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Vonage UK
How do you call 999
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Vonage UK
How do you call 999
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Ethernet Cable; Wiring schematic? 568-B?
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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

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Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Will do....
Good luck and keep me posted....
I have no idea, but I'd really like to see them concentrate on things here in the...
Hightstown, NJ Comcast 6000/384 Cable Modem: RCA DCM425 Modem->RT31P2->PC...
Heh, I started this process on the 18th of flipping my virtual number to my primary...
my husband bought me a tivo for christmas without realizing that it may not work...
Also, I sure wouldn't mind if someone with a different router would help me test...
Are you saying your cable modem only reboots while you're on a call? Any other time...
I'm actually using Ethereal and they're displaying as SIP packets on port 10000....
Sounds like your POTS line is bad or your just too far from the central office. I'm...
Hi. I have everything up and running ok. Even wireless connections.. However.....
I was wondering if Vonage would consider offering a service whereby you can enter...
I'm having problems faxing over my vonage line from Israel using my computer....
I have considered installing that IE beta but dont really feel like reinstalling...
Obviously not to bash anybody.,, but that is funny! :-D :-D...
Not directed at any one member, but let's get this back on topic please. Personal...
Just remember your ancestors were immigrants to this country. "Talk about your...
Apology accepted but remember to stick to the topics and never bring nationality...
Anyone has any idea when Vonage may start offering virtual phone numbers in Australia...
You dolt, that was my point exactly. How do you know I'm not one of the brown people...
I've seen some discussion about the possibility of this, but I'm not sure if the...
I've never heard of such a device, and I have no idea how they'd work, but I'm going...
do you think i should buy one of those VOIP Booster to put it between my cable modem...
How were you able to set this up? I tried on-line and it said the phone number could...
Hello, I've read thru the forums the past couple of days, and I think I understand...
[quote="ColdGin"]limiited growth opportunities and brown people all around...
a rude New Jersey accent?! there's no such thing! hahaaa....
That's exactly what I was thinking. My friend purchased the equipment outright,...
My friend sent me a link to sign up. I also wanted more info about a virtual #, or softphone...
I used to have that problem back in some of the older firmware releases, but for...
I can see how transferring the service to another party would be bad and violate...
I have an issue where if I'm on a call, receive a call-waiting call, switch over...
I love a good joke, and especially at my expense because it means that no one is likely...
There are a lot of messages here from people having problems with Vonage which...
Someone show her the terms of service where it says you can't transfer service......
I see you are a fan of intended humor.. It's refreshing :-D I received a response...
Well, bad news, the connection went down again. My dsl's modem DSL light blinks...
"that" means, some people can't stand to work with a bunch of people of color (Black,...
By doddering old retiree, I mean someone that is going to fracture a bone by bending...
By doddering old retiree, I mean someone that is going to fracture a bone by bending...
I have referred several people, so I had a hunded something dollar balance on my...
Especially not YOUR heart surgeon on call, eh? ;)...
It could be (just a theory) that he is using a VoIP soluion calling card or something,...
Two words: curly fries no pun... pure goodness.... Unplug the phone...
Thanks, he's using aapt as his caryer with a landline. The quality reminds me...
We are having the same problem - dropped outgoing voice. I can here the other people,...
You get what you pay for. For me, $14.99 per month is very much worth an occasional...
I've had Vonage for 3 years. A friend of mine decided to try Vonage. She bought...
You can make a virtual number a main DID if you want. The virtual number will be assigned...
Up and running again @ 1:15pm...
Is it a sign of a "Type A" person to take a generic comment and assume it is directed...
Yes, you should be able to disconnect the phone line from the outside and just use...
Are there any special considerations when connecting to a FIOS fiber optic broadband...
Is it possible those tones are the call waiting notification? We never had call...
Hey Cold Gin, I'm one of those doddering old retiree's your talking about! I...
Voicemail Service in MI is down as of 12:04pm Jan. 23, 2006...
Hello I'm pretty technical, I've done some searching through the forums, read...
You get what you pay for. For me, $14.99 per month is very much worth an occasional...
bigportland - Is your buddy in Oz using a regular landline? If so, is he...
Thanks guys! Can a virtual number be converted to a real line later on? As I...
I've searched but have been unable to find an answer to this question. If I...
I'm in greensboro North Carolina using road runner as well. I notice it's only...
Indeed. Virtual and Toll Free numbers are kind of like aliases, or shortcuts to...
Mine locked up every 24 hours, but that was mostly because I use BitTorrent as well...
"And, more importantly, my wife has not noticed." I hear ya! My existence...
I agree, but on the other hand, it's very hard to investigate voicemail problems...
