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kraitters Posted:
, <a
t;, . !

In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
On Nov 26, 2018 at 07:51:06

kraitters Posted:
, <a
t; </a>, ,
, . : "
", " ,

In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
On Nov 21, 2018 at 18:18:19

mikebrown Posted:
there, Please
check out -

In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
Hardwiring in a Rental House
On Oct 24, 2017 at 22:29:48

mikebrown Posted:
Hello, I think
you should consult
it with the Expert
they can surely
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In The Forum:
Hard Wiring - Installation
Hardwiring in a Rental House
On Jun 24, 2017 at 09:15:34

Haniltery Posted:
For wipe call
history also some
of the offline, in
gengral , it
usually apply to

In The Forum:
How to Delete call history from online account?
On May 09, 2017 at 06:14:26

diana87 Posted:
You have to use
VPN service to
and get free
access while

In The Forum:
Recent calling problem from Egypt
On May 02, 2017 at 17:28:06

dconnor Posted:
What is the main
number on the
account? And
which one is the
virtual number?

In The Forum:
Vonage UK
How do you call 999
On Apr 27, 2017 at 18:52:02

Trafford Posted:
Seems like a
question. We
rely exclusively
on a Vonage system
for our

In The Forum:
Vonage UK
How do you call 999
On Apr 27, 2017 at 10:42:50

diazou Posted:
Hello, It's
compatible with
Android your phone
? Thanks!

In The Forum:
IP PBX for small business
On Mar 28, 2017 at 12:42:33

jeddaisg Posted:
Hi all We have
a Vonage VOIP
system for our
office. Lately,
our call quality

In The Forum:
Ethernet Cable; Wiring schematic? 568-B?
On Feb 23, 2017 at 18:33:52

