone with a Analog DSL connection
Router Linksys PAP2 please help ..really ..urgent..
WRTP54G Firmware Available On Linksys.com
RTP31P2 DHCP & Admin Interface Hangs until router is cyc
Using Linksys pap 2 in a hotel
Tej Kohli, Need to upgrade my Vonage
Prosper Learning
How to direct-dial your Vonage box
Rebate Status - Customer Service No
Why is there a charge for incomplete International calls?
Call waiting for TTY (teletypewriter for the deaf)
Port Forwarding with Motorola VT2442
Best VOIP modem for quality
Short bursts when ringing - Linksys PAP2V2 hardwired device
Linksys Router conn to D-Link wireless router w/MAC filter
Is this forum dead or what?
Sending a fax with the fax console
vphone installation
connection through cable modems
D-Day for Vonage?
The Tax Club, voip for dedicated fax line
V-phone init with XPSP2- nuisance error
Echo and static since Comcast bought Adelphia
I can hear them they can't hear me?
How can I configure Winfax Pro?
Online "address book" for speed-dialing
Problem with RTP300 behind existing router
Dialed calls are going to wrong number
Rotary Phone with Vonage on a VT2142
Selecting the best hardware
silence when dialing
Voicemail on website not working
"Lines are temporarily busy"
how to restor the factory sittings for the vt2142 ?
no NIU box - should I pay vonage or get wireless system
one way audio and no ringing from vt2442
Linksys WIP330 AND CIT310
V-phone with Internet handsets
Message waiting indicator not working on Vtech IP8100 phone
Can I use Linksys PAP2 bought from Indian market ?
How do you divert your phone when Vonage site is down?
Vonage 2 router and ps2
Jack Boyajian, Vonage Area Code Question
no dial tone when going thru an "extension cord" (
Great link but still choppy
WRT54GP2 & 4-line Panasonic - line 1/line 2 issues
One-way audio on most outgoing calls from certain areas
Best setup for Vonage? - Maximum flexibility vs. Convenience
Anyone ever unable to port there number away from Vonage?
Motorola VT2142 vs. Linksys PAP2
Which routers can be powered in foreign countries
D-LINK VTA phone adapter or LINKSYS PAP2
Vonage Connection Lag Times Horrible
Annoying beeps - not DTMP or voicemail
No joy with Protection One alarm system
Bell dry loop speed in Ontario?
Vonage with SBC Yahoo DSL
Happy birthday to me!!
How to Port Forward with Motorola VT2442
RTP300 before or after Netgear wpn824 router
comcast and vonage = lag games?
Final Year Project
How to remove desktop banner?
Customer Service
How do you hook up a RT31P2 in front of a WRT54G
Motorola VT2442 issues with Netgear CG814WG wireless modem
Can't Enable the DMZ on a D-Link VWR-VD?
Noise (Hiss) on the Line (Dlink VTA)
Rewire or Use existing wiring
clicks and noise on my PAP2
Slow peer to peer wireless networking via Vonage VWR
Convince me to switch...
Can I Take vonage with me traveling?
Chad Everts, Nothing But Noodles, FAX
RTP port numbers have changed
WGT624 v2 Compatible? VTA-VD Adapter...
VOIP Newbie Help - Connection Drops
VTech IP8100 and D-Link VTA compatible?
Linksys RT31P2 router reset itself
need suggestion
Cox Digital to Vonage - No Dial Tone in Wall Jacks
Belkin Pre-N -- How do I connect two routers in series?
Vonage Team Philippines
...not really a feature: Internet Service
Low Upload Speed
11 digit local phone number
What Are The Best Settings For The WRTP54G?
Issue with Hard connection of second PC
Dialing Overseas
Hilton Head Island 843 area code not portable to vonage?
Quality issues - people can't hear us talk
Vonage Over-sells their Network - Bad Service!
Vonage and Wireless bridge
Re-use of Linksys WRTP54G Wireless-G
Vonage Team Forum
What's peoples understanding of non-payment / taxes ?
Alarm panel and DirecTV Tivo settings
Power Light Blinks Red, Error Message, Can't Make Calls
Having problems to get started with Vonage
Name change due to marriage - How do I change Caller ID?
