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Aprulse Posted:
bonjour tout
l'humanité je
voudrais des aides
pour blanchir les

In The Forum:
couronne dentaire tarif
On May 29, 2017 at 11:37:20

Haniltery Posted:
For wipe call
history also some
of the offline, in
gengral , it
usually apply to

In The Forum:
How to Delete call history from online account?
On May 09, 2017 at 01:14:26

diana87 Posted:
You have to use
VPN service to
and get free
access while

In The Forum:
Recent calling problem from Egypt
On May 02, 2017 at 12:28:06

dconnor Posted:
What is the main
number on the
account? And
which one is the
virtual number?

In The Forum:
Vonage UK
How do you call 999
On Apr 27, 2017 at 13:52:02

Trafford Posted:
Seems like a
question. We
rely exclusively
on a Vonage system
for our

In The Forum:
Vonage UK
How do you call 999
On Apr 27, 2017 at 05:42:50

diazou Posted:
Hello, It's
compatible with
Android your phone
? Thanks!

In The Forum:
IP PBX for small business
On Mar 28, 2017 at 07:42:33

jeddaisg Posted:
Hi all We have
a Vonage VOIP
system for our
office. Lately,
our call quality

In The Forum:
Ethernet Cable; Wiring schematic? 568-B?
On Feb 23, 2017 at 12:33:52

beast321 Posted:
I don't know if
you heard, that
many more
Dreamcast games
are opened up

In The Forum:
Fax - Tivo - Alarms
Using phone as a dial up modem for Dreamcast Gaming
On Feb 15, 2017 at 21:16:51

Av8rix Posted:
In The Forum:
New adapter and router -- MAC change
On Jan 10, 2017 at 19:07:21

tplink Posted:
Im trying to add
my HT802 vonage
adapter to my home
network. I
currently have

In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
Vonage behind switch
On Dec 05, 2016 at 06:35:11

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Vonage Holdings Corp. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Results

Carolyn Katz Elected to Board of Directors of Vonage Holdings Corp.


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Vonage Pros and Cons for 2006
Vonage Pros and Cons for 2006

Vonage, a VT2142 and a RTP300, My Experiences - A Detailed Review
Vonage, a VT2142 and a RTP300, My Experiences - A Detailed Review

Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Vonage Reviews

 Vonage Reshaping Telcom Billing Systems

Vonage In Print News

A Tale Of Two IPT Service Providers

April 29, 2005

By Barbara Lancaster

IP Telephony is rapidly reshaping telecommunications world wide. "Traditional" Billing systems, like "traditional" voice time division switches, are reaching their expiration, even for "traditional" Service Providers. For new IP-based Service Providers, "traditional" Billers just don't fit the business model. Vonage and Pipemedia are pioneers in the IP Telephony business; each achieving steady growth over a period of years. Vonage is primarily focused on the consumer and small business market, while Pipemedia also offers a hosted IP PBX offering for larger business customers, as well as re-selling DSL directly to its customers. By attending OSS exhibitions, talking with a variety of vendors, and in Vonage's case, bringing the "closest fit" vendor in for a pilot evaluation, both ended up defining, building, and operating their own customer care and Billing solutions.

Looking back

In a circuit switched network, it was reasonable to justify the price of 'long distance' on the basis that calls that travel a long way cost Service Providers more to carry than calls that go across the street. We were all conditioned to agree that calls placed during peak hours (i.e. normal business hours) were of more value and therefore priced higher than calls made on weekends, evenings or cheapest of all, in the middle of the night.

The disruptive force of IP

IP Telephony makes nonsense of the time-and-distance charging model - it is possible to transport the IP telephone service from New York to Sydney by simply plugging an IP Phone, or an Analog Terminal Adapter into a Broadband Access connection point in Australia to enjoy exactly the same service as if you were still in Manhattan.

The new low-cost network model has of course created the influx of new pure IP players into the Service Provider market. IP Telephony Service Providers (IPT SP) can buy wholesale capacity at a fraction of the build costs and enjoy the benefits of being buyers in a buyers market (although there are some signs that this imbalance is now beginning to even out). They can gain access to customers directly through tried and tested DSL technology, which has a low "barrier to entry" cost. But they still need systems to charge and bill their customer services. While each IPT SP we recently interviewed indicated that they first looked at the traditional "tools of the trade" used by traditional telcos, each quickly found that these tools were not what they had in mind.

As Louis Holder, EVP Development at Vonage observed: "There were some great packages that did some of everything, but because they were so broad, they became too complex and too expensive. They couldn't "dumb down" their systems to meet our needs and our price point."

 Posted by vonage on Monday, May 02 @ 12:42:41 UTC
 (1359 reads)
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 Vonage VoIP Forum Providing A Simple Content Syndication Solution

Vonage Press Releases(EMAILWIRE.COM) April 29, 2005 The Vonage VoIP Forum ( ) - The only online forum solely dedicated to news, reviews, FAQ's and discussion about Vonage - The Broadband Phone Company is now providing a simple cut-n-paste solution for webmasters and bloggers that wish to syndicate the Vonage VoIP Forums content.

