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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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You're getting 4.4 of 5.0 in both directions, which is the highest rating you can...
I've been having the problem on occasion as well. I use Firefox....
We've been discussing this on another thread- "Anyone else having trouble with...
It's very consistent for me. When I reboot my router, the Caller ID works exactly...
Here are the results of my test to Boston. They seem to be o.k. but I really don't...
Hi, I just install my new vonage system that I test for my boss. Here is my setting: PAP2...
This is sad because vonage is a great service. It's strange to know that all...
They haven't fixed mine yet, and I haven't taken the time to call them and ask for...
I'm having the exact same issues with the same router. I have been surfing the net...
Have you run a test at How did it look? What's your configuration?...
It is interesting how variable the results people get with similar connections....
I joined Vonage about 6 weeks ago and transferred my home number. The total time...
Yep! But only lately I've been having problems. Everything's been fine for the...
Your not alone in this. I have TWC Houston and have experienced choppy audio that...
Thanks for all your help. I found the following power adapter on eBay for a...
Hi All, I've been considering trying Vonage for some time now. I'm tired of...
Go for the gusto, man! You won't be sorry. You will be sorry if you try running Vonage...
the uniden you speak of won't be available to the general public until around Xmas...
yeah new router - something is not right with that thing. When you do the update...
vonage is all jacked up at the moment. known issues for web logins, voicemail and...
sorry meant 1.00.55...
Same here. I deleted messages via the web yesterday evening and the stutter tone...
Could I just keep the router's IP address the same? I don't see any option to turn...
From my experience it is not a common occurance, but I am just one person....
I'm having the same problem, just shows "incoming call," no data ever shows. Started...
It's per call. You'd have to dial *67 before each call to block your CID....
Uhhh, if its "superb" and better than your POTS ever was, just exactly what kind...
I've currently got Comast for my ISP and am paying $45.95 a month (includes $3.00...
Just a follow-up on my "No Caller-ID" problem (up above). I power-cycled my RTP300...
I moved to Vonage from Ma Bell via another voip company. Previously I had an unlisted...
Both lines....
Are you getting the choppy audio on both lines or only on one?...
Actually, I have two lines with Vonage. The problems all started when I added the...
Nice...sounds like you got a pretty good deal there...Let us know how it pans out...
Sorry to see you go bobpenn......
When I changed my 2 router setup to Modem -> RTP300 -> Wireless Router, I...
For anyone curious, I just got off the phone w/the Vonage customer service. I was...
If you don't see 1.00.52 it doesn't sound like you have everything because the...
After many many calls to support, I now give up on my choppy audio problem. Everything...
"Also assign a ststic ip of your choice to the belkin just be sure it is on the same...
yes that is correct. Also assign a ststic ip of your choice to the belkin just be...
So I should go (Toshiba 2500 on Road Runner)->(network cable to "internet"...
Vonage insists that I have ver 1.00.52 whereas my Linksys WRTP54G still says the...
Thanks for the info. I'll check into getting a new modem. I've thought about that...
you can also try this one: the...
Finally did the dual router configuration as described in this post and it works...
i'm having a big issue with calls dropped. Its driving us crazy. Any suggestions?...
$50 is WAY too much to pay for one of these things. Take a look at the VM-88 for $12.99...
I have seen other posts with people complaining about the lack of ability to have...
You might want to start here...
Well, you are right about the lack of details on the web site. It does say a grounded...
You can also try sending emails to That usually gets...
The web site states "Provides grounded three-prong connection (U.S. only) to...
I would suggest 256Kbps speed in both directions, at a minimum. At 128Kbps,...
is the ip8100-3 still available? i bought the ip8100-2 plus an extra handset....
I have had this problem off and on ever since I signed up about 5 months ago. I usually...
Here are the ports vonage recomends for the PAP2 so it should be the same ports DNS:...
You guess? Why not just do it?...
Call? I've called twice (must have been on hold at least 40mins) and emailed once....
why wouldnt you just go buy an RTp300 from the store. Cheaper....
I called Vonage Customer Service today and was transferred to 2nd level support....
The second phone that Sam's Club sent to me worked fine. Interestingly enough,...
I have not faced this problem since I chose to keep all my components separate rather...
I just got a new RTP300 and took it to Europe. Silly me, I forgot about it not being...
Not sure on that one. Try each and see if it works. :-D...
Spent some time on Saturday evening on the phone with Vonage. Tried all kinds of...
Thanks. Do you know if I should try TCP or UDP or both?...
70 views and no body knows how to resolve this? please guys i am at witts end here...
I'm on Comcast. At the "basic" 384 kbps upload, I had regular problems with the...
Try this: 5060 - 5061 10000 - 20000...
Sorry to dredge up a 6-week old thread, but this is the problem I am having now. I...
I recently changed my setup from DSL modem directly to WRT54GP2 to the introduction...
when I try #096 or #019 for the dial prefix the line quickly goes to a fast busy signal...
I would stop posting about it and call them ASAP to get it changed. Why would you...
For me, bigger is always better. You should check to see what the Upload speeds...
Tested 4 times now Montreal and Boston and it seems to be consistently good tonight. Maybe...
Hi, I'm planning to subscribe to Vonage. However, my current Internet connection...
What bothers me is that there is not a consistent answer. We hear that we have to...
Vonager, Just did the test right now and I get a 4.0/5.0 but I bet you if I try...
Well.. my sevice is still up. I'm not sure for how long, since the name on the vonage...
I too have intermittant Caller ID...
And seeing that it is a dialup IP, I hope you do not mind me posting that: Yep, it...
Leave them connected as you have them, and do this - temporarily connect to the...
Gee, why bother with dialup - you're obviously connected to broadband. GoToMyPC...
In your second configuration the cat e cable should not go in to wan it should go...
With the upgrade to 1.00.52 on my WRTP54G, I'm happy to report that my long standing...
I don't know, but this reply is being sent to you over Netzero and a Vonage line connected...
I have never gotten dialup to work with Vonage. YMMV faxing sometimes but never...
So why isn't Pcanywhere connecting then?...
I got curious about this and tried my connection using the PAP2. It connects to...
i have a sporster 33.6 faxmodem that i have used to send faxes with winfax 10.0 and...
Running IP reservation + IP based QoS here. Even with 2 computers running BitTorrent...
Say what? "almost always will not work"? I've yet to get a failed modem connect...
I actually won of those TRU phones in a raffle here at Vonage. I hooked it up right...
awesome! Is your service still working? Time to start making friends in other...
I've been attempting to switch a Verizon phone number to Vonage for over a month....
Has anyone else see this? I checked my online bill and noticed that the name associated...
modems almost always will not work with VoIP. You may be able to connect at a low...
Hello all! Well, let me start by saying that Cable modem->Belkin 54g wireless...
Yes. I've had problems with CID going out for the last three days. I have rebooted...
It shows you right on the base and the handsets if a line is in use on the screens. that's...
Best bet to help with your wiring is a set of alligator clips on a wire. Connect...

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