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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

Great Price, No Complaints
Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Like reebok said you'll need a wireless bridge or a game adapter. Linksys:
sorry...yes i do have a wireless router, and it should have sufficient range to...
You say your "phone wiring" is in another room . . . does that mean you don't have...
do you have a wireless router at all? what you would end up needing is a wireless...
Is there any possible way to wirelessly connect my pap2 adapter to my router? I...
how to get service in Cabo San Lucas...
sounds like you don't have vonage...?...
YOU are also violating the Vonage ToS by using their service in UAE anyway, so deal....
haha my freind your right, but America doesnt have a base like it has in Qatar. In...
I'd start by temporarily connecting the adapter directly to the modem and repeating...
As a brand new Vonage customer, I received my D-Link VTA phone adapter today. It...
I'm using standard phone wiring, like what comes with a new phone. I do have them...
Thanks Anu. BTW. made it work finally. The Netgear Switch w/5 ethernet ports is...
Not I - not helping myself nor anyone - just was wondering at a high level of what...
I think the group's current recommendation for cable modems is the Motorola SB5100...
Charter is our only ISP choice. We can spend a small amount (less than $150...
Yes, you can do what you propose. The two big 'be carefuls' here are disconnecting...
Im using a cisco ata-186 and and it is registered with a switch for call origination....
What choice of ISP do you have? What is your one time equipment budget? Do you...
TommyDale, Thanks for sharing more details, I feel for you! I'm not sure...
I am living in an old house that uses the old style lighting protectors-one is old...
While the concepts are similar, it is a significantly easier problem to deal with...
The device you mentioned is more than just a VPN endpoint. Although it is a VPN endpoint...
I was more interested in the "how" to do it. Specifically; there is a guy here in...
Oh, I know, there policy is what has to be adhered to by C.S. I just think it's funny...
So the best way to do this would be to get a VPN Endpoint such as the Draytek 2800 VG,...
I'm thinking that perhaps you were asking more for a how-to than an elaboration...
Look at Vonage TOS. 2.12 is the 'out' clause for 'best effort'. If you cancel after...
Vonage On Hold By Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMFBreakerRick) July 3, 2006...
Current mechanisms for blocking traffic rely on Internet packet headers. Even...
Hi, While doing the Chapter 4 settings for PAP2. Try to hang up the phone each...
I should probably post this as a new thread, but I have to say that I am very impressed...
It's probably not the port forwarding as much as it is the traffic load. RDP usually...
Still sounds very unusual to me... if this was being done with the phone ports,...
The service worked okay for the first couple of months. They would occasionally...
We are moving and wanting to switch to Vonage. We have a laptop and desktop with...
Please share more of the story. If they're being charged early cancellation...
Someone mentioned using a VPN as a work around to the block - can you elaborate?...
I referred my best friend to Vonage. Their Vonage adapter died on them, and for...
Do you suspect then that because I am using port forwarding that is what is causing...
All of the Vonage adapters make for lousy routers... best option is to get a real...
95% chance this is in your own wiring. Make sure you're using twisted pairs to do...
Cisco claims you can't do this; This article, Remote Access VPN and a...
We have a Partner ACS system and when multiple adapters/Vonage lines are hooked...
come on come down , i didn't violate anything. i just said its possible because...
I saw a post that mentioned "is great vonage device as long as it doens't have to...
I have a RT31P2 Vonage router that sometimes from 1 to 3 times a day freezes up. My...
Thanks.. That should fix my port forwarding testing problem. I'll have teo give...
You can always try using a proxy. The Beauty of Google...
I think that would be difficult, Skype might work well that way. It seems that if...
such as???...
That is what I though with regard to the IP although the user guide doesn't say it....
You can always try using a proxy....
The IP netmask means any remote IP address is acceptable. Good luck...
I would like some help on how to configure a laptop to allow a Vonage PAP2 connected...
I have a motorola 2442 ATA and although it works well for me the setup and config...
This is being discussed HERE...
pj, Your post is in violation of the forums rules because you are violating...
Packet data cannot damage RTP300, but line drivers are shared within the device...
The connection to cell phone in Holland is consistently bad (like impossible...
What can I tell was Vonage Policy to say that....
We have had a US account working in France for a year. We have France Telecom ADSL....
hey we pay high rent we pay house tax we pay high living cost, visa fees,tuition...
yeah its definite, its not working, its only active around new dubai, thats like...
Has anyone been able to figure out a work around for the Vonage issue in Dubai yet?.........
Hi......Vonage was working fine a week back in Dubai.....I just got back from...
Um...could you explain this? You can confuse the hell out of the router with this...
While I know the reply was not directed at me, I do feel the need to comment on a few...
sorry but i delete my reply . because some people didn't like it . and told me...
content erased by me . regards Thunder...
this message deleted by me regarding violation of .......... !!!!! which is not...
Just out of curiosity.... Why did you sign up for Vonage? Was it the price? Did...
Thats for the replays. One more clarification... Even if I switch to...
I am trying to get Vonage Adapter to work at India with Tata Indicom at my parents....
There are very successful ways to block VoIP traffic. One method uses semantic...
It has supposedly been delayed until the 15th of July now....

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