The Vonage VoIP Forum recently announced that it is providing simple cut-n-paste code for webmasters and bloggers that wish to syndicate the Vonage VoIP News and Forum posts. The code, located at is designed as an easy syndication solution to the more complicated RSS XML feeds. Webmasters and bloggers alike can post the code on their website or blog and instantly have the most recent Vonage VoIP news and forums postings on their site in near real time. The Vonage VoIP Forum contains more than 300,000 pages of Vonage VoIP related content including over 1800 news articles. The Vonage VoIP Forum has two RSS XML feeds which allow for viewing the latest Vonage news and forum posts in My Yahoo! and is syndicated by Google News.

 Posted by Vonage on Friday, April 29 @ 00:00:00 UTC
 (1190 reads)
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 Vonage Leading Residential VOIP Market Size At 600K

Vonage In Print News

Residential VOIP Market Size: Vonage - 600K, CableVision - 350K

April 28, 2005

By Alex Mosalyuk

Residential VOIP market size: Vonage - 600K, CableVision - 350K by ZDNet's IT Facts -- The New York Times published new numbers on current residential VOIP market. Vonage has 600,000 subscribers and CableVision is at 350,000. AT&T VOIP service lured 53,000 users.

 Posted by Vonage on Thursday, April 28 @ 22:56:36 UTC
 (2061 reads)
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 Mexico Phone Operator Telmex Blocking VoIP Traffic And Websites

Vonage In Print News

Mexico Telephone Operator Under VoIP Fire

April 25, 2005

By Ben Charny

Broadband customers of Mexico's dominant telephone operator say the quality of their voice over Internet Protocol calls has tanked, with some alleging that Telmex is engaging in unfair business practices to block VoIP competition.

VoIP, freely available software that lets broadband connections become inexpensive home phone lines, is seen as a major threat to entrenched phone operators such as Telmex because VoIP users no longer need a local phone service; they can use their VoIP service with any broadband connection anywhere in the world.

International operators and habitues of the less urbane world of Web forums are venting about the government-owned operator's alleged practices, which they say include blocking Web sites that VoIP operators use to register new customers and perform a bulk of their customer service.
"We're definitely interested in this situation," said a White House trade official, who asked not to be named. "Telmex has had a long pattern of engaging in anti-competitive behavior."

In a March report, the White House's Office of the U.S. Trade Representative wrote: "Uncertainty regarding the treatment of voice over Internet Protocol services in Mexico is cause for concern. Irrespective of the merits of Telmex's ambitions, restrictions on the ability of any entity, foreign or domestic, to supply VoIP appears inappropriate."

Telmex did not respond to a phone call and an e-mail seeking comment on the situation.

Caller complaints escalate

The Telmex VoIP situation has grown since mid-March, when the company's broadband customers say the quality of their third-party voice over Internet Protocol calls began eroding to what are now unbearable levels, according to e-mail interviews with VoIP customers who routinely call in and out of Mexico.

 Posted by Vonage on Wednesday, April 27 @ 00:15:00 UTC
 (11281 reads)
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 Vonage And SBC Working Out Details For VoIP 911 Help

Vonage In Print News

Vonage, SBC In Talks Over 911 Help

April 25, 2005

By Ben Charny

SBC Communications said steps are being taken to open its 911 emergency services to competitor Vonage, a potentially important breakthrough for Internet phone providers.

SBC on Monday said it recently offered to negotiate a commercial agreement to give Vonage a direct connection to its 911 infrastructure. The U.S. phone giant also agreed to assess the technology blueprints for doing so, according to an SBC representative. The representative did not disclose additional details about the deal.

The two sides have been at odds over the issue. SBC initially planned to trial the Vonage 911 system nine months ago, but backed out without explanation. Then, last month, it deflected Vonage's formal request to lease access to the required gear. However, on April 18, SBC Executive Vice President Christopher T. Rice discussed plans to begin negotiations in a letter to Vonage Chief Executive Jeffrey Citron.

The progress is a positive sign that the two companies are close to finally addressing the hot-button issue of giving voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) operators access to the street address databases and telephone network serving all 3,200 emergency dispatch centers in the United States. The vital infrastructure is owned and operated to a large degree by the nation's top four local phone operators: SBC, Verizon Communications, BellSouth and Qwest Communications International, collectively known as the Bells.

 Posted by Vonage on Tuesday, April 26 @ 23:50:00 UTC
 (1139 reads)
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 Vonage Vs. Cable Firms; Vonage Offers More Options

Vonage In Print News

Feature Choice Growing For Online Phone Plans; Vonage Vs. Cable Firms; Third-Party Companies Offer More Options , But You'll Need Broadband

April 25, 2005

By Mike Angell

Talk about a competitive market. Some 200 companies now offer Internet phone services.

The companies deliver the calls via broadband lines using VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol. By breaking voice into data packets, VoIP offers low-cost long-distance calling and features not available with regular phone service.

