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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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>>>>did vonage replace your old land line? Yes, well, sorta....
it really depends on the quality of your internet connection. In my case, with...
I have a number port in progress from Verizon (ex GTE) to Vonage. Verizon has acknowledged...
did vonage replace your old land line? If so what is your overall experice...
So, did the Netgear lose Internet connectivity with a statically configured...
The netgear had already been updated with all of the latest firmware and is set...
Never mind......
Thanks Craig. That looks like something that might work for me. There is also...
Thank you for the feedback. The caller ID (CID) shows the phone number all...
I am again (for several days) receiving two copies of the forum digest. Both are...
I agree with Nate, there should be no reason why having an external switch would...
I have not yet signed up for Vonage. I would like to have a choice of several phone...
Has anyone tried They offer special pricing for those who moved to...
Am I able to use my softphone account with a different SIP program? If so... i am...
As far as i'm concerned, all the talk of Shaw messing with Vonage calls are nothing...
Doesn't a Vonage call disconnect after 4 hours? Maybe that's why no one is answering. -Craig...
HBB1 I have one, and it works as advertised. -Craig...
I recently read a post where the writer described a unit that plugs between the...
I'm a user in Virgina, using the Linksys RTP300 with a Microsoft wireless router...
The term "tip and ring" goes back to the old days of switchboard operators manually...
Yes, that is what I normally get, but sometimes I get the other "Private call" thing. Here...
OK, I figured it out, they left a message this time. It is just the last few numbers...
I work for a CLEC and I will say that we have had nothing but BS issues with Vonage....
President Bush trying to listen to your phone calls? :-)...
When someone calls my Vonage line from a mobile phone it usually says "Wireless...
Don't know if this is the same thing where you live, but here in NJ I get that a lot,...
I have had Vonage for about 5 months now. Everything works great. However, I have...
Hello, We have had vonage for several months now using the Linksys phone adapter...
Last night I got something that I've never seen before on Caller ID. The name was...
I misunderstood your first post. I would be willing to bet it was your firewall...
That is correct. I did also turn off firewall so I am not sure which change got them...
So the PAP2 (a wired device) refused to work unless you turned off wireless security...
That solved the problem!! Thanks, Jack...
If you do go the WRT54G route, make sure you get a WRT54GL, as it's the only WRT54G...
Well, that's a mystery, and no doubt. A switch is a switch is a switch, at least...
I've done this a few times in various parts of England, no problems encountered....
I don't think you can do it. Since Vonage does not list to services of that type,...
Any decent antivirus or spyware will do the job. Personally I like Panda Titanium...
Thanks for the info. But, I found that online white pages such as
I have read that it disables the Bandwidth Saver but I have not seen any mention...
Basically speaking, it turns off all enhanced features such as Caller ID, Call...
The prefix *99 is supposed to diable any bandwidth saver setting that is on that...
thanks for the quick reply, Does anything else cause problems with the switch?...
DallasFlier and NateHoy, Thanks for the advice. That is what I wound up doing...
Does anything else cause problems with the switch? Have you tried plugging...
Vonage does not list phone numbers in white pages. If you ported over an existing...
I've seen references to dialing *99 before the fax number but what does this do...
Well, personally in that case I would either buy my own wireless bridge or see which...
i just did and everything works fine...:? problem is i have a corded phone...
Hi, I am a current vonage customer. I have been getting many unsolicited phone...
There's does not block it, we talk with them on Skype many days each week for up to...
I will be in a Hilton but since I travel a lot it could be a Marriott or Westin or Hyatt....
Is a Vonage Fax number configured differently then the numbers that aren't called...
What I would do personally, and did, is use the hotels wireless ethernet bridge...
As was mentioned before, it should work for you. Some other things: Some...
jumped on board and installed Vonage Yesterday. I Have Linksys Wireless...
Just called it. The first time it took me through. I then hung up, and called again,...
The Short Answer: Upgrading to a PAP2 will not help your CallerID problem. The...
WONDERFUL! Thank you. My wife is from Poland and we have left a power converter...
The Dashboard only shows connected (anwered by you, vm or ans mach) calls, where...
It works over here - France Telecom service. Make sure you take a converter with...
I've been with Vonage since July 2005, no real regrets. It's been more reliable...
Should work fine. Your NetGear has a switch built-in already, so you are just going...
I'm trying to find information about using my 'home phone' in Europe. Everything...
Do you have any inside contacts of people who can aqctually get something done?...
heh, no kidding, but transferring it back to your local, traditional telco may...
are there known problems in splitting the internet between a PAP2 and a PC from...
I have had similar concerns and while my D10 receiver is connected to the Vonage...
I don't want to port it to SWB, I want to port it to Level 3....
Greetings. I have: Cable Modem (RCA) -> Router(WRT54G)->ATA(Motorola...
Is there a reference you can provide to what *99 does or why it causes a fax to work?...
that's kind of weird if vonage is saying that. personally I would make sure everything...