Voice mail indicators on two different phones- one goes out
If your voice terminal will not acquire an IP address ...
Vonage in Mexico
WRTP54G and Degraded Web Browsing
Just Got off the phone with Duane Morris
Successful outbound calls, but not always ringing
Can't get phone number released from Vonage - Third Party?
My impressions so far
Porting someone elses number to my existing line
Linksys RTP300 and speed test
dropped calls & speed test info
Using my VT1005V through a Dlink router
New member need help
Problems using Xavi x7721r+ router to connect to secure webs
Is Vonage slowing down my internet connection?
Has the caller display issue been resolved?
Rough Vonage start, but worked my way through it....
OK to house wire with existing other business telco lines?
RT31P2 - phone port reset and loss of internet connectivity
Cannot Dial Extensions
garbled conversations
Newbie Question- Best Wireless Router for me?
VT2442 No SSH or TELNET on LAN
Help with vonage installation?
bell high speed unplug cannot use the voip adapter
Poll on Vonage's Strength
Is the System designed to be flawed?
opening UDP ports on Linksys router for Vonage
Make sticky thread stand out from the rest...
college life
queen or beatles
sip account from vonage box..
Naugfhty Naughty Vonage
Wireless File transfer using Vonage VWR crashes MacBook Pro
VoIP Survey
D-Link VTA & UTStarcom F1000B Wi-Fi Together?
Chopped calls after wireless router switch - solution found
heavy downloader thinking about switching to Vonage
LNP - how does it works-why do i have a virtual phone number
improving sound quality
Retail activation & international calls
212 area code.
Do all Caller ID phones and external boxes work?
Incoming calls going directly to voicemail
Ability to use Digital phones
Free firmware upgrades for everyday routers
Free firmware upgrades for everyday routers
RTP300 Static on the line
VTech IP8100
VoIP service blocked by ISP in Guatemala?
QoS low, jitter high so quality poor
Ciao tutti
Motorola VT2442 configuration
Anyone Else on Verizon FIOS looses all vonage reception?
I have no dial tone
Splitting a line
Linksys PAP2... how to make my caller ID private
Problems using with new router (DGL-4300)
"The number you have dialed is not in service"
2.4 phones disrupt service?
changing my avatar
Retail activation
4x Made Easy, Vonage Questions
RT31P2-NA and Vonage
How do I disconnect the wires in a Bell Atlantic NIU (Photo)
Record VoIP calls
What 7 Countries are for free with unlimited 24.99 plan
Using a UK Vonage Adapter in the USA
Vonage with Verizon FIOS !!!!
i100 - "this number is not in service"
530 Area Code Port
Wireless router
call baring
Calling US 800 numbers from Canada
Punished for having Vonage
VTech 8100 - Speed Dial?
Vonage Charging Me for Replacing a Broken Router
WRTP54G dropping wireless connection
New equipment shipped international?
Need assistance with advanced network setup for vonage.
Static on Phone line
Problems adding Vonage as 2nd line to existing land line
two business lines plus dedicated fax - config issues
Vonage Account Website Offline
QoS Recommendations and Multiple Phone Lines For Business
Naked DSL VS Vonage
Inbound calls work, unable to dial out.
Vonage VoIP Forum Digest, 12/4/06: Missing Links
D-Link VTA-VD behind Linksys WET54G bridge - can't connect!
Defective VTA-VR and poor support
RTP300 "No Routes Found"
what happens... when you dia.. the are code and number.?
does vonage record phone calls.??
Small Business Set up Advice needed
Linksys WRTP54G with Airtel in India is not working
Excessive Static When Using Two Computers On Network
Problems with my Vonage line
Need power adapter model number for Motorla VT1005v.
International Call Block
Directory listing problem
Which UK ISP?
Phone Line Blinking after connecting to home wiring
Wiring Vonage with Alarm System
Using ALL the jacks in my house
Confused about Qatar to Canada
How do I install a Linksys Wireless Router WLRGT54G -?
calling vonage..
cable modem with integrated voip support
Call Waiting Drops calls!
