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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Me too....
One Questions: is it something to do with locking of the box? i mean does the box...
"So please, don't just leave it up to the techs to figure it out." Yeah, that's...
"Oh, so this is PUB.Sorry, I got the number from my Husband's pocket but I do not...
Dunno, try reading the documentation for the device....
Wow. That is very odd. That implies......things. I'm kinda confused now....
"patience is indeed a virtue." Corporate accountability is a virtue as well....
On another thread someone suggested.... If that does not work, try deleting...
It sounds like number porting/transfer is really still in its infancy with Vonage.....maybe...
Hello. I can't access voicemail from my vonage line by dialing *123 or by calling...
happens either way. Vonage customer care had me reset the voice settings...
I'm afraid I'm not enough of a computer networking expert (to put it kindly to myself)...
Are you using house wiring or is your phone plugged directly into the RTP300? Is...
Oops. Hope he didn't spend too long looking for a fictional router....
What are the procedure for bridging the connection?...
Yes, people have done this. Your computer would have to have both a wired ethernet...
Did that too. with what userid and pwd will i be able to get in? i tried admin/admin...
Try setting it back to factory defaults....
well I disconnected it because it wouldnt allow me to obtain the internet. But...
I live in a apartment were they offer free wifi but my question is can i connect my...
may i know your current set-up? what is connected to waht? :?:...
be glad to help. ->during installation you (because of DSL) are required...
we are trying to get this Linksys WRTP54G setup with Iqara service. the issue is...
I would hardly call that "well said." I just don't see how doing any of what he/she...
Can You Help Che????????...
I can't believe such a narrow topic has so many posts to it. Looks like 95% of the...
All those requirements I have...I'm using a DSL and my ISP is Bezeq International..I'm...
Thanks so much for all of the information. We have the same problem. Please tell...
where exactly is that switch coming from? need answer to figure out why you dont...
(1) first are u using DSL or cable modem? your ISP? i need some info first before...
nice one :lol: way to go LNP transfer!...
Hello All, It seems as if being on the forum is your best bet for help with your...
patience is indeed a virtue. is there anyway i could help you? or you already...
Hello All, It seems as if being on the forum is your best bet for help with your...
5 days . . . 4 days not counting the weekend October 26, 2006 Awaiting Letter...
And yet, it works fine here in Maine. :) All in all, though, I'd rather have...
I dont have any cable modem. My internet line directly coming from isp provider...
The strong young man at the construction site was bragging that he could outdo...
Somewhat faintly in the background of all my calls I hear a busy signal. This has...
Whoops. You're right. My bad. :oops: Thanks for the correction....
So, like this? Cable Modem -> VT2142 - > PC Reboot the cable modem....
Hi, thanks for the information that helps me....
Unless I'm mistaken the OPs Vonage box is a Motorola VT2442....
@ webfors: That's exactly what Shaw is doing, dropping packets. I wish I'd...
I've been having some problems with the motorola adapter trying to acquire an...
The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade...
Once again everyone wants to argue with the Motorola Site : Some of the SURFboard...
I HAVE the DLINK VTA and in the status screen i notice some errors. Sometimes if...
if you're fond of solving riddles :wink: : OIL IS GRAY - arrange these...
TRUST is a very important factor for all relationships. When trust is broken,...
Well, I'm telling you the facts: there's no buzz until I plug into Comcast's network. Now,...
something for you to smile about A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation...
Phone for a project at work using a v-phone and dealing with vonage as a company - Get...
I got a Vonage e-mail today and read about the traffic 511 feature. I though, "way...
Following are the connections. internet cable connects switch(isp provider)...
One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the...
A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and...
ACRONYMS (Supply the corresponding words) 01 T.B. 02 SCUBA 03 I.Q. 04 RADAR 05 A.K.A. 06 SONA...
Add me to the list! There is a telemarketing company that calls me several times...
I will call for the latest firmware. Currently, this unit is the router, which...
I too had a single incident of 2 calls from someone in MO. saying they were returning...
what is your NW setup//if the modem it is behind is DSL or a modem/router combo,...
As I said before, please provide a rough diagram of how you have things connected....
i am not getting the ipaddress. Iam getting the following ipaddress...
I'm not sure what you mean by "connected directly". Can you provide a rough diagram...
first things first your cable modem is only a docsis 1.0 so i am suprised that...
A Father came home from a long business trip to find his young son riding a brand...
