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Vonage UK
How do you call 999
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In The Forum:
Vonage UK
How do you call 999
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Ethernet Cable; Wiring schematic? 568-B?
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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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hi steve, the switch actually has a button so you can turn the second line to...
AN update I called the number listed on the board for the ( is it Jersery)...
Alright, hang on now. This is going off course a bit. The NSA isn't listening in...
I don't care if I am asking my girlfriend to pick up something at the grocery store....
I'm not big on conspiracy theories and I don't have anything to hide (phone call...
you can search for a million posts on the subject, go to of all places...'s_law (might have to cut 'n paste that...
this is about the 3rd or 4th similar post (all circuits busy message or just a busy...
...and if that good tip doesn't work for some reason, you can try disabling voicemail...
not unless you set up a totally new account. otherwise you'll have to call. and...
Never heard of Godwin's Law, this my gut feeling about the status of our country....
If you're not doing anything illegal, why worry? Something to hide? :-D...
Godwin's Law in 8 posts. That's got to be some kind of record....
i've never stolen anything before except what i can get from behind a computer....lolz...
Because the next step is to arrest you for calling someone "they" don't like or...
Appriciated :}...
Found it, here you go: I...
Thanks :}...
Yes, somewhere on this site is a link to a very nice *.pdf file that a member did sometime...
Same here This problem started from last two days.. No use of tech support...Tired...
Hi - After two days of constant phone calls trying to troubleshoot my PAP2...
Is there a listing of all the *## features someplace? For example, *67 disables...
why exactly can't you just forward the port of the web server?...
I use a Motorola Voice Terminal VT1005v with a cable modem. It's been working fine...
According to the FCC's website , per-call blocking is mandatory, but per-line...
My local phone company (Cincinnati Bell) does allow per line blocking of outgoing...
Hi Vericute1 : is your problem resolved now ?...
I have already called techies at vonage 3 times. My router has been put in diagnosis...
you are not alone. I am with vonage for more than 1 yr now. I am also having the same...
OK - here's a possible scenario for you: Your broadband ISP decides that they...
Who gives a crap, anyway. If NSA wants to listen to my wife talk to her mother 800,000...
Summary: * New account opened and device order placed w/ overnight shipping....
Ha, then what if I'm stock market challenged and WOULD (Have) spend $1800 in a casino....
I ma facing the same problem since last 4-5 days and I got my Vonage just 3 weeks before....
If they can do sales tax by state they should be able to allow per-line blocking...
If you are "stock marked challenged" and if you wouldn't feel comfortable going...
If that's the case I would like to know which states. Telco's do it now it's known...
Kudos to Vonage for not releasing this information. Keep in mind that some...
Good for Vonage for taking a stand on this matter. There is a right way and a wrong...
Been wondering if this was going to pop up here. Glad to see the answer in the...
What usually helps is if you call from another phone line and leave yourself a message....
As VonageTPA above said, however, some states won't allow it....
That's exactly what I'm talking about. There are other VOIP companies that offer...
You're referring to something else, taylor. We're talking about privatizing...
Does any one has issues with vonage phone service in san jose area? Placing...
From the FAQ: How many shares of Vonage common stock can I purchase through the...
I just recently signed up with Vonage and have a problem that is reoccurring more...
Since I am "stock market challenged", can someone tell me if they put a minimum...
Why is it a scandal? and who would you go to anyway?...
I couldn't find today's digest in my inbox, but I did find it in my bulk mail folder....
You should check out today's Forum Digest in which we learn Vonage will not give...
I have checked the voice mail site for a waiting voice mail message (none) dialed...
I'm going to buy what I can and if the price goes up significantly (double or more)...
Happy Vonage customer here. Did Vonage hand over my phone records to the NSA...
I'm having the same fast busy condition. OR people calling me either get "All Circuits...
Why can't you use the same Vonage # on a SoftPhone? If you can activate two devices...
when WRTP54G is connected behind cisco 2811 IOS firewall it can browse the internet...
