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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Sorry for the looong delay to answer. The phone is the CyberphoneK. It can...
That's kewl with me. I'll admit, my frustration may have shown a bit, but I have...
've been using Nextalarm for almost a year and have been happy with the service....
I ate the chip, it was a pringle. Just trying to lighten up the situation :D...
Sorry you took it as bashing. It was not. I'm simply voicing my opinion that Vonage...
I have re-cycled the whole system many times, but did it again, just in case. :?...
YOu described it as "Funky" did it smell bad? Yeah yeah I know it's a bad joke....
No. Opinions are one thing. Attacking is another. SOmetimes the ticket is...
You keep referring to this "not being a Vonage bashing forum". No one said...
Serisoully though all these linksys's are toys compared to the real thing. If...
Until Linksys crippled it, the WRT54G was probablly the best inexpensive wireless...
We just moved and are having lots of issues. Also the hold times are long beause...
He probably didn't bother to send it as you got it remotely....
yeah I was suprised at the downgrade of the firmware myself. But I didn't do it,...
It's harder then you think. and other issues arrrive during the day that are more...
The bucs suck about as much as asterisk. Between the game on the screen and this...
Remeber: The overseas support are told to say I understand. Basic customer...
How hard could it be indeed? I agree, a simple announcement posted in Dashboard...
Wise words Trinijoy......
Nver get the WRT54G the Processor that Linksys makes for the box is very weak and...
The WRT54G's in the store have OLD firmware versions on them. You will have to immediately...
Make sure if there are any firewalls in the routers they are disabled. And yes the...
If there is a firewall in the WRT54G diable it. Is this the X2? or x4? These have firewalls...
Really? I guess we'll see? :-D...
Again this is NOT a Vonage bashing forum. Prasise it as you like but you are people...
The White noise issues is a problem with the .58 firmware. The temp fix now is to...
You're replying to a thread that's been inactive for 9 months or more. You might...
I think it is the other way around. I have talked to several people that have had...
Start by posting the information listed here. You say if you plug "the cable" into...
First off, have you tried re-cycling the whole system? If not, shut everything...
I have had great experience with customer service. I have also read other posts...
I have no personal experience with wireless, but the WRTP54G has gotten some fairly...
Poor service is becoming the "norm" with Vonage!!...
The ringing sound that you hear when you make a call is always a "fake ring". You...
Omri, I have had the same problems and Vonage tech support was unable to remedy...
Prior Poster stated Problem #3 was: "and for the router's last and most interesting...
Paul, I'll try at a few of these. No expert here so others please chime in. Vonage...
You say that you have two Vonage lines, and one works with the security system and...
I've had the same thing since September, I'm moving to Time Warner Digital phone...
I've had vonage since April 05 and have been suffering through the same issue....
Hello, I have setup asterisk at home to work fine with other providers, and...
I can understand thr frustration of the customer service number! I have had extremely...
I'm defintly having problems somewere along the line. I set up the dnydns...and...
OK, PAP2 has a 5v 2A ac... would this be compatible with the Set up of ATA power sharing,...
With the help from one of my friends we came up with this - it uses altq to ensure that...
I called tech support about this. After being on hold 20 minutes they hung up on...
[font=Comic Sans MS:cd1bb57e13] I've had my Vonage router for about a week. So...
The Vonage router is RTP300 - no version is on the label. I suppose the next...
Like I said I know the SIP port for the rt31p2 is 5061...i dont know about other adapters....
Hi, I need help. I signed on to Vonage on Dec 11, 2005. I have not had a chance to use...
So you called 4 times in 18 minutes. Excessive if you ask me. And yes, I do realize...
the only advise i can offer would be the best place to BUY the pap2 which i found to...
See, now theres another pefect example of someone just plain not paying attention....
Odd enough, I thought you did leave Vonage back on the 29th of December. Hmmmm... I...
Thanks for the info! I got family in Israel and Australia and would be sweet if this...
You may want to search on ebay for some good deals. I know I just sent my VT1005 to...
Thanks for the reply.. Phone is OK. I have 4 phones connected and it happens on all....
You could also get your ISP to provide you with a static IP address, or change to...
I have the PAP2 which DOES NOT have QOS on it so I don't think that would help. I...
I don't have any suggestions for hardware, but beware the rebates. They are usually...
You canceled your service over a $9.99 fee that they weren't going to charge you?...
Could it be your phone? I remember having this problem with a regular old land line...
Hehe...still have 3 1/2 more hours until Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Washington...
Go to features and voicemail. You can make your calls go to voicemail instantly....
OK, I have read all the how-to's here and I still don't get it. First I assume "adapter"...
182 michigan numbers
BTW once its setup you can try it out on your vonage line...your call waiting will...
Well I was playing around with FWD (Free World Dialup) today and realized that...
Found this in forum and wanted to get it posted somewhere else as well....