Garbled Data with one phone
Caller ID incorrect when calling Canada
Dropped Call On One End
Alternate to Dry Loop?? Have verizon...
WRTP54G (Linksys) Latest Firmware & Change Log
RTP300 port forward & DNS setting problem
Alarm.com / AlwaysP1.com review/experience
Router acting screwey but they won't replace it.
How to setup motorola router to make it work in India
Activation fee with 2 month free offer?
Can't use 18185
Can't Hear Any Incoming Calls..
Vonage Billing issue???
Clicking and choppy audio problems w/WRT54G
Vonage Disconnects me from network/internet after 10 minutes
Motorola VT2442 and the DI-624 router
best WRT54G firmware?
Cannot find IP VT1005
Changing to another promotion causes problems
Set Divert on phone needed
Updated help documentation needed
Too long user name for VT1000V from DSL PPPOE login
Vonage help in Bangalore India
Cannot call Canada - Error Message
2nd device advice
Are calls within network free?
A Charity Challenge to Vonage
Time-Warner told me my Vonage phone could be hacked?
My Vonage Experience
Using existing jacks in an apt complex
Unable to port my number in 386 area code
Obtaining SIP number from D-Link VTA
PAP2 error codes
Phone volume too loud
V-Phone with HP Pavillion Broadcom chipset WLAN
Free fax software recommendations
Problem with D-Link VTA-VD
Choppy audio and low Qos
V8100 and Alarm System
Unhappy W/ Motorola Router's Manageability, External Router?
Configuring vt2442 router
Can anybody send me a test fax?
need a buying recommendation--two Vonage lines
All inbound calls being dropped
WRTP54G w/ roadrunner
I am unable to get the ring tone
Existing Vonage customer adding wireless network...
Voice drops in and out
Best VTA upgrade from a VT1005 + Netgear WGR614V4 setup
Any Free and Non-Spamming Fax Send/Receive Test Services?
Vonage via wireless 3G cellular service
Running SoftPhone behind corporate VPN
Any Phone Adapters That Can Be Put *Before* a Router?
Connections full speed ahead but I lose the connection.
QoS Issues
VT1005 - Can't obtain IP address
acess into RT21P2
Unable to see computers on Network with VT2442 and WRT54G
Motorola adapter VT1005 non-stop ringing
Caller ID displayed on TV
Click To Call
VoIP PBX Support
Port Forwarding VT2442
Cisco VPN failing through Vonage supplied linksys routers
SIp Settings
Customer getting Spam email from Vonage-only address
V-Phone: No Incoming Ringing
Verizon Fios and ActionTec Mi424 WR Router Problem
V-Phone and Vista
Cable Modem Drops when using VOIP
D-Link WBR-1310, wont detect firmware?
dsl filter help QoS?
Which device for USB connected PC+BSNL-Broadband in India?
Configurable with ISPs in India
Dlink VTA - No Network Connectivity
Who is that girl in the Vonage ad to the left of every page
Switch/hub ports stop working on RTP300
does vonage accept PAYPAL?
IP8100-1 expandable with multiple handsets?
Regarding VTA phone adaptors
VPhone: some queries about usage from India
Skype to charge $29.95 per month for phone service
Whole House Wiring
Gated Community Intercom Won't Work on my Vonage
VoIP Configuration
Vonage Service Questions
Need help installing.
just signed up, but havent setup, getting Vmail ....
Turn Off Wireless on WRTP54G
Click-2-Call OK with UK but not US numbers
Choppy outgoing audio, helpdesk is no help
International Rates
Not able to connect to Internet using Vonage Canada
Clicks & White Noise Only When Both Lines Active RTP300
How to get free Second Line on New Device?
Have no dial tone and router light is blinking
How to use a voltmeter to test a line
I Was Able to receive Inmate calls with VOIP
RTP300 Losing DNS - Can't resolve websites.
local tftp firmware f1000
Cordless phones that work well w/ Vonage
Good News - VOIP - INDIA
Two accounts on one IP
Using PAP2 in India (230V)
V-Phone no audio after connection - tried delete options.ini
AdminIstartor Password for V-Phone to reset factory default
V-Phone Choppy Voice
Will Linksys PAP2-BP work with Vonage?