Well said! =D> I couldn't agree with you more. Also, I have had Vonage for...
"Go out and get yourself a regular Linksys wireless router, such as the WRT54G,...
I just wish more people would truly investigate before making the leap to see if...
Better get used to VoIP, as the phone cos are already using it. If you sign up for...
If I can't figure out why it is locking up every 72 hours, it will have to go. I'm just...
Industry analysts believe that in five years, even your telephone company's...
I've had lengthy conversations to Australia on my Vonage line without incident...
You don't need to replace your WRTP54G as a Vonage adapter. Bereft of the responsibility...
YOU SHOULD NOT PAY at the end of the day its not your fault it is sky there contract...
I have been patient and I have been understanding but now when it comes time to resolve...
For those of you using the DSL filter on your HR10-250 tivo, where do you have it...
joker9989, if I were you, I'd ask for a credit on all your outgoing calls listing...
I had this problem early last week and again now. When my brother calls me from orange...
it's my understanding that virtual numbers do nothing more than ring your primary...
I'm getting ready to switch my Telco number to my Vonage service. I will be making...
From my billing tab in my Dashboard I can request to change my phone number. I did...
yeah I misunderstood that original post. obviously I thought it was the stutter...
I'm having a similar problem with a little different twist. Equipment is:...
Thanks for the info guys. It should be ported over today some time. After I know...
After using Vonage for several months, I am going back to BellSouth. The reliability,...
I would assume tha option 1 should be possible as Vonage has this in their FAQ:...
Thanks miket603 for that lengthy answer! I will contact Vonage and inquire about...
Thanks Steve48! I figured out that I plugged one of the ethernet cables incorrectly...
January 8, 2006 Awaiting Letter of Authorization January 9, 2006 Letter...
Option 1: I don't think that you can port your Bell number to be a virtual number....
or if they hang up on you because they say there is no supervisor available....
I unscrewed the only wires in the box and then unplugged the jack in the box (no pun...
Well I set up a DMZ and QoS priorty which I did not see as options before in Linksys,...
Would be a great feature to have some type of error report for a router or adapter...
virtual number is deleted after a week from the day the lnp was completed... you...
all you have to do is contact comcast and start the LNP on their end...vonage will...
Well I got off the phone with Vonage recently, and they promised to call me back...
The same thing happened to me. I kept trying. I tried to go into CMD (DOS...
After I read your reply dconner I did a little research on it and yes you are correct. NOTE:...
Clearly, you should have the same number of cables as before. The modem should...
I wouldn't expect it to. That's a static address that lets it talk to your router,...
I'll give them a call and see if they can sort it out. Thanks...
I have a huge dilemma everyone. Hope someone can help me. :( Currently, my...
I'd tell them exactly what you're doing. Quote the test results to them, pointing...
I could be wrong and I welcome anyone to correct me if I am, but I am fairly certain...
That could definitely be an issue. Do a forum search on the topic, paying particular...
I agree, that feature should already be setup, it shows the number already online...
Hi, as most other people here, alot of people I know do not answer phone numbers...
Thanks for your reply I agree with you for the most part. It is also my opinion...
I'm using Firefox browser. Can't seem to get my Internet Explorer uninstalled. I'm...
The PAP2 never worked plug and play. So I followed the Vonage instructions to set...
as long as you disable the firewall and dmz....
What should I tell my ISP then when I call them? Kevin...
Thanks a lot for your reply. But heating might not bean issue, because I donot use...
I'd say you have an issue with your ISP. (That includes your modem and the cable...
Like many others I presume I signed up for Vonage to try it out and requested a new...
I suspect that your routetrs firewall is the cause of your problem. Disable your...
This is just my cable modem hooked directly into my computer. MOS Analysis...
QoS in the WRTP54G automatically gives top priority to the Voice ports, when it...
I'm not sure that I understand. Since the PAP2 is not a router, you can't use it as...
Just call into Customer Service and explain the situation, they will be understanding...
The fact that connecting directly to the modem solves your connectivity problem,...
That being the case, the only suggestion I can make is that you try to find a friend...
What it means to me is that you'll have to give the rebate back if you don't stick...
You're getting a very large number of packet discards and losses, which tends...
I was told the same thingabout my equipment transfer. I have worked in CS and this...
Hello, newbie here. just got vonage with Linksys WRTP54G vonage built in...
Hello folks. Having problems where I will be on a call and it will go dead from a few...
I wish I could make my CID wrong for this one call, to someone who wont' answer cuz...
it's free :) no LD b/t Can and the US on any Vonage plan from Can or the US.. :)...
Nope. There are no other fees or charges related to calling Canada....

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