Every now and then I can hear a loud echo of my voice.. It's very disturbing. The...
I have been hearing that promise from Vonage and others about the new Cell/Wifi...
Yes reebok I do live in the U.S. but have never had to contact a customer support...
I broke down and started using DynDNS Updater a long time ago and it has worked very...
There's a whole forum dedicated to these types of discussions here ....
Based on what I've been reading, I thought the same thing. I'm not sure why that...
The probblem is not my line. . .and I'm not wasting anymore time. . but thanks for...
Looking to switch to Vonage. I have a older, reliable WRT54g Linksys router. Would...
Im lucky if my RT31P2 does the dyndns updates :roll: It says it updates but it really...
Disconnect the blue/white pair and the orange/white pair on the right side of...
We hve 2 Vonage routers basically setup in series. Form Cable Modem to my Cable...
I'm trying to hardwire my house. I read the home wiring installation guide and...
Thanks guys. My 1st concern with the RTP is the Firewall or lack there of. I...
Speli, Everything you're describing and going through, I myself have gone...
I had a similar issue when I installed a Belkin 54g router. The phone RTP adapter...
Thanks guys....since the initial set back everything as been pretty good. I used...
Dual mode (WiFi/Mobile) handsets will be technically capable of running a SIP...
Here's the poop... Lost internet connection and telephone connection. Plugged...
I read somewhere Skype will be usable on your cellphone in Europe. Why doesn't...
As paul248 said, the v5 WRT54G is a piece all right. You can't run the 3rd party firmware...
>def a problem with your adapter Just curious about why it is my adapter...
Ok, I know very little about using/setting up multi-line phones and know even...
I think that this conversation will be better suited over here: Using Vonage...
that should not happen ... def a problem with your adapter...
The WRT54G v5 is a piece of crap....
When I first setup Vonage a week ago I connected my PAP2 through a Belkin router...
Yes I realize that there are other updating clients. The policy is only to update...
[ADMIN EDIT TITLE: "Re: An Exremely Annoying Problem" IS TOO VAGUE]...
I tried using my other routers DNS updating before and it would never update. I...
My equipment WRTP54G. Below is the message received from regarding...
Well I wish I would have found this forum sooner. I have had my ABN adapter for more...
Yes, I have removed power from my PAP2 for about ten minutes, but it still does it....
I don't listen to the messages using the phone. I prefer the internet....
Scott, NavyDavy's advice is good, but a lot depends on the user. A lot of us whose...
This is a known issue with the WRTP54G. The DNS proxy built into the router "has...
roiegat, When Vonage comes out with a new update, it's a push to the device. Should...
That's a new one on me, but have you tried re-cycling power on the adapter? That...
It's automatic....
Well, I bought a Motorola SurfBoard SB5100 on eBay tonight - final try. Then I will...
DON'T use the RTP as your gateway to the Internet, use your existing router, and...
That seems like a lot of work just to get remote Vonage access and with the additional...
In Regards to the stuter tone that you used to get when picking up your phone , if...
Spanish forum eso es ceria perfecto para todos nosotros por que en realidad somos...
Except that my problem is a tad different, and I've had to disable voicemail (a...
This time after I got a message, I just deleted the message but did not delete it...
I have started having an extremely annoying with my Vonage line. If I call a busy...
Greetings, New to Vonage, in fact my router hasn't hit the door step yet, have...
I'm glad to hear that things worked out for you. I'm just still curious why you have...
are new firmware releases automaticly pushed to my router or is it a manual process?...
hey just so you know there is a known issue with static and .58 ... .59 is coming out...
There are known DNS issues with the WRT54GP that would cause this. Make sure...
you can port back just fine .. you can port back numbers we assigned you too now...
That's pretty sad, but you're probably right. Alot of companies are getting this...
just moved from edison to holmdel NJ .. LOTS of problems...
Try this link from DSL Reports. From looking at this, I'd try the Winsock Fix program....
That is what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the info. Other than this (and my number...
If your having "problems with you line" like quality issues and such its not a vonage...
Im pretty sure thats only a DOCSIS 1.0 modem too...
Okay, I have NO IDEA :-) what this means, but I am sure you guys do. I went out today...
You can only use Gizmo with a SIPphone account as described in Om Malik's blog ....
You don't need to allow udp 5060, 5061, or the 10000-20000 port range inbound to...
Kuka, thanks for info, but I do listen to them and clear them and wait 10 minutes...
Weren't you leaving Vonage like two weeks ago? :wink: 15 minute hold times?...
I agree with the other posters here. Connect the internet line to the WRT54G and...
hey guys, im a he :-D if you notice the coincidence, the voicemail problem...
Rebates rarely, if ever, apply for existing customers. The whole idea behind...
I needed to open the ports in my other router ... otherwise I couldn't get it to provision...

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