Add 2nd device
RT31P2 causes ADSL modem to continuously reboot itself
Does the VOIP equipment logs the connection??
Vonage d link and no access to interent
how to use my router with vonage
Linksys PAP2 Users - Are Your Phone Ports Like This?
Setup in Delhi with Sify !
Using second phone line on RT31P2
Travelling to Morocco. What do i need to make Vonage work?
Forwarding international origin calls to my mobile
Help with VTech 8100-2 expansion
Vonage Linksys RTP300 Router and Ventrilo Server
Portugal: Could my ISP be blocking service?
a vonage phone book
can someone send a test fax?
How to customize your ringtone w/matching avatar
Legal issues involved in using US phone in INDIA
My Vonage router keeps making my cable modem lose connection
VT1005 will not register with Vonage
V-Phone through office network
V-Phone with Existing Line?
Choppy/Static outgoing call audio - Incoming Call is fine
VTech 8100 Handsfree Headsets?
Airport Extreme, Linksys RTP300, calls drop wireless signal
Tivo Issues Discussed
Why No Caller ID for Outgoing Calls???
Garbled Audio - Even With New QOS Router
Soon to be new vonage user with questions
Constant dropped calls... Should I get a new router?
Caller ID incoming and outgoing with VT2142
Vonage Caller ID Refresh?
Hard Wire - No dial tone
Very Choppy Service
Continuous Fast busy
8 or at least 4 ports
WRT54G V.6 and dropped calls
Thank You you have definately been helpful. I will do that
Switching from Motorola VT2442 to Linksys RTP300
Motorola VT2142 not working with BSNL 256kbps ADSL connectin
Vonage Adapter Failure
Clicking and Hangups
Linksys WRTP54G
Cisco ATA 186 seems to have died, any idea how to reset?
Vonage service to India
"Ethernet Cable Disconnected" Issue!!
Repeat caller problem
Recording VOIP calls!!??
One account, two locations?
Vonage Billing Cycle...???
BEFW11S4 V.2 Router Connection Issues? Can't stay connected!
V-Phone / Softphone AUP Confusion - Have I been lied to?
RT31P2 - Remote Reset possible?
Network Interface Device - "half ringers"
Problem answering calls on home phone extensions
No NIU but wired options
WRTP54G Firmware 3.1.20
Aliant DSL - Wants to charge $10 extra for Naked DSL
IRS to refund Federal Excise Tax (FET)
Router/Phone Adapter-What method is best to plug them?
V-Phone and faxes
hawking vs. d-link vs. linksys
Accessing a dial-up VPN through Vonage?
Replaced Router - Can't Place/Receive Calls, No CID, Beeping
Vonage not working in Sapin
Rules governing Tax-Loss of Vonage by YEAR-END.
Get "Out of Service" message calling FORMER Vonage
Outgoing Call Drops in seconds
Get "Out of Service" message calling FORMER Vonage
hard wiring with a FiOS box
what it the song of the commercial with the elephants?
NetVanta 1224 Opening Port on Firewall
Vonage in the Philippines
Switchbox interface... Any ideas on how to build?
Calls from particular landline goes directly to VoiceMail.
Travel from US to Spain ... power adapter??
Can I set DNS manually in the VT2442?
WRTP54G Firewall Help (WoW issue)
Simultaneous Vonage and OptOnline connections
SonicWall Soho2 SIP - SPI
computer connects with usb wirless int adapter, not router
RTP300 wont read that a Phoneline is plugged in
wrt54g and rtp300. 2 PC, file and printer sharing don't work
Customer Service
hardwire vonage into pc?
hardwire vonage into pc?
VZ DSL with KissLD phone service - how to switch to Vonage
How do I cancel this Vonage service?