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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Ahhhh, now you may be onto something. I do have some old voice mails in there and...
sometimes when there are messages left in the deleted folder the light and beep...
Hey Kevin, funny thing, I always do do that, and in the past that did the trick, but...
It would be very cool to hack up a system that intercepts an incoming Vonage call,...
Mr Conner runs this little slice of IP telephony heaven on his own dime and own rules....
Absolutely it can work without disabling your land line. Just don't expect to...
Thanks for your input! It was an issue on Vonages end. They were great about...
I still am not sure I want to take the plunge, especially after reading some of the...
Yes. Vonage hasthink aab led me to drinking. Sad but true. Everytime I think about...
If you're concerned about possible setup issues, by all means post details of...
Does it also happen if you use a regular corded telephone?...
Yes, thank you for an answer I was looking for. As what I see you telling me: there...
- I am having some trouble today. I'm able to call out and hear people who answer...
Your best bet is to call Vonage customer service at 866 243 4357 . Don't bother with...
businesses are fine, it's just private residences like my mother in law. I have...
Try calling a few more #'s in your area code. I've had echo issues when calling certain...
After spending the past few months tweaking out 1.00.55, why would I openly invite...
Call up CS and have them check the "On-Hook Current"[sic] setting... For some...
I have verizon fios 5/2 4.1 motorola vt1005 wireless...
'Nuff said :) . Vonage, are you listening........ :?: :?:...
Yes, I could, but not interested in paying a $39.99 activation fee. Correct me...
Um.... you expected some other type of result when plugging it in? There's a reason...
Okay, you've got me confused...what are you trying to accomplish? If you want...
JL- You really do explain technial things in a clear way. So, there has to be a one...
:( I am having some trouble today. I'm able to call out and hear people who answer...
Actually I tried that and everything else I could think of. I had to phone tech support...
I'm in the affected area, and I am getting phone calls. What is not happening is...
Its a known (but as yet unfixed) bug. To clear it you'll need to phone your own...
Been drinking today? You keep talking to yourself! :mrgreen:...
Another 30 minute wait, finally connect to another nice service rep (they're...
Thanks for your response, it's greatly appreciated. I'll be calling Vonage today....
I was definately getting connected, because I tried calling my own cell phone...
I called to get an update: 1) The service rep was unaware of their own system...
Actually, I don't have experience with that equipment, but I see no reason why...
I lost incoming calls yesterday. Callers from non-Vonage phones get a "number...
It is weird. I suspect you weren't actually being connected to the number you were...
I see this as a last resort should our situation not be resolved through other means....
Cargo Jack: Your Vonage telephone number is "mapped" to the MAC address (unique...
you'll probably have o call vonage on this one, I really doubt it, but since it's...
This may be a request similar to instructing a newly licensed driver to navigate...
Has anyone had luck not only getting Internet access but also AirTunes and iPhoto...
Two options to handle the missing ACR feature: 1: Record the "anti-telemarketer"...
Actually, having a more open technological infrastructure is better for business...
I am considering moving to Vonage after an unsuccessful attempt to implement...
I had a strange problem this morning - I called three different phone numbers....
Easy then - do what many of us have done. Fire that REAL router back up (the WRT54G),...
The previous person on this list really explained some things clearly about why...
Thanks! :) <grin> If you take a look at some of my other postings,...
Yep - I got my stutter tone back, but now it persists even after deleting all the...
I'm sure those are issues for many. However, I had great coverage regardless of...
I have had the problem many times in the past. I make sure that EVERY time I listen...
Hey all of you Vonage Customers, Vonage has opened up a line to Santa's workshop....
Setting up a VPN from your Router and to a distant end router is not the only way to...
You are right, I do not know why cannot Vonage open a VPN connection to their servers....
Whenever I get a new voicemail message, my voice mail light flashes letting me...
Thanks, guys. I didn't think I could do what I'd like, but I wasn't sure....
Option one is best. It will require a phone call into CS....
My RT31P2 has been running on 1.30.01 for quite some time. Strange you would just...
Ordinarily I'd ask for technical details- service provider, up and download...
Hi. I am new to this forum, but have been a Vonage subscriber since July 2004. I...
I'm moving to another area code, and I'd like to have a new number in that area code,...
How about distance, equipment placement, and so forth. I would assume that the...
Hi Everyone I have been using vonage since June 05 My original router was junk...
Nope, not bad at all, since as you say, your options will be limited. And the best...
Well there is not much of a choice. I see nothing wrong with giving it a try. You could...
What other suggestions might you have. I hear there may be a wireless provider...
It's really not the Government of Qatar that benefits per se. It's QTel and the...
They benefit by the fact that people then have to call long distance and pay their...
The only way to currently buy it is by activating a new account and selecting the...
Here's something to look forward to if you get your voicemail stutter tone back:...
You make changes to a Linksys router by using your web browser to go to it. The default...
I received voicemail yesterday that I checked and deleted, yet the voicemail...
So, I read my Vonage newsletter, which is sent to me regularly by Vonage providing...
I am just curious about something. How does it benefit the Qatar government to...
thanks Guys for the help. Just need a little more on the geeky network stuff :) I...
Gentlemen: Unfortunately I find it necessary to remind you that I do not allow...
That is actually on our side, if money is not an issue to QTell, then why they should...
If I may, I would like to explain what I meant by "Rights": Your right is to get...
Dear bmardini, More is coming from our Indian friends, this remind me that...
Yep, we are finally getting a return on our taxes..... oops we aren't paying taxes....
Guys Be serious. Qatar has the 4GDP in the world . do you think they care if 50...
That's the thing that gets me about QTel's decision. How many of us are paying extra...
Ahmed.. Well said and I do agree with you to be positive even in this situation.....
I have same problem. I've tried all channels but can't get above 2.7 on my wireless...
Well Well Well It seems to be a real serious problem with ports getting blocked....
OK Connect Broadband Modem ==> Linksys WAN port Set DHC...
Help! I just got my Linksys RTP300-VD & the Network side of the device...
Nate's explanation is EXACTLY what I have running here, and it works like a gem,...
De rien. S'il marche, tout est bon. :)...
Good luck. It's certainly possible that Vonage is having some kind of problem...
Hi Steve, You know I'm pretty far away from those two destinations in Montreal...
thanks! that gives me hope.. I just logged onto the web account and they state...
Just something I forgot to add.. The problem only occurred with local calls (pstn...
I had the exact identical problem with my line about 1 month ago, issue had lasted...
I'm sorry, after I stopped laughing I started laughing again. Everyone knows...
Again DallasFlier, well thought out replies. I'm taking the role of "Devil's...
Nothing more on this? It's a pretty simple question....
Let's also explore how call forwarding works- and I don't know, I'm asking. Suppose...
More on this, more quickly than I expected... Looks like things are going...
help! I had to switch my Speedstream 5100B modem to "bridge mode" because the...
Got it today. :-D...
Technically, you don't "change" virtual numbers. You cancel one and add another,...
Oh damn I thought you could change the Virtual Number as often as you wanted with...
Yes, and Vonage would probably tolerate that. But that's not answering the question...
I was wondering if the activation is charged just once? or let see for example I...
yes what they will send you is a phone adapter/ router normal routers don't have...
I'll argue that the better solution is the standalone ATA (PAP2) connected to...
That story rules. You should have picked up the phone and started wailing into...
I would not put my total confidence in mexican dsl. :?...
it will work as long as you have a US number as your number I am moving to Mexico,...
Thats what I am curious about. There is a previous press release but does not state...
Allo, Tout fonctionnait la veille et ca marche à présent depuis hier.. je...

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