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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

Great Price, No Complaints
Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Sorry, I can't help configure it, but I'd like to know what you think of the router...
I am absolutely furious with the lack of customer service from Vonage. I have been...
Isn't the number 1 reason most started vonage was for the $avings ??? That...
Booma, I set up my voice mail and left myself a message. I don't get a light on...
I've got the EXACT same problem... in fact, I'm copying and pasting most of your...
Just wondering if I got a strictly IP phone (VTech IP8100) will I get better voice...
Sure. I'll give it a try. As soon as my roomate gets off the phone. <g> He stays...
I love this line: "Son, we live in a world that has walls and those walls need...
To begin with I am new to the limited account, I don't understand how you can sell...
Wow...that was a pleasant response or maybe you're just not the sharpest tool...
I still feel strongly today that a business should be allowed to decide what content...
Does the term "Theft of Service" mean anything to you? Do you have a cite for this...
You can sell immediately at the opening, or any time after that, but you can not...
Need help setting up a brand new Asterisk@home installation using Vonage lines I...
I have been a Vonage customer for over a year now and just as others are reporting,...
is it possible? i know that my computers can get on his network fine, but how am...
I do not have problems with this setup. In fact I prefer this setup so that my VOIP...
Hi - I'm going nuts trying to figure out what's wrong with my vonage line. I can hear...
Shoot, why not just imprison and torture everyone until we find all of the terrorists?...
Give this a shot and see if it works for you:
Hi there, Have downloaded, installed and tested "Click-2-Call" with my...
I am having trouble hosting games on warcraft 3 due to ports and stuff. I have searched...
Flipping is practiced by market participants who try to get shares of stock at...
Outgoing calls work fine. Incoming callers hear "All circuits are busy. Please...
read the manual and this thread for a start.
Thank you for the reply TPA. I am unfamiliar with how a PBX functions, thus...
Whew.... and I thought *my* wife was the only one that did that......
it looks like you made some effort to post the information requested in the sticky,...
If this was BT going into the US with this service, you could bet any money you want...
You know it is an interesting thread when the press starts to talk about the posters:...
On the face of it, this looks like a great product. Or so I thought when I signed up. The...
Hello all, I have been considering Vonage for sometime now, but never made...
I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to that question either.... Simple: 1)...
This isn't an official Vonage site, so nobody from Vonage would be able to help...
I ported my number from bellsouth to vonage in December of 2004. Everything went...
How many extensions are you going to need and are you still going to need to have...
FWIW, the site is not affilliated with Vonage,.... That's...
Understood, just following Vonage's directions: At...
That looks like it might do the trick. Definitely let us know how it works out. I...
Using Verizon here and for most most recent phone call, 0 dropped packets for a...
And if the government has information from outside these telephone logs that...
We at use vonage to contact The Dominican...
OK, so my initial impression of Vonage is not the best! In fact, I'm extremely disappointed....
Does the term "Theft of Service" mean anything to you? Do you have a cite for this...
I just installed the DI 634M DLink router and want to maximize its performance...
I will like to know if it is possible to make work vonage from the Dominican Republic...
I have been having issues with Microsoft VPN through my WRTP54G. I was aware of...
You are so dead wrong. Using your neighbors WIFI without their consent is theft...
I have had more than considerable problems reaching Vonage customer service....
It doesn't matter in your eyes, but in the eyes of the law it most certainly does...
Normally I want as little government intervention in my life as possible, straight...
We've been experiencing what I believe are Qos issues since starting with Vonage...
Never underestimate the Power of the Dark Side of the Force, Nate. :twisted:...
Recently I switched over to Comcast Digital Voice because of the problems I was...
Sadly, resolves to Romania. So unless someone has friends...
He is gone, sorry guys. Hey, here is his email and IP address.
To begin with I am new to the limited account, I don't understand how you can sell...
I am programming and hope to have done next week (after the Vonage Stock Ticker)...
