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Vonage UK
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Vonage UK
How do you call 999
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Ethernet Cable; Wiring schematic? 568-B?
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Vonage Holdings Corp. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Results

Carolyn Katz Elected to Board of Directors of Vonage Holdings Corp.


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Vonage Pros and Cons for 2006
Vonage Pros and Cons for 2006

Vonage, a VT2142 and a RTP300, My Experiences - A Detailed Review
Vonage, a VT2142 and a RTP300, My Experiences - A Detailed Review

Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Vonage Reviews

 Vonage Internet Phones Going Mainstream

Vonage In Print News

Internet Phones Going Mainstream

April 3, 2005

By Staff

What once sounded like science fiction now has become the mainstream:

You can make a phone call using the Internet, and someday not all that long from now, that may be the way your neighbor does it, too.

More Business News

  • "VoIP is going to become the big thing," said Jeff Kagan, an independent telecommunications analyst based in Marietta, Ga. "It's challenging traditional phone service today."

    VoIP (pronounced "voyp"), short for Voice-over-Internet Protocol, has gone in the space of 10 years from a quirky idea to a product offered by 360 independent companies nationwide — and that's not counting the plans offered by the big telecoms and cable television companies.

    Things began happening for VoIP about two years ago, at about the time a company in Edison, N.J., called Vonage Holdings Corp. offered a national calling plan of just $25 a month. The company now has 500,000 subscribers.

    "Vonage really kind of kicked things off, and then beginning with last year, the cable companies got serious about it," said Phil Leigh, a senior analyst with Inside Digital Media Inc. in Tampa.

    Nationally, there were more than 1 million VoIP users, both residential and business, by the end of 2004. The year before, there were only 131,000, according to the Boston-based research company Yankee Group Inc.

  •  Posted by vonage on Monday, April 04 @ 21:20:37 UTC
     (1284 reads)
    Read More: Vonage Internet Phones Going Mainstream

     Marco Andretti In The #26 Vonage Car Became Youngest Winner In Series History

    Vonage In Print News

    Marco Andretti Became The Youngest Pole Winner In Series History In The #26 Vonage Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone

    April 3, 2005

    By Staff

    Bryan Herta has won the Marlboro Pole Award for the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg after improving three positions during the Indy Racing League's inaugural Firestone Fast Six qualifying format.

    Herta, driving the #7 XM Satellite Radio Dallara/Honda/Firestone, lapped the 1.8-mile temporary street circuit in 1 minute, 2.5096 seconds, 103.664 mph, to earn his second consecutive pole position.

    Herta had the fourth-quickest time following the single-lap qualifying attempts by 20 of the 21 cars entered in Sunday's race.

    A.J. Foyt IV did not make a qualifying attempt due to mechanical failure.

    In a format designed specifically for the IRL's road- and street-course events, "The Firestone Fast-Six Qualifying," the top six cars returned to the track for 10 minutes to battle for the pole position. In the extended session, Herta moved past Tomas Enge, Helio Castroneves and team-mate Dario Franchitti.

     Posted by vonage on Monday, April 04 @ 21:09:07 UTC
     (1046 reads)
    Read More: Marco Andretti In The #26 Vonage Car Became Youngest Winner In Series History

     Vonage Adding 15,000 Customers A Week

    Vonage In Print News

    VON Event Showcases Service And Equipment Agreements

    April 1, 2005

    By Robert Poe

    In light of the torrent of announcements about VoIP services and equipment surrounding the recent VON conference in San Jose, the central question facing the nascent business resembles the one the kids in the back seat ask on long car trips: Is it here yet? Depending on how rambunctious the kids are, the best answer might be either "not yet" or "pretty soon."

    The highest-profile announcements had to do with services. In particular, Vonage noted that it had reached more than 500,000 subscriber lines. That was up from 75,000 at the end of 2003 and 390,000 at the end of 2004. The rate of new subscriber take-up rose from 10,000 per week in the fourth quarter of 2004 to 15,000 a week in early March.