The problem doesn't seem to be who I'm porting it to. I'm porting it to Level 3 and...
brownizs is incorrect. both of those are vonage models. the WRT54GP2A-AT is at&t. the...
Hello, We are able to receive most incoming calls, however some of the local...
who are you trying to port it to? of course it really doesn't matter, just curious. anyway,...
I've been a Vonage customer since March 2005. After one week of service I dropped...
Yes, but please do not get me wrong about BBR/VoIP forum. It is a good forum, but...
batescr - All kidding aside, I've had Vonage since July 2005 and I've been...
One piece of advice, if you go the cordless phone route - get a base and handset package...
Nope (I've read most of that thread). I'm about 30 minutes west of Boston, MA. This...
I've actually been checking out the Networking forum on BBR, and if their VoIP...
I just dropped my landline a couple weeks ago and my vonage number was down for 8+...
DNS Proxy is disabled already....
this is somewhat of an interesting thread.. I am a new user of vonage. this...
The first step I'd try is to disable the DNS Proxy/Cache in the RTP300, because...
Can said individual give you any hints on what changed? ;) (chuckle). Yup....
Yes, the individual I'm on the phone with right now confirmed that the 0.62 firmware...
Can said individual give you any hints on what changed? ;)...
I got a feeling that I am going to have to give this number a call today....
Yes, the individual I'm on the phone with right now confirmed that the 0.62 firmware...
Download 13,160,280 bps Upload 1,804,136 bps QOS 97% RTT 18 ms MaxPause...
Okay I've been talking with tech support and they suspect that that the LAN ports...
HA HA HA HA HA!! (deep breath) HA HA HA HA!! OK, sorry, I wasn't laughing...
Three options that I can think of offhand: You can simply get a cordless phone...
do they not document the firmware?...
1.00.62? Uh oh. Sounds like a new firmware release for the RTP300/WRTP54G...
Mine just now updated to .62 when I forced a reboot....
I've got an RTP300, 1.00.62 firmware. (just updated when I reset the router a minute...
My pc is on the basement and I share a wireless network connection with the first...
If you go to the links I have sent, both are for Vonage. So I am confused over what...
That sounds really neat Jenny, I found this one works really well, MorphVOX:...
are there known problems in splitting the internet between a PAP2 and a PC from...
I did not hear back from Vonage today at all. Today was nuts in the shop and I had no...
If I recall correctly, the WRTP54GP2 is for AT&T CallVantage, and of course,...
i've tried this and the internet still drops... i've changed the pap2 to be...
Thank you for you help and the information! :)...
718, 212, 917, 646, and 347 are all local NYC area codes, and there are no extra charges...
Thanks for the replies. Steve48: I was unable to run testyourvoip earlier...
From the Vonage site at:
There is no zero between country code and the mobile number. Thanks for the reply....
Nevertheless, I'd try using an analog phone to see if that will fix the problem....
What happens if you plug the PAP2 directly into the router, and not into the switch....
Yarg. Sounds like you've tried about everything....
I think i heard somewhere before that if u cancel within one year, you get charged...
Yes there are a lot of 2.4 Ghz Technology in my house. I have a 2.4 Wireless Joystick,...
Kool - how did you get that number? I'm going to call him tomorrow. Hope that number...
I'm having trouble transferring a number AWAY from Vonage. The number was originally...
Just spoke with Optimum Online, and they claim that ping times to my modem are coming...
I signed with Vonage Oct. 22nd and am still waiting for Vonage and Bell South to...
yep, tried the dsl filter both ways...
i'm using a Sony IT-M602 phone without the power cord... so "technically" analog... could...
Hello, my problem is that everytime i hang up from a phone call using Vonage, my...
Currently going through similiar, unnecessary nonsense. Router/adapter went...
NP Steve, it's the least I can do....
Barry, I think you need to have a talk with your ISP. Those packet discards are there...
Your packet loss it terrible. I am not sure that it would prevent you from placing...
You say you have tried a phone filter. It's a DSL filter? Have you tried it turned...
Actually though your symptoms are similar to Barry's, the cause doesn't seem...
Central Florida- Orlando. Class of '70....
It's disturbing that you're unable to complete a test call at testyourvoip, given...
I checked around 545pm CDT calling my home phone with my cell and was finally able...
Steve - Here are the results after hard-wiring to the Netgear: MOS Analysis...
If you'd send some of it to central Florida, melted or unmelted, we'd appreciate...
Oops the correct models are: WRT54GP2 and WRTP54G
thanks for the reply. yes i did, i tested the machine on my land line and it sent...
There are two models of linksys wirless routers for vonage with 2 phone ports. WRT54GP2...
My Results Download 5,614,512 bps Upload 940,072 bps QOS 97% RTT 24 ms...
had the same problem with the GX2 router when plugged in to the router ports. I have...
That's great. We're glad it's working. Enjoy....
Are you sure that the machine itself isn't broken? If possible, it would be nice...
Download 1,768,104 bps Upload 342,384 bps QOS 85% RTT 82 ms MaxPause...
Hello Bran, welcome aboard. You've posted this in the hard wiring forum, and a...

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