Hi, I usually go to and...
You could still be stuck like my wife and me without working Caller ID since last...
is it possible? i know that my computers can get on his network fine, but how am...
No, just delay your voice mail pickup until after your answering machine. voice...
Got one too - get this guy banned - DAN !!!...
Just got my PM. Annoyed....
Hello all. New to the forum. I have been using Vonage for about 2 years now in...
It's comical when I listen to my messages and hear a caller say "Pick up if you're...
The forum admin/owner is Dan Connor, userid "dconnor". As for the recent...
Yes, already submitted a copy to Dan via PM. Also, I see our pornmongering "friend"...
Yep, just got mine, but I don't know who to report that to....
Hello, I have been a vonage customer for about 3 years, and would also like...
Who do I contact to report spam/junk mail received on the website?...
I've been receiving PM's from a user named "alexxa" soliciting me for porn-related...
IMHO, I believe that the Vonage IPO will be greater than 25% from the offering price...
Are you sure this is a fact ? I know that's what they're saying "information...
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the telcos) all of that is moot because...
The feds have already injected itself into three such lawsuits, asking the courts...
It doesn't matter if it was stripped of individually identifiable data or not....
We're using a business DSL and RT31P2 phone router supplied by Verizon and are...
Vonage wasn't asked for any customer info by NSA. NSA only asked the traditional...
I just noticed this and I wanted to point out that it is complete and utter BS. There...
No laws were broken and the phone records were stripped of any individually identifiable...
I started keeping a log of when incoming calls are bad and what the problem was when...
I have been continuing to research this IPO. I have found this video which is pretty...
my $.02 It is not right to use someone elses WiFi account to run your vonage...
I too have been having a whole mess of issues with incoming calls. Such as busy signals,...
If you're not doing anything illegal, why worry? Something to hide? :-D The...
Maybe just me - I assumed the black smoke was from burning jet fuel and other flammables...
I know it will cost you more money but why don't you buy one of the new Vonage hand...
Because NSA doesn't have an automatic right to invade either your wife's or her...
Redblurr- 5,000 shares? really? 20 - 25% gain? really? Hard to get shares, really?...
I don't think I'll get the 5000 My friend who's a broker at UBS said he thinks...
I am a Vonage customer and I love the service. I will 99.9% be getting into the IPO....
Not quite. I only want one line, and prefer that my present Vonage number remains...
Hi: Thanks for the suggestions. However, I'm looking for a gizmo that will...
A 2-line phone will definitely fill the bill here. Uniden makes a nice cordless...
I think DirecTV would disagree with you on that one....
I specifically didn't mention how to do this with phones that aren't mobile because...
I see, so all incoming traffic comes from the Vonage server? Even during Vonage...
Yeah, if they aren't willing to swap it out with only shipping and handling charges...
Unless you specifically block a port, it's open. Since the Vonage TA is initiating...
Try a different cable between the modem and vt. You can use the other one from bet...
Why do you think you will not get the full 5000 shares?...
I signed up for the 5000 shares. I don't think I'll get the 5000, but if I do I'll be...
Kind of. If I understand you correctly, you can do this: Port your Qwest number...
Will Vonage port a Qwest copper wire POTS number to a Virtual Number and still allow...
Hi, I have succesfully used Vonage MTA behind D-Link DI-614+ router with NAT which...
If anyone is interested, I found a document on UBS' website that details their...
I don't suppose there is any way one can listen live to a voicemail as it is being...
How about some hints for those of us who would like to get the intercom working with...
Then it is very likely that your IP provider's tech support is right and it is a bad...
When I go to that site, which is only possible with the adapter unplugged, I only...
Before you buy anything try cloning the mac address at the bottom of the advanced...
When you do Start/Run/cmd/ "ipconfig /all" what is the resultant ip list? The...
Steve, The wires for B, which I assume are the blue and white pair that are leaving...
Thanks for the reply John. I think I actually might have solved my problem. I...

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