New feature added
small business network
vonage "local" calls
Vonage with MTNL TriB T10 service in India
Proxy errors with V-phone use at Indian University ISP
Callers can't hear my phone ringing on their end
VWR Router : Internet works but there is no dialtone
VOIP in Macau, China
i bought a new vtech handset
Nestle Holiday Coupons
Pedigree Printable $2 off Coupon
Free Angel Bear
Crystal Light Free Sample
Free Pocket Magnifier
Get 2000 free mins & 1000 free SMS UK mobile only
Get plenty free UK mobile minutes
Vonage Box Require its own IP number to work for Tel/FAX?
Setting up Vonage on D-Link Wi-fi Phone
Browser errors when trying to run Vonage speed test
I use Winfax Pro
Voice Breaking UP
Poor Voice Quality
Merry Christmas to all!
Click2Call and CleverKeys -- Vonage dialing made simple
Premium rate calls, billing error?
Static, bad lan ports, i finally tossed my RTP300
Happy Boxing Day page not found
rt31p2 settings for outbound VPN connectivity
New Phone adapter
Connectivity Problems with PAP2
Adding Vonage to a business network?
VOIP & Hughesnet - advice/help?
Collect Calls
Nice article on Vonage Wiring
Voice Quality Problem
Router questions...
How do I install a Cisco ATA 186 without using a router?
VOIP to Vietnam
echo on incoming calls
Ok.. stupid question. if you were never given a user account
Anyone still experiencing the Xmas 2006 Outage??
Help with Tivo series 2
V-Phone Replacement
Voip-WinFax-Winmodem working
DLink VWR and Fort Forwarding/Virtual Servers
Installing a new WRPT54G
Local call history log, dialing rules
New PAP2 Turned off old PAP2, one works, one doesn't
Motorola VT2142 Problem connecting to DSL in India
I'm a happy camper...
V-Phone Problem
fixed wireless ISP
utilizing existing phone jacks
Is Click2Call down?
Power to RT31P2 not coming on..... pls help
Re-signed for another year! Happy Customer
Ongoing voice mail & caller ID problems
Rewiring House
Linksys PAP2 Ver.2 Latest firmware
D-Link VWR Known Issues - YIKES
CIA/3WEB VT1000; Have other person's phone number
Anonymous Call Rejection Feature
Some incoming calls going straight to voicemail
Outgoing audio choppy
voip test
Hook up two VT2442 modems??
I'd like desktop call management software
11 Digit Dialing
Dual VT2142 Configuration Problem one working
Appliance-based network solution and VoIP
Success Story with SIFY Internet and VT2142 Setup
2 voice, 1 fax, recommendations for hardware?
[Firmware] WRT54GL - QoS and Tomato Firmware
Caller ID Stopped Working !!
Caller ID Stopped Working
Can't receive calls from outside Vonage
Alarm dials out when I'm on the phone
Philips Standalone Tivo-Trouble with Serial PPP
Voip and Verizon FIOS can I still use the house wiring?
? About Linksys SPA2002-ER VoIP adaptor, will it work?
Says my number is disconnected?
Upgraded fo WRTP54G now I cant add to my account.
Forecasts For Popular Stocks!
pap2 blinking phone lights
Garbled audio with DI-524 router and Time Warner cable
Vonage in Portugal, Proxy server won't register
A little helpful set up note for noobies
wrt54gL or dir635 for vonage use
Setting up Vonage Router Behind a Wireless Router
Network Optimizer OGV200
RT31P2 QOS Setting
Fastest LNP in VoIP history?!?!
how I plan to get setup, and DISH PVR ?
FIXED: No more dial tone, same config for >2.5 years
"New" RTP300 is bad, they're sending me a refurb o
Getting my VT2442 to work behind a Belkin F5D7230-4
Hook Vonage Up WIRELESSLY?
Question About Upgrading My Vonage Router
What's a good cordless phone with message waiting indicator
not happy time to move on tired of nothing working
Fax Receiving Mode Help for Canon All-in-One MP530
PAP2 for $59.99 @ BB + free $50 GC **No Activation Req'd
vonage suddenly not usable with comcast in Northern CA
V-Access 1-800 numberno longer works in Canada!
Can't connect to login server -- Central NJ, Comcast
D-Link no internet light - even w/o router!
Most reliable vonage device?
Is it possible to assign...?
