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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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I suppose the easiest way to be to change the vmail to pick up instantly - which will...
the procedure to do the firmware up grade is on this forum, in a number of places,...
Thats outrageous. How can they offer this service in the UK and use a foreign...
Seems they can't/won't change it; Americanism is endemic in Vonage UK I'm afraid. Suggest...
Can't you change the US voice in the prompts and record your own prompts message...
1. Do you know what VoIP stands for? 2. Can you use a web browser? 3. Can you use...
Whats this about - who in the UK is going to know what this means!!! How can you...
For the first 2 days after installation I appeared to be receiving incoming calls...
I have just the same issue - it won't let me phone in on *123 on my vonage phone to check...
gregger, try called Vonage tehc support and see if they can up the voltage on the...
SB, adaptable as in how??? The VTech 8100 is a VoIP router with a wireless phone...
Lois, Vonage Tech Support can "up" the voltage on the router for the telephones....
you might also look in the neighboorhood for the local phone guy and approach him...
Yep. Tried it and it does not work. When I have about 45 mins to kill on hold, I will...
Its not vonage with the problem vonage has limits they cannot change while sky...
thats new any how i hope they have better success than we have with sky...
It seems a bit rude of Vonage to publish that statement. Vonage requests that sky...
Have you tried this yet? This has worked for others in the past....
Stupid question: I assume you've power-cycled the RTP300 (for at least 30 seconds,...
Several possibilities: I know this is stupid, but bear with me on it, OK?:...
Maaz, Thanks for the idea. I checked it and it was set correctly. "I DO NOT WANT TO...
Log into your Vonage account at and click on the Account tab. See... look for the the folder Logviewer and...
You mean dropped it to 30 or was it really turned "off". I'm having similar problems. http://www.t...
Well. That is not the case. Just received a call a minute ago. It rang 3 times and...
see here:
The time should reset to the correct time when you receive an incoming call - the...
This is consistently "scoring" me about 25% of what I get from other testers which...
I have two lines with CID boxes and a phone that all display the incorrect time....
I too transferred my POTS number to SunRocket then gave up on them and decided to...
[font=Verdana:83f7935552] Update: I've verified that VPN to my work's network...
A big reason I went with voange was the abilitty to eventually have an Australian...
After reading all of this and other threads, I have decided I need to run a WRT54G...
I have an RT300 running firmware 1.00.55 and don't have any issues with callerID....
Check DHCP 100# Use this command to find out if DHCP has been enabled or disabled....
Look here for the instructions about upgrading the firmware. Look for the post...
Yes, it would be great to be able to check 'Missed Calls' when away from home. And...
VoIP over most consumer satellite systems is recommended only if you have no other...
I assume all of the wires are sticking outside the house in a bundle, waiting for...
Yes, my Internet connection went down at about 1AM or so, and didn't come back up...
I was on the phone with support for almost an hour last night and after telling the...
No Caller ID again. This is very annoying......
That leads me to believe that you probably have a line 1/line 2 splitter, which...
Have you seen the Belkin product's link I posted above? So you are sure that this...
Possible combinations: 1. Username blank, password "admin" all lower case...
Have you seen the Belkin product's link I posted above? So you are sure that this...
Thanks for the response NateHoy. I did try to upgrade the router myself using...
The one you purchased from OfficeMax (Belkin F8V1028) does look like the correct...
Just in case anyone is still having trouble... this is what I just received from...
OK. I'm totally confused now. The adaptor I got yesterday is Belkin 2 line adaptor,...
Since I changed over it has been problem after problem. I have corrected most of...
Someone posted this in another thread, apologies if you've seen it already: http://linksys.custhe...
turbo53, How did your firmware get upgraded? Were you having issues before...
I have to agree with the previous posts about the WRTP54G. I can't even call it a...
To put what Vonager said a different way, your telephone for Vonage will still...
I think this would be a great feature. I keep getting tons of marketing calls...
