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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Have had Time Warner Road Runner (roadrunner) for years and added Vonage a few...
Co-ed??? :lol:...
just found your other thread you posted which indicates that doesn't work... for...
just for sake of trouble-shooting, have you tried to plug your vonage adapter...
While it's not been 100% smooth saililng with me & Vonage, I practically live...
October 9, 2005 Awaiting Letter of Authorization October 9, 2005 Letter of...
The R15 doesn't need a phone line connected for the software updates, and during...
Given your track record for advice so far, I think I'll pass! Thanks....
I'm going through that too. I started in early October and they (Vonage) canceled...
I have worked with the new Ka band satellite system (if you want to see a cool system...
3 different ISPs, 2 moves, 2 different states, and just over 2 yrs on Vonage. I've...
It Works! Without the WRT54G in between :cry: That's okay though. I originally...
I did get the supervisor name and at the moment I won't mention it. He was being...
Yikes! OK, well, if you want the WRT54G to work, you might try one of the aftermarket...
Well, add me to the list of people who are experiencing caller ID failures... Seemed...
It Works! Without the WRT54G in between :cry: That's okay though. I originally...
You didn't happen to get the Vonage supervisor's name, did you? If it were me, I'd...
More info re. F1000
The DSL modem is not doing any port forwarding or much of anything. I'll set...
My current status is the unit is still not working. What I was told by a Vonage...
OK. That's what I missed - the DSL modem with the built-in router. How good is that...
Here's my setup: WAN ->DSL Modem/Router ( -> (
Frankly, I'd leave the standard Linksys router in place. None of the Vonage units...
It could be a false positive. When you access the "activity" page on Vonage's website...
What is You should be going from your computer to the WRT54G (
It seems as though the connection is getting interrupted or so slowed down that...
I started with Vonage in JULY and am still awaiting for my old number to transfer....
I have two separate phone lines in two accounts and so now I have a Linksys RTP300...
For over a year I had Vonage and it didn't work, dealt with crummy tech support from...
The Third party firmware is usually better than the stock stuff, but I don't think...
OK, different theory (sorry). You may have some form of misrouting, and not a lack...
Wouldn't be 3rd party firmware - I installed the Linksys versions. No DMZ but...
Strange. About the only thing I've got left is some sort of defect in QoS, and...
The WRT-54G v4.20.7 Linksys Firmware seems to have a log under Admin. Kinda stripped...
Well upgrading to the most recent Linksys firmware for my WRT54G (4.20.7) and...
Generally, you have to be running a router sophisticated enough to log all connection...
you should have tried disabling and re-enabling your voicemail, saving and loggin...
And thats why you always need someone on the inside ;) Thanks ColdGin...
PM me the acct number I will try to get you a genuine replacement power adapter. (no...
How does one check for a port scan? I have a router, but I don't know how to check...
yes the phone device actually sends us its IP address and the open port from behind...
I am actually in Central Saanich... Still is an issue. My place of work tried...
Well, two things: The WPA will have to do a renegotiate if there is any kind...
Sadly, it looks like we are in the same situation... Anyone else know something...
We have recently switched to 5.8GHz phones and the microwave is quite a distance...
I don't know why, but my D-Link wireless router has bouts of dropping the wireless...
Well, if you dont mind using a generic one, just find out the voltage, wattage,...
After the plethora of minor issues with previous firmware versions, I am now very...
Just make sure to change your E-911 address to something entertaining, like the...
Well, glad to hear that your WRTP54G got dragged kicking and screaming into the...
I don't think that we should be responsible for Vonage sending us a doorstop, however...
You never know, according to the Dragnet movie(Dan Aykroyd-version), LAPD has...
Yes that is a partial , it does appear to scan more, but that is all the firewall is...
Thanks in advance for any assistance. During a move the power adapter for my Cisco...
Word to the wise, don't sit on it until last minute then blame company policy, or...
Wow, in my 10 months onboard w/Vonage, never once did I get a "Willy-Nilly" charge...
Thanks! I'm up to 1.00.55 on my WRTP router (which improved some of the phone stuff)...
:twisted: Ok, as a nineteen year old, who failed every single high school...
Well, its not like they could exactly come over and give you a talking to......
The monthly packages are the same. There is no pay-as-you-go option. You'd have...
Well boys and girls, it's back on again and the gloves are OFF! After going...
Been doing a lot of configuration testing for my VoIP config. For the most part,...
I wonder why Vonage would go through all the trouble and expense to send some [not...
Holy obsolesence, Batman! ;) Your WRT54G and WRTP54G are both running old...
tdwoodbury, Thanks for the analysis, I do appreciate it! I seem to be one of only...
Interesting, the Tech I spoke to at my ISP (Shaw Cable) stated that Motorola were...
Motorola hasn't blocked access - your ISP has. Its up to them to decide whether...
The hissing sound is most likely caused by line noise, from a bad power supply,...
First off, I just wanted to give a HUGE thanks out to out amazing webmaster, Daniel...