About 1 million people are using VoIP service. And thousands are signing up each month.

As the technology matures, new users face a quandary: Which provider should they use?

Consumers have two basic choices for getting VoIP service.

One option is a third-party company, such as Vonage.

It delivers phone calls over a broadband connection provided by another firm.

 Posted by Vonage on Tuesday, April 26 @ 23:29:20 UTC
 (3769 reads)
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 Vonage, SBC Working Out 911 Service Access Details

Vonage In Print News

SBC, Vonage Working On 911 Service Access Deal

April 21, 2005

By Justin Hyde

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - SBC Communications Inc. is in talks to provide Internet telephone provider Vonage Holdings Corp. with enhanced 911 emergency services for its customers, after an initial fight between the two carriers.

Initially SBC rejected a request from Vonage to lease access to the necessary equipment and databases, preferring to focus on an industrywide effort. Now the two sides are talking about a deal and going over technological requirements, according to a letter from SBC made available on Thursday.

Privately held Vonage provides its service using high-speed Internet connections and does not have access to the traditional 911 system where a phone number and address pop up in emergency call centers.

Instead, the company's 550,000 customers must activate a 911 service by registering an address which is used to send calls to lower-priority lines at call centers. That has drawn complaints that customers are unaware they must activate the service.

"We have offered to negotiate commercial agreements ...," Christopher Rice, SBC executive vice president for network planning and engineering, said in an April 18 letter to Vonage Chief Executive Jeffrey Citron.

Regardless, Rice told Vonage that the carrier would have to reach agreements with each public safety entity for delivery of 911 calls.

 Posted by Vonage on Tuesday, April 26 @ 02:10:00 UTC
 (916 reads)
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 Vonage Asks Feds For Help, Solves Clearwire Blocking

Vonage In Print News

Vonage Solves Clearwire Blocking Problem, Asks Feds For Help

April 22, 2005

By Heather Forsgren Weaver

WASHINGTON-Vonage Holding Co., the largest independent Voice over Internet Protocol provider, has solved the problem at least one customer was having when Clearwire Corp. blocked access to Vonage's VoIP service, said Jeffrey Citron, Vonage chief executive officer, on Capitol Hill Tuesday. Clearwire is a new wireless Internet service venture backed by cellular pioneer Craig McCaw.

Citron said Vonage is still investigating what remedies it has against Clearwire because Clearwire is an information service.

The debate about what constitutes an information service vs. what makes a telecom service has ramifications for everything with requirements about open access, universal service, enhanced 911 and law-enforcement surveillance.

The Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in the Brand X cases-the National Cable & Telecommunications Association vs. Brand X Internet Services and the Federal Communications Commission vs. Brand X. Brand X Services Inc. is an independent ISP that wanted access to a cable system to offer its services to the cable operator's cable-modem customers. The company was blocked when the FCC declared cable-modem service an information service and thus not required to provide open access to other companies.

The FCC recently reached a consent agreement with Madison River Communications of Merbane, N.C., which included a $15,000 fine and an agreement that the local telephone company would stop blocking Vonage. It is unclear whether the FCC could come to the same conclusion with cable companies or wireless Internet service providers like Clearwire. The Supreme Court's ruling in Brand X is likely to add more clarity.

Citron said Clearwire admitted to blocking Vonage and said it blocked anything as high as 64 kilobits per second-the amount of bandwidth necessary for voice-but Citron said this was not accurate.

 Posted by Vonage on Tuesday, April 26 @ 01:50:00 UTC
 (3979 reads)
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 SBC To Provide Vonage VoIP 911 Services

Vonage In Print News

SBC In Talks With Vonage To Provide 911 Services

April 22, 2005

By Staff

SBC is in talks with Vonage to provide 911 services for its customers, according to reports earlier today.

Initially, SBC rejected a request from Vonage to lease access to the equipment and databases, but have recently changed their tone on the topic.

Many people with VOIP services such as Vonage are unaware that they do not have 911 services initially, and that they have to activate a separate 911 service by registering an address which is used to send calls to lower-priority lines at call centers. As one can well imagine, the VOIP companies don't disclose this clearly to customers.

 Posted by Vonage on Tuesday, April 26 @ 01:30:00 UTC
 (2523 reads)
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 Vonage Driver Andretti Gets A Shot At More Wins

Vonage In Print News

Young Andretti Gets A Shot At More Wins

April 22, 2005

By Staff

Teenager Marco Andretti will compete in five additional IRL Menards Infiniti Pro seriesraces in 2005, including two at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: the Futaba Freedom 100, run the same weekend as the Indy 500; and the Liberty Challenge, contested during the United States Grand Prix weekend.

Andretti, the 18-year-old grandson of former Indianapolis 500 winner Mario Andretti and the son of Andretti Green Racing co-owner Michael Andretti, won his series debut April 3 at the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, driving the No. 26 Vonage Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone.

 Posted by Vonage on Tuesday, April 26 @ 01:10:00 UTC
 (1007 reads)
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