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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

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Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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I agree. However for running a small business it looks better to have a separate...
192.168.1.x or 192.168.15.x ? You may have a faulty adapter. I had that problem...
addition on this they will mail you out as soon as that area code is available....
I had two phone lines coming into house. Main line and line 2. I moved line 2 to...
I've done that but apparently the adapters IP is no longer It should...
I probably make 2 or 3 faxes a week over Vonage. Why is there an option to pay to send...
No, you do not have to enable any port forwarding for Vonage to work. It's all outbound...
unfortunately as stated in all of the pages of "This Site is...
still don't....
I was thinking that a 2.4ghz phone might be the problem. does anyone agree???...
Well, I was finally able to check and see when we get calls, the blue light stays...
make sure that your computer's IP is set to (xxx = any number besides...
Yes, I have the same problem and have reported it. Just waiting for the solution...
I do not have Vonage yet, but I was wondering, I use bittorent to download files...
yup, you should check if there are 2.4GHz cordless phones involved coz your wireless...
Or plug the male end into the phone since it is a L1/L2 also. I have used this same...
After reading a lot of forum posts, having Vonage customer service set my packetization...
its possible to transfer the number and device under one account, but it will take...
ignore the male end it won't hurt anything being unplugged.... you are just useing...
Thanks for both of the replies...a-dhold...the only ones I see at Radio Shack...
Well I changed my upstream QoS in the WRT54GL to 340. I initiated a voip call and...
I'll give it a try. I'll change my upstream to 340 and check my voice quality and...
Thanks for your response, NateHoy. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you;...
I just got my F1000 and I have it setup and communicating with my router. But all...
Can you not just set the upload speed higher? I have almost the same test results...
I've heard reports of some countries in South and Central America that has banned...
Nope it worked somehow. For how long I dunno. But it's good enough for now....
I really don't know anything about uTorrent, but I do know that if you are trying...
I have posted results with and without QoS enabled in my WRT54GL. I have the upstream...
Got it :) Had to add a new rule. Didnt tell me that in the walkthrough I was reading....
I got rid of all the extra crap :) I looked at the connection and for some reason...
i just got off the phone with one of the rudest customer service supervisors i have...
The addresses came from the adapter, but it's the OS your PC that determines what...
I am a new Vonage customer and just found out that my existing alarm company does...
The problem I have is that the VT2442 doesn't appear to be at anymore....
Hmm.. thats weird. I thought it was Vonage that created it. I've never seen the...
It sounds like you need to hire someone to set this up for you. You said you see this...
I actually don't know what it is for, why its on, and how to change it. I just...
Forgive me if I've missed a posting about this elsewhere but I have had a problem...
That Gaming optimizer and the Netgear are TOYS! I have a a Linksys WRT54G and it...
First, it sounds like you have too many protocols turned up on your PC. Do you have...
I did 2 ranges of 100 starting at 10,000 It does I was aorried that...
Which one use as my IP address in Network Connections then? To log into the router...
The "scrambled" addresses are IPv6 addresses. The ones that start with fe80 are...
Funny, that was going to be my question as well :-D kreedy - are you forwarding...
From what I've read I need to make a static IP. I've done that before no problem,...
Well, does it work without them forwarded?...
I am installing a new router from microsoft. It does not allow me to put in a range...
You can't figure out what numbers to use for what, exactly?...
Does anyone know how to correctly set up port forwarding with Motorola VT2442?...
I am wondering if anyone knows if its legal to capture a voip call in your home? Has...
It should be possible, although quality may suffer. Which device do you...
I finally admit it, you are right. There is absoutely no excuse for the nonsense...
I will buy a piece of equipment from you (guaranteed as you said). My electric service...
Just to give you my experience, my number was ported over to Vonage in 7 days with... guys sit around and impress yourselves with nomenclature and...
i would like to use vonage and verizon dsl...
I signed up for Vonage a week ago and am awaiting transfer of my number. Reading...
call got disconnected? or more of an audio issue? (dropped/delayed?) check for...
it's better to contact ISP of that city you'd be going too.. make sure that there's...
no prob for keep your Verizon DSL just... don't transfer the number to vonage.....
installing Vonage adapter's supposed to be just plug and play.. mmm, just...
I recently purchased a Linksys WRTP54G VoiP router to use in my RV. I am trying to...
Hello I have comcast internet. My internet's line is in one room, and the phone...
I called my provider today. Their level 1 tech support can't provide much help,...
Hi, I had that same problem with mine until i came here and read a few threads...
i am a little bit technology challanged, but i recently switched to vonage from...
I am trying to get my vonage hooked up, originally they said I could do it with the...
the WAN Switch is a NETGEAR FS116 16 Port Fast Ethernet Switch with Auto Uplink...
Download 1,355,392 bps Upload 329,224 bps QOS 86% RTT 41 ms MaxPause...
Hmm.. I'm still at 1.30.00 ... wonder what the big difference is in the .01 upgrade.. Anyone...
I have the exact same problem, blinking lights ... WRTP54G reboots. I had one replaced...
I've got Comcast Cable...and it failed at 19% on the Quality service. Everything...
thats not my problem is it? WIFI interruption.. its at a home. I can go buy...
WIFI is also 2.4Ghz, and they can interfere with each other....
If anyone knows anything about the 865 area code becoming available, please post...
whats wrong with 2.4 gig hz? I did all this and my hard wire is good but my 2.4Ghz...
I use two separate V-Tech systems. They both work, but not all functions work between...
so you should not have much consistent delay based on that latency. There...
In my guess, it would depend on the frequency each cordless telephone is operating...
Reference your source please. It is my understanding that the opposite is true....
I have installed vonage on three PBX systems. one is an old toshiba with no problems....
visit radio shack look for a little 1 to 3 splitter labeled L1 L2 L1+2 take L1...
The wired thing is i have a voicepulse line on the Trixbox and pap2 that i use for...
My predictions: Churn rate rises from 2.11% to 2.35% $115 million in...
Yikes! No, I am not asking a question. I have already answered all the questions...
With that many computers connected to your internet connection I would replace...
In other words, Vonage continues to deal with companies that it has every reason...
Give me a European number and I will make a call and trace it. I did think about...
1. Los Angeles, CA 2. DSL 3. Download speed: 4670016 bps Upload...
You have [almost] the same situation I have, except I only have two lines. Radio...
I initially had problems with a VT2442, but it turned out to be a faulty adapter....
I have seen parts of this question answered in this forum (

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