To be honest, they dont really correlate to VoIP at all. They only matter for blocksync...
I wonder what would happen if you called 911? :-D...
Jenk eh ;)...
I think your right Nate, testyourvoip is alot better to get results/stats. I was...
I am trying to accomplish the title. Here is my setup. Cable - Inside Firewall...
The default IP for the Motorola Surfboard 5101 is However,...
I have Telstra BigPond Cable and a Vonage Linksys router attached to the cable...
To clarify a bit. DSL Modem/Router -> WRT54G -> WRTP54G My DSL...
Navydavy - I'm no expert in these, but I don't think these results are really...
Well, I grabbed the documentation that came with my Moto SurfBoard5101, and after...
The current stock of Vonage phones at Best Buy are not in the Vonage inventory....
j-card, NateHoy's advice is exactly what I did. I used to have an RCA modem and...
Anyone else having this same hissing sound. Mine is present unless the other party...
Sounds like something is wrong in your QoS settings. 1. How much upload bandwidth...
I don't think I have QoS on the router (can't find it, maybe a FW issue??). On...
You should be able to access your modem using the client side URL. For example,...
Ok, quick question. How did you get those stats? I would love to find out all that...
Do you have voice QoS enabled on your router? What version FW are you using on both...
When ever I'm on the phone I loss internet connectivity (or it is so slow everything...
OK, I thought we were talking about the upcoming Vonage Wi-Fi phone. Any information...
Thanks for the suggestions, but after trying both of them I still have the same...
All, Being a geek, I wanted your opinion and maybe comparison on cable modem...
Chris, The Wi-Fi phone is stand alone, it will have it's own MAC ID that will...
That sounds like a plausable theory. I think we all agree that it was a change in...
We're having the same problem. I was told by Level 2 support that the packetization...
That's going to depend... If you have Far Cry set as a higher priority, and...
I had the same issue with my WRT54GP2. I went through about 3 units before I finally...
Yes I understand that. The problem remains that you still can't get one from Vonage,...
I requested the addition of multiple mailboxes from Vonage and their reply was,...
Ahh, living with Mom and Dad, I remember those days. If it's Dad's account and adapter...
Hi, How do ship my vonage hardware to an office building? i see no place to add...
You should be able to get this to work fine in theory. Set it up like this <ISP->Modem->...
First of all, let me be clear. If I had a choice, I would throw VoIP right back where...
Chris, The Wi-Fi phone is stand alone, it will have it's own MAC ID that will...
I've been a Vonage user for a long time. I recommended it to a lot of relatives a few...
Sorry Reebok but the flashing light can have something to do with filtered MAC...
I've implemented this! Now even with HyperWRT and QOS enabled when I play...
Ok - I called DirecTV and they revised the workorder to make sure the technician...
Oh ok, cool. I don't need the PPV and noone watches sports in my house. How...
DirecTV claims the need for a phone line for all receivers for two reasons. Ordering...
As you can see in my signature line, my WRT54G is a v2, HyperWRT will work just fine...
It was reported to me that the activity download tool was not working. There was...
Ok before I flash, I went to Linksys' site and the latest firmware version, which...
The device priority set to "Highest" for your adapter's MAC address will override...
Ok what about the port that my PAP2 is connected to? If I set that port to LOW and Enable...
That's correct, except the default for ethernet port priority for all four ports...
I put the mac ID of the phone adapter in and labeled it Vonage and set the priority...
I find it highly amusing that you would pull out the "I've been doing this for blah...
What happens if you unplug the Vonage adapter from the wall jack. Do you hear anything...
I'm sorry, sir, but it is NOT a fact! Please don't try to lecture me on "not testing...
Your feedback is appreciated. Hope to see you back some time....
So, in essence, it doesn't work. Its not that it doesn't work for me, its that...
You're wasting your time. The QoS functionality on the WRT54G DOES NOT WORK. I...
Thanks Ajay. Let us know how it works out. We all learn from that....
Again, yes it does work. And I have both wired and wireless clients connected to...
Please don't state that as fact, because its just not true. Many of us who have QoS...
Maybe I should qualify my statements a little bit more. It does not work if you have...
whoops, the actual SIP url needs to have :5061 at the end: sip:12223334444@w.x.y.z:5061...
I'm placing a call from linphone (a random Linux SIP client I found) on my computer...
1. Can someone more informed let me know whether the DirecTV representative was...
I would disagree with this statement. I think prospective customers should know...
Ahh, living with Mom and Dad, I remember those days. If it's Dad's account and adapter...
I've had Vonage in Victoria(actually up by the ferries) for 9 months and have had...
I have never been able to get the phone to ring, but my adapter NATted. I suppose...
Version 3.01.07 LSe is out now. It looks like this firmware disables the ability...
Not really sure how that works. Since you have verizon landline you will probley...
I ordered the FIOS, the only option was to bill the FIOS to the phone bill. Once I...

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