    In addition, AOL confirmed previous reports that it would be getting into the IP telephony business soon, using Level 3's national infrastructure and Sonus softswitching equipment. And there were persistent reports that Google is seriously considering getting into the VoIP market, as well as speculation that Yahoo and MSN would soon do the same. VoIP calling is a natural evolution for providers like AOL, Yahoo and MSN that already offer voice-capability instant messaging or even PC-based Internet phone service.

     Posted by vonage on Monday, April 04 @ 00:00:00 UTC
     (984 reads)
    Read More: Vonage Adding 15,000 Customers A Week

     Vonage, Growing Fast, Moves Into Larger Office Facility

    Vonage In Print News

    Vonage, Growing Fast, Moves Into Larger Facility In Holmdel

    March 31, 2005

    By Martha McKay

    Vonage, a pioneering provider of Internet phone service, has outgrown its Edison digs and will move operations to Holmdel.

    The company has signed an agreement with Mack-Cali Realty to lease a 350,000-square-foot building at 23 Main St. for 12 years and five months. "It's a bigger facility and we're growing really fast," said Vonage spokesman Mitchell Slepian. Vonage employs about 1,000 and plans to double that number by year end, Slepian said. The company is currently located at an office complex on Route 27 in Edison. Vonage CEO Jeffrey Citron, a Brielle resident, started the company four years ago. Since then, Vonage has grown into the nation's leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider with more than 500,000 customers.

     Posted by vonage on Sunday, April 03 @ 00:00:00 UTC
     (2564 reads)
    Read More: Vonage, Growing Fast, Moves Into Larger Office Facility

     Vonage May Seek Federal Help In 911 Dispute

    Vonage In Print News

    Internet Provider May Seek Federal Help In 911 Dispute

    March 31, 2005

    By Staff

    The Internet telephone provider Vonage may ask Congress and the FCC to help resolve its problems with SBC Communications regarding Vonage subscribers' access to the 911 emergency network, reports.

    In mid-February, Vonage asked SBC and the other dominant Bell phone companies, BellSouth, Qwest Communications International and Verizon Communications, to provide access to their 911 infrastructure within 60 days. But while BellSouth and Verizon are working with Vonage, SBC has declined to do so. SBC told the FCC that Vonage and other Net phone providers need to develop a standard way to route 911 calls.

     Posted by vonage on Saturday, April 02 @ 00:00:00 UTC
     (1173 reads)
    Read More: Vonage May Seek Federal Help In 911 Dispute

     VoIP Helps Options Expand Despite Telecom Mergers

    Vonage In Print News

    Options Expand Despite Telecom Mergers

    March 31, 2005

    By Marguerite Reardon , Ben Charny and Jim Hu

    As one giant telecom acquisition follows another, consumer groups are crying foul, but new technologies and players are giving people more ways to make phone calls.

    The debate follows two major proposed mergers in the telecommunications industry--SBC Communications' bid for AT&T, and Verizon Communications' deal with MCI. The nation's two largest local phone companies would swallow the two biggest long-distance and enterprise-telecom players.

    What's new:

    Despite a massive wave of consolidation in the telecom industry right now, fresh technologies and a new breed of operators are providing more choices for voice consumers.

    Bottom line:

    Critics warn that new technology is too expensive and not widely available to provide true competition, but telecom experts say they are being shortsighted because broadband deployments continue to grow at a fast rate.

    To consumer advocacy groups such as the Consumer Federation of America and the Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports, the proposed mergers are a step back to the time when Ma Bell monopolized the market. The major local-phone providers--the Baby Bells--and those supporting the mergers say competition is not a problem. Cable companies are bringing phone service to their broadband data connections via voice over Internet Protocol. Many early adopters are also embracing VoIP through independent providers such as Vonage and Skype. But these options aren't always cheap.

