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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Well, I noticed that my WRTP54G (same design as the RTP300) also ran hot. Ever since...
With hurricane Rita now history... a success story. Evacuated the family...
I followed the directions and disconnected all incoming phone wires from the...
It does matter. If you only have 1 Vonage number, then only the phone 1 port will...
I think that my phone adapter may be bad. Now, the message under the Voice section...
One of the FAQs on the Vonage site mentions that some 800 numbers block out of state...
I've come to the understanding that buying the Adaptor at a retail store is a bit...
I guess I was lucky as mine was activated the day after I signed up but I had to wait...
This seems to be the case as my daughter purchased a PAP2 at The Source but was unable...
mine took atleast a week to complete as well.. I have never 'tried' it out yet,...
You are correct, Vonage will not do this....
I keep on asking them, and they keep on telling me to go to BestBuy and trade in my...
There are a number of posts in this forum that state Vonage will not re-activate...
that would be the best place to start. if it persists, come back, read the first...
What about the problem of people not being able to hear me? Will that phone help...
your wireless network runs on 2.4ghz and so does your cordless phone. that's what...
So that phone isnt a decent phone to use? What do I NEED to use with it? It seriously...
well I can guarantee "this vonage" isn't causing your problems, but I bet you have...
Yep...1.00.50 has been rock solid so far. It might help narrow your responses..., boston, detailed results. post them here....
yep...and if you want to access it without having a computer connected, enable...
I need help or Im gonna go absolutely insane. When someone here is using the Vonage...
I have mine on it's side also...except the damned cat knocks it over... And the...
I think it has to do with a rape center or something. Vonage has to get more 502's...
Solid here...For me this is probably the best service I have received from Vonage...
I have a question for did you call customer service if your phone was...
I signed up for my Vonage service on the 23rd of September. It's been five days now...
just my 2 cents here....I also had the BEFSR41 router, with 2 PC's connected to...
No problems here. Perfection at this point!...
The software you found works real well for your purposes but you do need to get a...
Get the MAC address of the unit. Call Vonage and ask if it can be activated....
You indeed might want to consider changing the order of your routers. I also have...
I do this with asterisk. I put the phone number in of the person I dont want them to...
Anyone have any ideas on this one? There is noise present on all most every...
Hi, my friend have cancelled his Vonage account, i want to open a new account, can...
People have been asking for Anonymous Call Rejection as well. All that can be gotten...
Borgan: Your problem is that your two modems have the same default IP, i.e....
Comcast periodically has bandwidth issues, especially around the time they...
I just got my RTP 300, but didn't have time to connect it at lunch. I'll post my thoughts...
anyone having problems with 1.00.50; my line keeps dropping after 1.00.50 has...
AT&T Advantage has a feature called 'do not disturb' where no calls come...
Hello all, Just got Vonage. When I call a cell phone and get the voice mail recording...
Here's an update to the problem. I got second level tech support look at the problem...
I was pretty amazed that my new RTP 300 arrived late this morning... less than 24...
This just became available: Also,...
Exact match to what happened to me....
Exact match to what happened to me....
press recessed button on back of WRT54G for 15 seconds - a pen will work fine. resets...
That should work....
Yeah, I may have changed the password, but I really don't remember now. I suppose...
I've been reading this forum for a while in hopes that I can find this very information...
I'm also using Comcast. You may be on to something....
The light does not blink when I pick the phone back up. And I don't (usually) get...
I'm on Comcast, pdrayton is on Comcast. What about you bandwidth? I wonder if this...
How many RJ45 plugs are in use, is it one for each line? If so you can make cables...
Customer Service should be able to send you out one and bill you for it. They...
When the Phone 2 light goes on steady.... when you pick up the phone again, does...
I have not recieved my rebate check as of yet... but my service has not been active...
The Partner system accepts RJ45 plugs and was wired by a team of Lucent technicians...
MY Linksys RT31P2 died on Monday 9/26/05....
I know a lot of factors can be involved with choppy/disconnecting service, but...
Typically you would connect everything through a punch down block for flexability....
Thank you, Stephen !...
By the way what phone adapter do you have...
I am not sure how you would do it but I am almost POSITIVE that you can connect Vonage...
OK you need to ust the 2 center positions ###12### on both ends usualy white blue...
Try: (617) 422-5860, x 202 Ask them how to reach the information line from...
I am going straight into the router from the phone on phone line 2 (customer support...
The Partner system accepts RJ45 plugs and was wired by a team of Lucent technicians...
I would try using two conductor line cords to connect your two line phone. It...
You Need to crimp Rj 11 plugs on both ends the phone adapter (phone 1 and phone 2 are...
Won't work with multiline system... We are a small company and have just signed...
azagothoth, What are your complete settings. Is there any way to provide...
Well, in my neighborhood in Boston, we have a notriously unstable electrical...
It's fixed!! A few hours after calling tech support, it suddenly.... out of the...
A quick and simple search turned up this thread which may shed some light on your...
I currently have the PAP2 and no Qos in my current router. Should I upgrade...
800-843-5879 (THE JURY) is the number that summoned jurors must call prior to...
I would not combine the phone lines into one cord like that :/ If your landline was...
Have you tried admin/admin for the username/password in all lower case? Did...
I spoke to Vonage Customer Care yesterday and was told that the conference calling...
I've been searching the forums to figure out how to port forward (I'm setup CableModem...
No matter what combination of username and password I try, including no username...
Icab, Yeah, I did actually figure out that I bcan VPN to my office, as long as...
I got my new Linksys RTP 300 router/phone adapter from Vonage and I unpacked it...
Has anyone had any luck and or news? I just installed my vonage adapter (Linksys...
Just curious...when this problem happens with the VTech and you hang up, does...
I have brought this up before but it went ignored. I am glad that there are others...
I have found a couple mentions of issues using Vonage with a PAP2 through a Netgear...
Tried the reset three times....
I just received my RTP300 Router from Vonage. The phone I'm using is a Vtech 2656...
Thanks for your reply. I just got that postcard today so haven't called up the rebate...
Mr_Sorento: I will look into this for you and reply back (and re-open this...
I actually was having a similar Problem with Vonage... Not exactly the same technical...
I don't know whether the "others" connections he's sharing know he's using their...
Yeah, I just tested it and I get "Out of Area" instead of "Private" when I dial *67...
There might be an additional field to code the tone but on the RTP300 Remote Disconnect...
We've got the crimper and done the crimping; "We bought some Cat5 cable, split...
Yes, you have to pay the taxes. The second month, to my understanding, is to the...
any Vermonters with Charter Cable using Vonage? I'm interested in subscribing,...
Here's one I can't figure out. I have a landline on "line 1" and vonage on "line 2"....
Be aware that the UK uses a different Caller ID protocol than the USA (and US/Canada-spec...
OK, I just started noticing this problem too <sigh>. Worse yet, my wife...
I've never had to manually reset my router after any firmware update... give Vonage...
Nope, Remote Disconnect Tone is a field, not a switch, much like the RT31P2. You...
It *can* be done, but it's very difficult. Just a quick overview to discourage...
Everyone, just thought I'd pass on some news I just found out about. I signed up...
It *can* work, but reliability isn't guaranteed at that point. Too many variables...
I am posting on this thread as it's part of an ongoing saga. I have not only not...
Nevermind. Figured it out. I had to have the pc attached to the rtp300....
First of all the best thing to do is is go to your local home depot and by an RJ11RJ45...
Is there software that I can put on my computer to make it a softphone?...
Oh man....ok I called Vonage and they picked up immeadiately. I explained everything...
A friend of mine only access to the internet is wifi sharing off of others connections..he...

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