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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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How do you physically have the RTP300 connected to the BEFSR81? Your speed should...
The Hawking and Streamengine in general, only manages upstream packets, which...
I have Vonage at the office. My connection is thru 2 routers: Cable Modem >...
There seems to be an issue with signup over the web for some folks. Seems to die right...
It sounds like you have adequate bandwidth and little expected load (although...
Do the Hawking or Dlink units assume some sort of ISP support for packet prioritization,...
This is going to be a really simple system- 2-3 voice lines and a fax line, and there...
will try this thanks...
I have a RTP300 and did the home wiring. When I recieve an incoming call, my caller...
I am not sure what you are saying. You have your modem connected to the wireless...
well I have the router recognizing the ethernet connection but it isnt recognizing...
Is there anything available that compares the features of the different Vonage...
The points NateHoy makes about needing to ensure adequate bandwidth and to have...
I'm finding it awfully difficult to cancel. Does anyone have a fax number for Vonage...
After I set up the Vonage router, I was unable to make any calls. I could get a dial...
I was afraid you would say that (only because I have an RTP300, so I could have told...
I have been trying and trying to set up some family members through the referral...
You can go with Norriton's recommendation for now (since we are both recommending...
the wireless G router Linksys...
If you are looking at three phone lines plus a bunch of computers, you probably...
Which device is the first router?...
I had seen it under my control panel also a dumb question how do i know what a lan...
How do you determine if the first has a dhcp enabled?...
So, currently you just have the single computer connected to the cable/DSL modem? If...
D'OH! Very true. I'm used to all things Internet being measured in bits (upload/download...
I don't have a router, as I only have one computer in the office. Would it work if...
I haven't seen that Vonage offers any adapters with more than three ports. So having...
DHCP is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is a protocol to allow for the...
I wish I knew what DHCP meant how do you reconfigure the first router to DHCp enabled?...
So how do you have the second router set to connect to the internet ... DHCP, PPPoE?...
I have the one router hooked up directly into the modem the other one will have...
I thought 90k meant 90k Bits per second - not bytes. Most download caps are in bytes,...
Thanks for that idea... I havent gotten my old line ported to the vonage yet fully...
You'll need two routers because each router only supports 2 lines. You should...
It is probably just that, it hasn't been a big enough problem to warrant the tracking...
You certainly don't need two modems. You didn't say which router is connected...
I'm glad the India CS worked for you guys, for it did not! Well despite the fact...
That is what Cox used to do... the policy said they had limits but did not specify...
Are you looking for Caller ID on a cordless phone? I have see the house wiring...
Just recieved the new router today and it is not picking up the internet connection...
I want to be able to add notes to each voicemail message in my inbox. A single line...
Well despite the fact that I've signed up in January, and that I've already been...
I like the Speed Test that is on this site as well as:
Something wrong with this Speed Test ?...
I'm getting this message more and more, it used to just be in Quebec, now it is in...
For starters, I'd do a test and see if the test works on the...
this may also be accomplished by utilizing the Rules Wizard in Outlook. Forward...
Is it possible to port a Bell Canada number that's been with my family in Canada...
I made my first international call with my Vonage phone last week to Eastern Europe. Unfortunatel...
I upgraded my firmware turned the firewall back on and the chop issue is fixed. Firmware...
We lost our Mexico City Vonage service sometime over the past week. I'm looking...
Hi all, I am currently a Lingo customer. Since installing a Comcast combined...
I too have the Lexmark 6170. I do not seem to have trouble with an incoming fax just...
Never mind. I figured it out. I have 1.00.60....
How exactly do you connect to the voip router? I've never been able to do that. I...
OK, guess they are reserving the right to set limits in the future. My bad. ;) Odd...
Here are a couple sites that you can try. and
Thankfully, TWC doesn't have fixed limits. On the downside, there upload speeds...
TPA, Based on your observation I went through my entire interior wiring....
I'll half to look into that. I have never gone to a place to test upload speeds although...
This is a throw away post....
I have two base units from this phone series (one single-line, one 2-line) and...
I, too, suspected it was the bandwidth shot causing the problem - my old eyes are...
I have the identical problem you do, but it happens infrequently. My downstream...
...I hope you'll follow up and post re these folks' experiences with ... Sorry,...
Good afternoon - My boss travels from the Bahamas and New Jersey. He wants a phone...
Sorry - from TWC's web site: 6. Special Provisions Regarding HSD Service (a)...