Or better yet, Vonage finally decides to activate privacy settings....Hmmmmm.....
How do I know if I am calling a chargeable number? Most of the calls I would make would...
1st - why would anyone do that? 2nd - unless Vonage has a bunch of people writing...
$10 fee seems fair to me. It would be a costly time consuming and administrative...
So if Red Hat can triple in one day going from $14 to close at $52. I'll be happy...
Here's a tip. If you have a phone into which you can program #'s, program each to...
Washington has done a pretty poor job of regulating technology. The net neutrality...
Hi, I wanted to post an update. The day I posted my original message, I...
I have a vonage and I unhooked my phone line from my local phone company and plugged...
Where do you see this? All I see about transferring to UBS is the following statement:...
Starcom is working on a scripting capability for access. As I understand it firmware...
Hello everyone - I am having problems with my fax line right now. I am trying to test...
Maybe a strange question on this forum, but I am leaving Vonage. Couldn't dial...
Instead of getting a RTP300, Vonage sent me a Motorola VT2442. I hooked it up and...
I am not sure if this has been posted before but is there a way to hook up a standard...
need a lot more information than that. that's like saying, my car won't start but...
cygnus, did you contact vonage (particularly the link on the left hand side here...
I agree that the $10 fee to do...pretty much anything at all is way out of line. it...
Thank you for the reply, Bernie. This is a transfer from an AT&T Internet Phone...
Go for it. If your morality allows you to do those things, then knock yourself out....
Great, see they aren't always bad... :lol: So a new firmware update. That...
Well, surprisingly, it went very well. Customer Service was very helpful and...
Thanks for the reply. No I dont think I have configured my AP to Block anything from...
I have a 512kbps internet connection and in the last 2 days i have not been able to...
Something bad will happen that concerns every website in the world even Vonage...
You wrote, I need this phone number for my business. Clients are asking what's...
vonae vonag Vintage Vondage Vontage I forgot a few :)...
Onage conage fonage vinage voage voange vonnage vonge vongae Saw those on...
lol at this guy, 1st of all i would probably not do this, 2nd...even if i did do it,...
Does anyone know how to set up the extended absence greeting on voicemail? According...
Thats very clear Steve, thanks for drawing it out for me. My equipment should be...
Just so everyone knows this is how you set uo QoS internally. This will prioritize...
Even if there's no actual "fee," Wi-Fi AP's are increasingly requiring a user...
Agreed, emailing those addresses cited above helped speed my phone number transfer...
Fair enough on the provisioning of the Wan port, however one should not have to...
well, eventually mine got switched, I'm not for sure how long it took because they've...
The VT2442 is installed and working fine. I am just annoyed that they sent me the...
My apologies... I did not post a reply with the outcome of this. I contacted Vonage...
I should have posted long ago, but it turned out, for me, that my phone number transfer...
When you turn on a Vonage provided WiFi phone, it will go to the Vonage config server...
are you mad? you sound mad.. don't be glad.. :bounce:...
maybe that 'do you yahoo..' YAHooooo-wuHooo?...
Yeah, we need some Xanax and beers. Sure. At least we PAY for our own connections....
I have a vague memory of reading here in the forum that it works that way for everyone....
Have you tried hooking up the VT2442? If they at least got it registered correctly,...
Your VoIP results are excellent and you don't mention any problems with placing...
March 9, 2006 Letter of Authorization (LOA) Received March 9, 2006 Transfer...
I'd imagine is related to the market. Many Canadian VOIP offerings I've seen,...
FWIW, my ISP made me register my modem's MAC as well. I remember this becasue they...
I've just got a new Vonage Wi-Fi F1000 phone in and when I switch it on, while my router...
Let's assume for the moment that you're not going to use "house wiring", i.e.,...
LOA March 9th, 2006 Escalated, April 9th, 2006 after Vonage said they could...
Well for starters my ISP requires you to register any non-owned cable company...

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