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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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I believe when they expand to other areas, then customers will not need a US billing...
I had the same problem again tonight, and managed to record what I could hear. See...
Geez, relax. This is a discussion forum, he can ask a general question to get feedback...
Same here. I'm in No VA and have been running Vonage since June 05 with no problems....
I am having the exact same problem. My provider is Namesco. The Indian tech support...
That's exactly why that config is a hack :lol:. I really don't know why folks love...
I'm not sure where you got the fortune 100 information, but using a company built...
LMAO!! NO WAY!! :lol: I get TONS of those types of junk mail letters every day and...
Since about 19:00 or earlier tonight (it's now 21:50) my outgoing Vonage has had...
I see 09*** numbers will be soon available: On my dashboard service news it...
If you are a Shaw ISP customer, you might want to read this: The deal is: you...
I am glad to hear that you were able to get your number ported. I thought about going...
according to local area connection properties - tcp/ip properties, those numbers...
If the PC already has the DNS numbers directly, then the setting would have no effect....
have disabled "block anonymous internet requests" so i should remove the...
I have been using Vonage with Cox in Fairfax County VA since Dec 23 and I have been...
I'll stop now. I've seen that image enough for one lifetime, thank you. But...
Last time we had this "lights conversation", cheerleaders appeared....
Isn't Vonage somewhat of a closed network? Meaning that SPIT (VOIP spam) wouldn't...
Nice idea to start monitoring, I have done the same now from both sites where I have...
I think there is a dedicated menu option for 911/E911 issues at Vonage customer...
Maybe with a little bit of hacking, you might find a way to get the RTP300 to run Comcast's...
Hi, I live in Delray Beach, FL. My wife just tested our 911 service and turns...
If: the plug fits, and the OUTPUT DC voltage is the same, and the POLARITY...
No problem, jbkalla. I don't mind you hijacking my post. :-D...
I've read in this topic that the lingering stutter tone issue was supposed to be...
Vonage has a true business division (rather than their Small Business division)...
You shouldn't have to do this.... see if you can squeak out a new cable modem from...
I assume your WRT54G2 is a WRT54G V2?... No problem. Same rules apply....
Would you happen to recall the detals? I've been trying to get this to work without...
Ok, I have a vonage linksys wireless router purchased in the US. I also have a linksys...
Anybody knows do I need to pay for activation fee or not if I buy phone adapter from...
Thank you for the information, bobbcat....
My bad, it's a WRT54G S . Went back and fixed original post, sorry....
Hmm. Dunno what to tell you on that one. Sounds like you have a router that's desperately...
Careful, blue is taxiway lights. White is runway. So if you have a couple of those...
Set both Vonage account and router to Mountain time, let the router reboot, and...
Hey NateHoy... LOL. You should see how lit up my office is on my loft with all...
Not sure if this helps, my Firmware Version is 1.30.01. I was also looking for an...
If you're going to just scrap it, I'd love to have an RTP300 to hack at and potentially...
LOL.... you never know, eh....
As far as I know, the Vonage devices all re-sync with the server every time they...
Thanks, I'll give that a shot. Any idea how long it takes for the changes to take...
Well, you COULD just set a different time zone to offset the difference. ;) That...
Was hoping that was it. No dice. Set to Central time zone on both Vonage account...
If it's an hour off, I'd suspect a bad time zone setting. Check your account on Vonage...
Hang onto it for when Comcast's service flakes out....
I do believe you can call your Vonage device directly (been awhile since I've tried)...
Same exact problem here. Since starting w/ Vonage, always an hour ahead. If anyone...
I assume your WRT54G2 is a WRT54G V2? If so, I'd put that up front, then use its...
Well...I've hung in there for just over a year and have had problems continually....
I've tried the off-shore support, it's less than great, so I'm hoping to get some...
read and reply with the info from the top post "what to post when..."...
I have had Vonage since October and it has largely been fine. However, this past...
Strictly speaking, if you read the Vonage Terms of Service, you're not allowed...
I will be getting service soon and wanted to make sure there were no issues with...
Unless I find out otherwise I will likely do this. Although I'll run my switch through...
np, sorry it may not work out for you, but I'm not sure if I would want my business...
hard wire the adapter and plug the phone cord from the adapter into the wall after...
Thanks for your help!!...
Eeek. I can't even call up and order with a live person and say "come on man, hook...
I will be getting a new account soon and I have to ask, given unlimited funds and...