I have connected directly. Not through cable modem. All connections are...
depending on your internet provider you may need a mac clone// click start>>run>>then...
Nothing I did resolved this issue. I called Vonage and they claimed it was the cable...
Hmm, no, I don't think you need to call you cable provider. How did you connect the...
Hi all My friend has gifted me a vonage device, VT2142. I am using the cable...
1. The caller ID shown would be your Vonage number, i.e., the 0161 one. 2. Yes,...
One small correction, that's WRT54GL, not 31GL. ;) The WRT54GL or the slightly...
Another thing to check is the firmware version of the WRTP54G. If it is not 1.00.62,...
make sure you have the latest fw, call tech supt for that...
Hello, a quick look at the 'rates' page at:
Bingo, shaw is messing with vonage packets. Dump them for a provider who doesn't....
I've read enough horror stories about number transfers, changes, etc, the I would...
A friend of mine recently joined Vonage and wasn't getting the newsletter from...
It is very good to have a your number move with you, because it does not really matter...
Yep, that's correct....
actually BIPAC - 7000 (Billion) ADSL USB Modem. is the USB Modem, you cant able...
You have a VoiceBlue product while using Vonage?...
Read the threads on this forum (and others) on using VOIP in Dubai and the UAE. Dubai...
i have voice blue lite and i don`t know to configure the codec and which codec is...
See my related post on this forum called "VOIP Emiratee Style"
call T Mobile...
If I didn't like my voicemails emailed to me, that's exactly what I'd do too since...
Hi, maybe someone knows how heavy the telephone adapter idle network traffc? thanks, Ed...
Almost nil. every 30 seconds it will send a REGISTER packet to the proxy, other...
Hi, How much of the network traffic telephone adapter creates in idle mode?...
Your cell phone voicemail is picking up before your vonage VM. you would need to...
even if you do this, the latency will be horrible. You would need a VPN router....
The call flow is the same before and after "deleting" the call forwarding number: Will...
I have a friend that is going to Korea and there has been a rumor about there ISP going...
The number stays, you need to look at the call flow at the top. For instance,...
If you didn't change the password the login will be router/router. If you did and...
OK. I did exactly as instructed. Got a message that said settings were saved, however...
Do exactly this: Delete the call forwarding number from the Basic Call Forwarding...
Your Number 1-(555)-555-5663 Current Settings Will ring both your...
You're using the WAN IP and not the LAN IP right?...
Right right, I should've been more specific, I did in fact try that....
Copy and paste your current callflow settings here (x out your actual numbers)...
it doesn't matter what port its on, you just do https://ip:port...
I'm getting closer to a solution. Unfortunately, there's no way to delete the...
I completly spaced the login/password to my vt2442 VoIP equipment. Is there a...
No such luck. The default port for http (80) is what shows up....
if what is actually happening is not what it says in the "Current Settings" section...
most of those devices require secure connection for remote access. Try using...
Yes, with 2 stipulations. 1) if the country you take it to bans VoIP, such as China,...
If I register(buy) a Voip number here in US from any service provider can I use it...
Amen. also the reason your device registers every 30 seconds is to keep the dynamic...
FYI: ATA stands for Analog Telephone Adaptor, and they're being phased out....
It's merely a timing issue why your cell phone is receiving the voice-mail before...
Hi peeps, I think judging by recent reports that this is the Voip provider...
yes, there is a file on your v-phone that needs to be deleted, and then the device...
As noted in an archived thread , some (including me) don't have the ability to access...
try deleting the number out of the call forewarding and saving...
Unfortunately, even when I turn SimulRing on, which I agree should turn off Call...
It's been almost 3 days without any significant Vonage issues. My Internet connection...
Basically, I would make sure that my Vonage bandwidth settings are set for maximum,...
In the meanwhile, your VoIP test scores are really pretty poor. If you ran the test...
It's a common problem. Vonage neglects to properly update their data base to reflect...
I'd say that's worth bringing to the attention of customer service....
that's good to hear, = ).. 8)...
Most house wiring includes 2 lines (4 wires) to each jack. Assuming that's the...
Only one works at a time, so if you go over to simulring, and save your settings,...
Then it should work, although Vonage can do very little to help you if the connection...
I'm just telling you the facts, a hard buzz is an analog problem, comcast can only...
who doesn't want to have a great day! :floating:...
well, i wouldn't say you stay or give up your service with vonage, but if you already...
nothing wrong with wanting a great day, eh?...

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