     Posted by vonage on Friday, April 01 @ 17:30:39 UTC
     (1802 reads)
    Read More: VoIP Helps Options Expand Despite Telecom Mergers

     Vonage Signs 12 Year Lease

    Vonage In Print News

    Garden State Business Briefs

    April 1, 2005

    By Staff

    Internet phone service company Vonage plans to move operations from its present offices in Edison to a building in Holmdel.

    The company said it has signed an 12-year-lease with Mack-Cali Realty for a 350,000-square foot building in Holmdel.

    The 4-year-old company, which has about 1,000 employees, said it plans to double that number by the end of the year.

     Posted by vonage on Friday, April 01 @ 17:22:22 UTC
     (954 reads)
    Read More: Vonage Signs 12 Year Lease

     Vonage May Route VoIP 911 Call To Congress And FCC

    Vonage In Print News

    Vonage May Route 911 Call To Congress, FCC

    March 30, 2005

    By Ben Charny

    Internet phone provider Vonage may ask Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to help it solve problems with SBC over subscriber access to the 911 emergency call network.

    SBC's decision not to work more closely with Vonage, made public Wednesday, may delay efforts to fix the problem that keeps a majority of U.S. Net phone providers from successfully routing 911 calls to the right emergency calling center. Many of those 911 calls are instead sent to non-emergency operators, with no guarantee the calls will reach dispatch centers close enough to provide the most effective help.

    In mid-February, Vonage asked SBC, BellSouth, Qwest and Verizon, the nation's largest local phone companies collectively known as the Bells, to provide access to their 911 infrastructure within the next 60 days. At first, it appeared the logjam had been broken: SBC met with Vonage to work out the logistics; Verizon, the largest Bell, also committed to testing just such a system; and Qwest, the smallest of the Bells, began considering its options.

    While Verizon and BellSouth are now cooperating, SBC has refused to do so, telling the FCC that Vonage and other Net phone providers need to develop a standard way to route the 911 calls appropriately. What Vonage was asking to test, SBC claimed, was a proprietary fix. "SBC can not agree to engage in numerous individual tests with each and every VoIP provider," it recently told the FCC, referring to the Net phone technology also known as voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). A spokesman wasn't immediately available for comment.

     Posted by vonage on Friday, April 01 @ 00:00:00 UTC
     (1054 reads)
    Read More: Vonage May Route VoIP 911 Call To Congress And FCC

     Vonage Headquarters On The Move

    Vonage In Print News

    Mack-Cali Leasing Building In Holmdel To Vonage

    March 31, 2005

    By David P. Willis

    HOLMDEL — Mack-Cali Realty Corp. has purchased the former Prudential Property & Casualty Insurance Co. building for $23.75 million and is leasing it to Vonage Holdings Corp., which is moving its operations to Monmouth County.

    The sale closed on Tuesday for the 358,932-square-foot office building, Mack-Cali spokeswoman Virginia Sobol said Wednesday. The firm would not disclose the seller, but the building was once home to Prudential Financial Inc.'s property and casualty division before the business was sold in 2003.

    Vonage, the nation's largest Internet telephone company, has signed a 12-year, five-month lease, Mack-Cali said. The company, which currently has about 1,000 employees, expects to hire another 1,000 workers by the end of the year.

    The company will renovate the building, located at 23 Main St., and move in during the fourth quarter, said John Rego, Vonage's chief financial officer. "We are going to take the building and make it the Vonage headquarters building."

     Posted by vonage on Thursday, March 31 @ 17:58:34 UTC
     (6835 reads)
    Read More: Vonage Headquarters On The Move

     Vonage Speeds Up VoIP LNP With 3PV

    Vonage In Print News

    Vonage Speeds LNP With 3PV

    March 25, 2005

    By Charlotte Wolter

    Vonage Holdings Corp. has selected 3PV - Third Party Verification Inc. as its exclusive provider of third-party verification services.

    Vonage will use the company’s system to speed local-number porting, a process that is now taking about 20 days on average.

     Posted by vonage on Thursday, March 31 @ 04:10:25 UTC
     (1099 reads)
    Read More: Vonage Speeds Up VoIP LNP With 3PV

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