I saw a similar thing. If I have it set to a static IP, then go to change to another...
I've heard good things and bad things about the native Linksys WRT54G. Most of...
Here is a link to the post. Basically it involves some testing which should help...
Your all lucky mine took 6 months and at that 6 month time, I was told I needed to start...
Interesting; I hadn't tried the start-up calculator, but it still is showing...
The item you posted in the link above is precisely what you are looking for. The...
Mark, Could be a stealth update took place. I too have dial tones again this...
I tried one like that before and had a rough time getting it to stay in the jack on...
well just where is that post Thank you...
as of 11/07 5:21am this is the reading Download 1,819,248 bps Upload 245,904...
Something happened... I was working on the computer around midnight and...
Well, although I'm not fond of the routing capability of the RT31P2, in this case...
And this is what i have now:
OK. I'm totally confused now. The adaptor I got yesterday is Belkin 2 line adaptor,...
My phones are 5.8Ghz but the base station also has a keypad and speaker phone which...
Here is the deal. Linksys created the WRTP54G for Vonage. Vonage is completely...
I bought a wrong adaptor before, which was used for so-called "2 line phone", but...
If the relatives being conferenced in via the Vonage number have an international...
Yes, but look at what Maaz wrote. There are adapters that have one RJ11 in and 2 out,...
I hope the number works. You say you don't have wireless in your setup. Which...
Hi, I am a new user and wish to take the vonage phone to another country. I am not...
I'm using the right type of splitter, 1 RJ11 in 2 RJ11 out. But only one output jack...
Looks like it has, glad I signed up when I did. I had to pay $40 for the activation...
Interestingly it appears to have to do with the wireless phone. i got a hard wire...
Will Caller ID on the phone not show you, or are you wanting to be able to check it...
You absolutely can use a splitter to provide two outputs from the VoIP adapter....
That was my thought, too. You want one of these: 1-to-2 Jack Adaptor...
When I looked at the calculator, the $30 startup was not gone, and the total startup...
WAP access to voice mail and caller id logs....
Sure looks like it. But it looks like the $30 activation fee is gone (unless...
Theoretically, it should've worked with the adapter. It's interesting that...
Yes. Share the same number. But we both have our own phones, and to invest extra...
Someone wrote a message in one of the threads indicating that 888 250 1799 goes...
I don't know of any way to make that happen using the Vonage voicemail feature....
I've been talking to a friend about signing up with Vonage. I've told him how the...
I would like to have my calls go to VM at a particular time each day. I work out of...
Unless there's a typo on your post, you're getting about 1/10 that. I'd try temporarily...
Sure...if you mean using the same phone number. Just get a cordless phone with...
Hi there, I have a Panasonic KX TG5100 5GHz phone and I have my Vonage RTP 300 wired...
it's under the administration tab. not hard to find....
About 6 weeks ago I had successfully configured my Vonage service to run through...
I'm using WRTP54G router and Vonage service, currently I want to share this phone...
I just posted a new thread but i am also having the same problems. i don't have an...
I have an RTP300 with firmware 1.00.55. Cable MOdem->RTP300->Computer...
We are using the previous jacks in our house and have the phones working. We can...
Well, the reason I was considering a new router with QOS is becasue I am on the phone...
"Doctor, it hurts when I do THAT"......
Mark, Very interesting discovery. I just pulled the old, trusted corded...
In my experience, QOS doesn't help that much unless you're doing a lot of uploading....
Fred, which Vonage device do you have?...
The current firmware is 1.00.55. Some people have reported CID issues with this...
There is no firmware tab and I believe that Vonage has to actually initiate the...
Oh since my service has been so spotty I didn't report this earlier but let me just...
Oh since my service has been so spotty I didn't report this earlier but let me just...
Time-Warner Road Runner->Motorola SBV4200 Cable Modem->RTP300->Toshiba...
It appears that the problem I was having was not my ISP's but my own. FYI, I have...

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