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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

Great Price, No Complaints
Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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What do you estimate Vonage's cost of service per customer ultimately is? Or at...
If you want to email me the files I will gladly do an automated compare of them and...'s some interesting quotes from a message board related to correctional...
Thanks sdstuckey :) I'll check it out, may be a solution for now even though...
Something like this: access-list 111 permit udp <uip>
I don't know about the 8 hrs, LOL, but that's the only way it could work. And be upfront...
Here is something that worked for me: Prison Calls Online Basically...
NAT is not firewall protection. It offers very little protection, especially...
Akola, sorry man, but you money has been lost, and you will never make it back if...
Vonage's problems do not come from the lack of subcriber growth. I am short but...
Ah....the old - 'Tis easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission - routine....
Thats my point. Who has the time to read through 15 pages of fine print to find what...
You're quite welcome. It's nice to know that someone actually benefits from all...
I tried that before, but I don't know where it goes....
I thought the only real firewall protection offered by most consumer level routers...
Only Ten-Thousand ports forwarded?!?...
Hello, I am attempting to setup a UIP1869V Uniden phone behind my Cisco 1601r...
I have a D-Link vta behind a D-Link DGL 4300 and don't have any problems at all. Only...
I don't blame you for not finding that acceptable, because it shouldn't be necessary...
Glad to hear it. It's rather disconcerting from a troubleshooting viewpoint....
Try adding: curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE); source:...
Does anyone have an idea what ports need to be forwarded to the VTA? I've tried...
I have the same problem like blueorder described since last 3-4 days ago. I live...
I'm still having a problem getting the script to work. It appears that the problem...
Just tell her in the long run it will increase your bottom line. :-D...
... and BOUGHT. Now just to tell the wife I've dropped a wad of cache on MORE...
What was the change?...
Thanks. I will. And thanks for all your other posts/support on these forums....
Hello, Checkout the bad news coming about VONAGE Respectfully, Martin...
I use a 5.8 GHz phone, but I still had the problem until Comcast came out and replaced...
No way?! Really? Try searching here first. Upper left of the screen, Search, then...
it has been discussed ad nauseum, just do a quick search, as of now people are working...
I'm having the same issue and I have a 2.4 Ghz cordless phone as well. Does a 2.4 Ghz...
live in dubai, UAE, where the ISP Etisalat is Blocked VoIp . I have been using the...
I have a Vonage Softphone account. I purchased an adaptor from
QoS is an end-to-end process. Classification and marking are very important...
Thats alot of reading to figure out where the change took place. Too bad they couldn't...
Just a note to let all fellow user's know there was a change in the terms of Service...
While it is true that Ethernet is bi-directional, the fact remains that the D-Link...
It is really WAN <-> LAN, and traffic flows both ways on a firewall with 2...
I tried that and was getting the same result. I tried: 1. Connecting ATA...
did you try What speeds do you get?...
Well, that is true, I suppose, it wouldn't be that hard to generate if the email...
Please post the email headers....
If you allow the possibility of an insider or hacker gaining access to your email...
you'll need separate input and output jacks, which is what the discussion was...
Update: I never was able to get the old Router working, but the new one is working...
You aren't making any sense. All ethernet jacks are both input and output. In fact,...
Please give us the details listed here. Is the phone light lit on your adapter?...
I have not seen this occur with Vonage, but thanks for the warning. One reason...
I agree that outbound caller ID needs to include a name. It should be no different...
Control of both inbound and outbound audio levels is something that all of the... looks like you had to answer your own question! 'Glad to hear that it...
I have been using utorrent for months and never had a problem til I came to this location....
I'm really pleased that Vonage have announced this "USB Phone" gizmo that lets...
The spec sheet for the VTA says it has QOS. Mine sounds fine so far. I use it with...
did you bother looking? the answer(s) are all over
Yikes, that's not good. I also encode special addresses. Checking today's...
From one of the machines on the RTP300, do a TRACERT to one of the machines on the...
How do I find out what the right ports are? I am using Utorrent....
I don't recommend people taking that gamble. There's NO guarantee that every...
I use a unique, specially-coded email address with every company I do business...
New to site and was trying to setup my Vonage RTP300. RTP300 is after my WRT54GX4...
I have been using Vonage for a few months, and my service just die. My first thought...
Has anyone tried Broadvoice? Is the quality good? The prices certainly look good,...
I have added the requested information regarding my router, network, and broadband...
looks like we are still on borrowed time....
Anyone other than me have this feature yet? Over one year with no problems....
No, these people are on land lines for sure. Thanks anyways....
I have had ACR for almost a year now. I talked a rep into programming it for me. He...
It is ashame that we don't have multiple mailboxes yet....
Thanks for the reply. got me in. I don't know why I was thinkning Anywa...
I had that happen the other day but only to one caller. This caller was roaming...
I have to admit that I had not actually read the manual, and the picture doesn't...
1)The MAC address will be printed on the underside of the Vonage adapter, usually...
If you've got a WRT54G router....use it! I'd connect it up as follows: Modem->WRT54G->...
It only has a single ethernet port, as in ethernet in... there is no ethernet out...
I had this same issue when trying to connect with PCAnywhere modem to modem over...
Ethernet is, by definition, bidirectional....
I was somewhat concerned that my transfer would take a long time after reading...
The "Local IP Address" on the RTP300 is the default: It receives...
that is a very odd situation.. and as far as that Canadian Call Centre, I remember...
Are the RTP300 and Belkin both using the same IP address range for local addresses? If...
What type of data? What type of connection? Please elaborate....
ahhh, I see that now, my bad.. I never look at subjects that are in the middle of threads,...
Sorry I forgot to post my test info. I was actually the 1st customer with Fios to...
I've followed the postings that demonstrate how to setup a network using 2 routers,...
i wouldnt put it past them since they did file a hefty lawsuit against them...
Hey Man, I am running vonage on fios. in Keller, Tx ..getting great network connection...
thanks for the replies, i was going to run my computers of my belkin, but... 1)how...
I bought the VTech phone off eBay and called Vonage today to switch it to my account...
Answer is no Steve, since incoming calls are not allowed in any form. Inmates get...
haha, i wish there was one so everytime my brother asked me to go on the internet...
If you have a computer whose internet needs are relatively benign and which doesn't...
In short, if like one in Texas, the pre-paid card does not work, because the "college"...
Are calls local to the facility also charged? If not, you can get a Vonage virtual...
Thankyou for the information Joe...
thats what i was guna try, but then i just remembered i have my xbox360 wired in as...
I sincerely doubt Adelphia is going to be able to maintain your long distance service....
I signed up with Vonage on June 23 and filled out the form to port my phone number...
Thanks. I would call the CS , but I don't want to be on hold all day and have to...
Thanks Steve, but only collect calls to approved numbers on the inmate's call...
If you have a cancel statement, it will be on your account as a credit and they will...
I just went through this. Although I did return the VT in original box and had to...
OK - the Vonage Test let me repeat it. Results are a bit different from earlier today....
Dan, your setup should work, except that I think you want to enable DHCP on the second...
I didn't make this clear in my original post, but I did go back to the TestYourVoIP...
Your test scores look fine. What happens if you plug the Cisco directly into the...
Claz, would a pre-paid calling card take care of your problem? Or does the facility...
Julianp, the test does specify discards, but it doesn't specify in which direction....
As for D-link vs VT2442, keep in mind that the D-link has no routing capability....
Pecvessels, you have 2 ISPs? Based on the speed results, the tests you performed...
ok, my current network set up is cable modem straight to the linksys wireless B....

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