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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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I've got one splitter on the line, but I don't think I am having any problems with...
According to the forum FAQ (look under member services) you need to upload the...
Bdee1, please run a test call to Boston at and post the detailed...
So you changed two things, the router and the adapter. After answering Reebok's...
So the problem isn't that CID isn't working at all, it's that sometimes a name accompanies...
Most people who post about this seem to think that the overseas support center...
Over at the Verizon porting thread a few people have mentioned that the porting...
I'm looking for a solution to call a list of numbers and then play a 30 sec. message...
No - this is not for a cell phone. You COULD forward your Vonage number to a cell phone...
At first I suspected that too, but after an hour, figured there was something else...
why did you post in someone else's thread? here at home I did some research at...
Dioes anyone know if I can use Vonage to transfer calls from the landline to my cell...
port forwarding isn't the problem. your choppy audio would be nonexistant audio...
Just curious... What will moving the PAP far away from the router do? How far...
heh, ok, well is one to try, though I'm guessing that was...
My dad and I are new customers. Aside from a less-than-desirable experience with...
So i called vonage. The first time the guy tried to change some settings, but it...
so for the last 2-3 days my calls on my vonage line have been getting randomly dropped....
I suspect the adapter was updating the firmware, when the LED's were flashing....
If you don't setup PF you won't know it's not the problem. Move the pap far away from...
I suspect that if you made a call when this test was done the call may have been ok....
Ok, First of all. How on earth do I upload a picture to this thing? I clicked on insert...
I had a feeling that it was the cable connection, but I figured I would check first....
tried that.... makes no difference. Its gotta be on vonage's end, because when...
I had a Dlink DI-634. I also had the old Cisco Phone Adapter that I got directly from...
steve: no i cant access the router admin page, nor can i access the net. and i tried...
If AOL in the UK is anything like AOL in the USA, then the answer is no, you can not...
Hello I am traveling to visit my parents in India for 2 wks. My faterh as a broadband...
Here is the test results from I use a standard cable line that...
the top post says this: Sticky: What to post when having technical trouble with...
Connect the computer>modem rerun testyourvoip and post. Discards too high...
Good afternoon. I just upgraded and installed a new router in my home. It is a Netgear...
I recently changed from BT to AOL and now my vonage Linksys PAP wont work. Is there...
I've been on vonage for over a year and never experienced this issue, that is until...
basically your connection isn't good at all. try getting your provider to check...
Well, I bit the bullet and signed up for Vonage. Ordered the Linksys RT31P2 router....
It really depends... when I've called, I either get an American or an overseas...
1) Reset then completely unplug everything including the modem. 2) Now power...
What country are you calling when you call support? I had a caller ID issue with...
Following the suggested outline from the sticky: 1. Atlanta, GA 2. Apartment...
for troubleshooting purposes I would hook the caller id phone directly to the...
its the RTP300, with firmware v 1.00.60 . I didnt change anything b4 it started...
You're right, I didn't see that the phone was a 5.8 GHz. My bad....
that would be your router. there's a reason pingplotter has an option to ignore...
what's the other half? a wireless network? it really makes no difference unless...
I am using ping plotter to try and track down why I am having choppy audio on my calls...
Well, that answers half of the question then....
If you can believe these forums, apparently ACR is in beta testing (no word on how...
So…are we going to get anonymous call blocking ... yeah I hope so too ......
I, too, have sent faxes with the 'regular' line. I believe a Vonage FAX line is just...
Thanks Steve....
Vonage pushes firmware updates to it automatically....
I think you need to call Sprint and talk to them about this. If that doesn't get you...
You say you can't connect to the internet, but can you connect to the router's administration...
I think you've hit the nail on the head with respect to Vonage. Until Vonage decides...
All This maybe a stupid question and may have been answered before but here goes...
No, you can send fax's on the regular Vonage line. I don't know why yours didn't...
I had Sprint for local MCI for LD. Both accounts are closed. My number ported five...
You could use an IP phone with the optional softphone service (extra cost, limited...
I am unable to answer that question. I would suggest that you call the business...
Just came back from testing centre after passing my CCNA exams . It was walk in the...
according to him he's using the vtech ip8100.
am having problems with my voice to called party being garbled,my end of conversations...
router model is RT31P2 sorry for all the replies..heh.....
oh yeah and the phone light flicked on for one second and then stayed off......
it said: auto config ip: and it didnt work when i tried that...
it's the latest...
what device, what firmware, home wiring or not, did you change anything right...
Hi, I just signed up for a Vonage account, the guy that took my order said that...
So ive only had vonage for about a month.... but im starting to have intermittant...
It is probably also a good idea to make sure your internet connection is up to VOIP...
Spaz... you wouldn't by any chance be using a wireless internet and a wireless...
That sounds truly bizarre if it previously worked and now doesn't. You're absolutely...
If you received the device from Vonage the MAC address is already in their database,...
Thanks... I figured you could do something like that, suprised the topic isn't...
Folks, is it absolutely necessary to register the MAC address? Just received...
I have not noticed this happening to me on regular phone calls, EXCEPT while talking...
I am certain these are QOS issues, not really affected by speed adjustments at...
The past week I have been unable to connect to the router. It worked a few times,...
Are you having any issues with your broadbrand? Those "Failed to acquire QAM/QPSK...
I agree with a-dhold, but you should keep in mind the re-sale value of your home....
No problems porting a number... Just make sure that after the port is complete...
Yes it will count against your 500 to your cell phone, not to your Vonage line. Yes...
No correlation between how long it takes. sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes 30. When...
April 1, 12.01 am...
I have vonage and my girlfriend needs to send a 1-2 page fax every week, thats the...
This is not exactly how it works. The network only transmits the calling number....
3/28/06 11:57AM...
I have heard that if your Vonage number is one that you ported to Vonage you should...
You can always port your number to Vonage later. Just sign up and tell Vonage that...
Thanks, for the reply Steve. It's funny you mention it, but I have noticed that...
If you test right after completing a call that degraded, do you get similar results?...
Apparently they did, at least according to what our property manager was told....
You're in a difficult spot because you can't point to any problem except with a...
A buddy of mine mentioned that using the wireless phone jacks MAY still carry some...
I have been running Vonage for several months now. I call the Ukraine often and...
I really don't know how you think outgoing number ID would be accomplished. Your...
I've also signed up for Vonage with the intent of porting my landline number in...
Hi I'm looking for some suggestions as to what to tell my ISP (Comcast) to get them...
Also please post the details listed in the sticky post at the top of the forum. I'm...
Run the standard VoIP test at and post the detailed results...
Yes. No, Vonage...
Did they replace the panel they said they would? Or do they think the cost outways...
I'm interested in switching to Vonage and moving my number, but I'd like to try...
I decided to check out my Motorola SB5100 to see what it was up to. The logs are filled...
Well, Comcast has a serious problem on their hands, and the idiots don't even know...
I've been experiencing the same exact problem with the calls going blank. In addition,...
This situation is pitiful and no one would want to trade places with the real victim....
Is anybody successfully using their Softphone with a PAP2-NA?...
Who knows... May have been ported anyway, but at the time most ports were taking...
ya that fire thing is kinda scary. It hits home for me because i live in the same town,...
Is 1.30.01 the latest firmware that Vonage is using, or has anybody something...

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