I'm using two routers in our house; one for wireless access, the other for just...
Thankfully, TWC doesn't have fixed limits. On the downside, there upload speeds...
I would agree. I am just hoping someone here might have some real live experience...
I think since you have to register the handsets with a specific base unit you should...
It's probably a combination of your screen resolution and the bandwidth screenshots...
I am having a problem my my number showing up on others caller id. I call my friends...
My cable internet provider has limits on upload and download bandwidth usage....
Starting with page 24 of this thread, I am unable to view the full width of the post...
Interesting, if stupid, attempt at viral marketing. Next time I want to spray...
After reading through all the posts here about how the borther MFC5440 did not...
Yes! If you have a number I could call and speak to an engineer that would be great. So...
Indeed, you may want to run a speed test from as well to make sure...
I currently have a Uniden TRU-8866 2-line cordless phone setup with several extra...
Just curious, who is your ISP? I haven't heard of any US ISPs (wireline at least)...
I thank you all who answered my questions. Seems to me, that only reliable phone...
Hi- I am planning to set up a VoIP phone system to replace my business's old...
Vonage has three quality settings, 30k, 50k, and 90k. I'll assume your transfer...
From reading all the postings, I put in a complaint to both the FCC and PUC of maryland....
Hi, With VOIP, your upload speed is far more important than your download...
Well the firmware seems to work all right, the only thing I've noticed is that the...
I can believe that some of these are probably Vonage's fault, but I don't believe...
Disconnect power, see the little recessed button on the back, on the right side...
As a NOC technician with another telecommunications company I have found that...
I still have my old number it hasnt been disconnected as of yet... soeveryone calles...
Thanks for the defense EzCo. You are right on. I was inquiring about any issues...
Here's the situation: I was playing around with my LAN configuration, seeing...
Like I said before it would really be almost impossible to tell how much you will...
check out these crazy painter videos compairing the duckbill mask to the competition...
No, not confused. My service has a 100 GB/mos data transfer limit. I know...
Just be sure to NOT take "no" for an answer! I've suggested this same route to several...
it will depend on what you have it set at with the bandwidth saver. if you have it...
yes it would. The reason why you have to have the internet is because data is sent...
Yes, it will unfortunately....
I signed up with Vonage in early January... service/quality was outstanding...
Well the questions in the subject line. Just wondering if sitting on the phone...
Yah. Me, too!...
Definitely post how you make out. I'm in SE PA and am in the same boat. With my luck...
Good answers guys but I didn't catch one about it being part of your private network....
It was really terse, it was the guy's third post to the forum and the first response...
Even as a secondary line, get your internet connection working well before you...
There's plenty of companies using Cisco ATA-186's, using SIP, and using some...
I have Cox here in Oklahoma and it's work great since the day I've got Vonage on it....
Call technical support. :-D...
ahh, it is kind of against the Forum Rules . :)...
.... Do you know of anyone who's tried Optimum Voice or any independent source...
You indicated that some of the jacks have lines running right to the junction box....
This one is weird. When I log into my Linksys router and go to the status page. The...
And to answer the question you didn't ask- I wouldn't recommend Vonage or any other...
That is strange. I'd start a dialog with my ISP, and aim at trying to get that modem...
Nope, no activation fee if you purchase your adapter from a store. Enjoy! :-D...
I tried your suggestion to "Put a splitter on the output of the Vonage adapter and...
That sounds odd to me. My voicemail worked right away- long before my number finished...
no internet, no voip. voice over ip requires just that, a working ip. this becomes...
I don't know of any special tools to address the problem. Once you have noise on...
that response wasn't uptight, and in fact it's the gold standard to find out how...
Thanks for your reply. There are 5 phone jacks in the house and it appears that some...
Now I understand my half-duplex problem. Thanks for the info jml...
Sounds like you have already bypassed the DHCP proxy by manually specifying DNS...
ah, yeah, that is exactly how I read it: The deal is: you pay Shaw an extra $10...
UPDATE: so I called CS and got through with less than a 5 min wait. The person, obviously...
Thanks for the information. Your write-up is very good and helpful. I am actually...
On the suggestion of a forum reader who replied, and from some other forum suggestions...
Some of the skeptics will assume that this means that VOIP packets will be placed...
I have a relative that just signed on to OptimumVoice. Just happened this week,...
I use Earthlink Cable Internet 5 Mbps/384 kbps (real 4600/340) over Time Warner...

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