...both with the first hop timing out. I don't use a Linksys router though....
1. no 2. no 3. maybe but you'll have to give more details than that. it's a fine...
What is this picture measuring, and where can I get the app that makes it? It looks...
Now you tell me. I just returned my configuration to an approximation of the way...
Howdy, I've been looking at getting vonage for my business. There are no number...
Does this mean that you would be able to call a Vonage number for free from a SIP service...
Yeah I had it set up that way. That is how I found these forum's. I posted on that tread....
In case it hasn't been mentioned yet, you have to get QoS tuned before it will work...
Yes I did signup online and I am in the UK. When you now signup you are given the...
Just noticed your post. Interesting that you're experiencing problems like...
Try Disable....
I will try that when I get home later today. I do not use any P2P applications....
Start by disabling the DNS proxy in the router: Also,...
I've had my wi-fi phone for a couple of days now...I am very impressed. Call...
Have had Vonage for a few months now and have been experiencing this problem right...
actually, your local PC is already doing its own DNS. If it was using a proxy, it...
Try putting the web server in the DMZ of the RTP300. You can also try option...
Well I managed to cancel Vonage service pretty painlessly (or as painlessly as...
Mac spoofing is ok except everytime you ever call vonage they have you reset your...
I'll let you know tomorrow. DHL is scheduled to deliver my equipment on 3/8/06....
Thanks for all your responses. I bought the router at Best Buy, so I only needed...
hi nate... i do not find "DNS Proxy" inside my rt31p2.... here is what i have and...
sorry for the CAPS switched on thx for your reply navydavy When i log in it shows...
wow...i have always been at the $52 rate for almost 2 years now....just internet....
Which will always happen if you are using a Linksys router, as they are not pingable....
Just ran a ping test from home on the Comcast line: 744 packets sent - 743 Received...
Merlin, You should be able to get into the Linksys RTP300 by hitting the
Well that did not solve it but I called Vonage and got through and I got a response...
Make sure your access point is set for a dynamic IP address (issued by yoru RPT300.) It...
Yes TPA - Firewall is not active. I can type in the static IP and get the webpage...
Been there, done that, at least twice. Since my cable provider is not responsible...
Do you have your firewall disabled on the web serving computer?...
Well, I received my rtp300 today :) but vm still doesnt work :cry: I will try...
Well I did not want to make this post to complex, but I do have a WRT54GS in front of...
If you're seeing any sort of static at all on you TV sets and are using a cable internet...
1.00.60 is the latest. If you're going to be putting the kind of load on it to...
OK... I really feel silly asking this question, but I have been banging my head...
Many laptops only have half-duplex sound cards on them. I'm seeing some of the...
The only time I've ever had a problem like this was a few weeks back when Sprint screwed...
That used to happen to me on the 1.00.58 firmware version. I haven't had the problem...
I find the NY Times headline amusing: Wall St. Cheers Phone Deal; AT&T to...
I'm having issues with dropped calls when checking my voicemail. I dial *123 to...
We have several Vonage lines for San Antonio. One in our San Antonio office and...
I also had a chance to waste 2 hours explaining that i had already done the basics...
Have called and been routed by the operator 3 times to billing. After being put...
I was using a headset with a microphone attached to the headset. However, it is...
Fixed :)...
I've been pouring through this site for the past couple of days to try to resolve...
6 Meg down and 384 up - no problems with bandwidth. And I'm very happy with the quality...
Are there any birghtpoint dealers around selling vonage? I would like to discuss...
Leave the BEFSR41 out of the config for now, so all of your clients go straight to...
I'll admit that it's usually one of my last. I usually use industrial-grade equipment,...
Yet another trash & run post... I highly doubt we'll ever see the original...
You can try the old standby of disabling voice mail, waiting for a bit, and then...
Vonage hold times vary with customer influx. Vonage seems to be making an effort...
It's pretty nearly always the first action of choice....
It should be active very soon after you sign up. You should not have to wait until...
B-Y = yellow black - I am working with the old-fashioned, 4-wire. Sounds like...
Right. As far as the line still being (semi) active, in some places the phone companies...
I'm not sure what you mean by the B-Y pair. In old fashioned phone cable the pairs...
I tried the setup you listed as #3. It worked, but drove me nuts that you had to loop...
Okay.. The first results below are without router and the PC direct connected...
Just curious, what type of internet connection do you have? Do you have enough...

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