Happy New Year 2007
vt2142 and ssh - what user?
WRT54GX2 Wireless Router & Voice Quality
Swap virtual number and primary number?
Hathway Motorola SB5101 with Motorola VT2142 (In India)
Please help, confused about VoIP
Vonage & Direcway will they play nice in 2007?
Wireless Router Settings?
WRTP54G Settings For An Access Point
what equipment is best?
Delayed dial tone w/ Linksys WRTP54G
no phone or internet at the same time
Vonage & Hughes Net
vonage phone connects to my cell phone voice mail box, admin
Not able to hear dial tone after installing Vonage
Why is Canada's Vonage service much more expensive than US?
WRTP54G Internet LED not glowing eventhough internet works
Vtech 8100 disconnects internet on Comcast with WRT54G
Help! should voicemail and fax be set the same???
Hum and choppy audio only when connecting the entire house
Voice deteriorates drastically when using Internet
Port forwarding problems, Motorola VT2442
Assistance needed with multiple rebate offers
Can We Change the SoftPhone App on the VPhone?
Is there a way to record your calls while using Vonage?
Best ultra-portable 5.8 GHz speakerphones to use with Vonage
calling cards using vonage
How does one add a device to existing account?
V-Access numbers disconnects
Good VPN Capable router? WRTP54G not working for me
Trouble with setup and configuration
vonage in hyderabad
Motorola VT2142 + BSNL Dataone
installing a linksys router with a cable modem and phone
Annoying website advertisements
Possible Comcast Routing Problem - Washington State
Third Party Call Control
WRT54GP2 - monitoring my network?
wrt54g firmware/qos
Vonage F1000 Not Charging
SoftPhone- Bandwidth Usage, Huge Difference, DSL and Dial-Up
Vonage F1000 Wifi Users in Montreal
PAP2 adapter with Linksys EZXS55W switch,BSNL-ADSL in india
how xbox 360 works with vonage phone adapters?
Calls cutting out
Voicemail greeting without end explanation
Click-2-call problems. 1pc works great the other doesn't ?
no phone or internet at the same time-2
D-Link VWR VD Router Phone Problems
No dial tone for 3 days!
Choppy voice w/ 10mbps/360kbps speed!
Disconnected all wires in NIU - no dial tone
Call volume drop - can't hear others on the line
Tivo via Wireless Adapter- "DHCP Server Could Not be Lo
Thinking of getting Vonage. Question about multiple phones
Shameless Post
Poll: VoIP in China
Motorola VT2142 and Loop Current
WRT54GP2 QoS How good it works ?
port number from optimum voice
Number portablility from Verizon wireline to Vonage problem
Can't call regional toll free numbers with Vonage
keep getting calls from people saying I called them..
choppy voice-what could cause high packet loss?
Caller Display Extra 00 digits when diverted to Mobile Phone
West Virginia 304 area code prefixes
maximum Multiple incoming calls on same Softphone??
cannot send emails on outlook
PBX Systems
Using another providers ATA device on a Linksys WRT54GP2
Improving Satelite signal
Can't be online and make a call!
Is there a Device that combines VOIP and Router together?
Phone Works but no Internet Access with RT300
One way audio problem? NAT & firewall? Other?
20 Millionth Request for Call Blocking
CallerID on network
vonage vt2142 connected to laptop using sprint evdo card
No Dial Tone
Installation Issue
MAPI Compliant?
Installation Issue
Issues with Service and Nightmare Customer Care Experience
improved signal strength by avoiding clashing gateways?
Working QoS settings WRT54G & Shaw
Choppy/dropped audio problems
Surcharge for TollFreePlus from a payphone?
Vonage V-PHONE: Can i use it here in Manila, Philippines
Phone number blocking
Does a IP phone like Linksys One or Cisco work with Vonage?
Can I use a IP Phone such as Cisco of Linksys One?
Repeat Dialing without a busy signal.
Way to go Vonage.
Very quick transfer (Verizon)
Calls in, but no calls out
D-Link -DWR-VD as access point?
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tv ad
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connecting Motorola VT2142 phone adapter to an ADSL modem
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