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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Could you get some links for the FTC, BBB, etcs investigations? This is the first...
Actually, I have not had an issue with QOS and online gaming. I can easily play Halo...
The Firmware is automatically pushed to your device, sabawaka. I would recommend...
Heh...I manage a group of engineers and programmers in our internal IT shop, and...
Libbyloo: Thanks for the infor. How do you go about getting "Firmware". Is...
Vonage now tells me that if a phone call has at least one person using a cordless...
Hmm...this really begs the question "what are the changes?" I've not noticed...
I've started a new topic for people to discuss their results.
not sure really the sky box only wants to connect at v90 speeds any slower and it...
Is there any way we could slow down the Sky dial out eg by putting something on the...
Got the new firmware today. The first thing I did was call my wife at work (yes, she...
you will have to if you don’t want any more letters I held of till I got the second...
Got it, and I havent seen any noticable changes yet....
OK, so now I've got to the stage of the letter from Sky ... what do I do now? Do...
I gotta ask! What in the world can any two human beings find to discuss for more than...
Please do post your findings... My RTP300 is usually connected to my ClearOne...
Yep, just daisy chain it into the WRTP54 and you should be in good shape, provided...
Stephen: Thanks a lot, man. My bad (!) for not doing a forum search; it's obviously...
> Therefore if you are having intermittent problems the likely cause >...
Yes, this product may in fact help you based on the network configuration you have...
I made a mistake. I currently have the linksys WRTP54G and will receive the RTP300....
Received mine just over a week ago. Plugged it in my Netgear RP114 and everything...
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!...
Ditto! I got greatly interested in this when i first discovered the possibility...
A friend of mine dropped me a link to a new product called a Broadband Booster, made...
I have added another phone number to my system, making 3 total phone numbers. I...
Ooops, nevermind #-o It appears that I'll have to post this question in a different...
Thanks! I got the update. Now to see if the echo issue is solved....
Hello all, I have (what I hope to be) a simple question... What Voip service...
New update available now... 1.00.45. Not sure of the changes, but if you want to...
KPDillon & Paul248 - Thank you!! You don't know how bad I really needed that...
The article discusses SBC's possible adoption of the name AT&T after the...
RazorJack, I would LOVE to see your Vonage/CellularPhone/802.11 Wifi...
You are going to have to have a Vonage account for each Vonage device you want to...
You shouldn't have to go anywhere to do this. The firmware should be updated automatically...
I have a Linksys WRTP54G router for my Vonage service. I have read several posts...
Ok, kesko, I've been following the same steps that you outlined in your original...
Actually - I liked the link you sent earlier. Good info on the phone. Will check...
If you're not in a hurry, you may be in luck with the Belkin: Sveasoft Firmware for...
I get the exact same thing - sometimes it will go 45 minutes, sometimes 2 hours,...
I doubt that a work around like that would really be very effective for most of us....
My mistake, the post I saw was about the ZyXEL P2000. Possibly another candidate...
The WRT54GS/Sveasoft is really tempting and seems to be a favorite. A few things...
So how does one go about getting this firmware upgrade without calling "tech support"?...
you could do this by hand nightly and set the voicemail to 'instant'...
I agree... Since the Vonage routers give the appearance of supporting some...
I was working on something similar but I have kinda abandoned it because it really...
Hopefully some updated firmware will address the issue. I personally upload...
Next time you see the phone repair guy, slip him $20 and have him(her) isolate your...
you can switch no problem but they will charge you $12.99 for the switch.. i believe...
for all those companies with 310 numbers there are usually a local number printed...
I would like to use Vonage connecting some new IP phones as well as the existing...
non eof us here know when a new exchange will be avail.. they just got the barrie...
hey matt, seems you and i are bascially on the same time frame!! go figure.....
Are you just using the Linksys for wireless network support? If so, you can...
I think I know what you are asking, and no, it can not be done. They use to clear the...
I doubt that, I seriously doubt that. That site would need some forum members other...
Problem: Either I can have my VOIP working but I cannot surf the web or I can surf...
No, Vonage will not activate non-Vonage equipment except on the significantly...
No, this device is not supported for primary numbers by Vonage. It might be able...
The vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of Vonage customers don't have...
Welcome to the club: WRTP54G QoS Priority for Voice Traffic not sufficient?...
thanks for the help. i looked at Dell's website and they had the same info. i followed...
There is no way for me to disconnect the wiring from the phone company - so perhaps...
karsten, The F1000 will probably do the trick but I've seen other posts here...
I use to subscribe to VoIP service from a no-name company that could not provide... The wireless...
Nope, nothing else going on. I was taking an order over the phone and no other applications...
By the way, they did send a new router in the mail. It was RTP300. I knew my old router...
I had a similar problem recently. I would lose my internet connection and phone...
Hello I have a motorola phone adaptor. I have installed it as per the instructions...
I have almost 1000 days without a call on my series 1 DirecTivo. It works fine....
*99 doesn't work for me with this router... I get an error tone. Is there some other...
What is happening is the router is successfully downloading the firmware but...
The next day I disabled the SPI firewall and the volume phasing in and out stopped.Now...
Porting from Verizon in Maryland. Early this week I checked my account on Verizon's...
Is this was true why does it occur on a cell phone call too? I have this echo problem...
nice you firmware
First all this info is great thanks. I have a RT31P2 and a wrv54g. I have...
Now that was funny!!!!!...
Ok, I had my stats reversed. inbound/download is ok, outbond /upload is where...
No Firmware For You! ....
Steve48, Thanks for the reply. I was pretty sure that I had already tried the...
Beware, however, that you may not be able to use the _wiring_ in the apartment if...
You say that you've tried several configurations, but have you tried a "bare bones"...
Basically, we need a WiFi phone for use in our warehouse. I'm not so concerned...
Thank you so very much - you put a smile on my face :-D...
Any type of phone will work. :lol:...
I forgot to mention that my downloads were limited <50Kbs......
Well I just got off the phone with Vonage for the THIRD time. I told them what the...
I re-tested while downloading, very bad score for inbound side witch makes sense...
I was led to believe that because I live in an apartment building that I couldn't...
Hello all, am new here and yes am going to ask a question alot want to know have...
Ihave had no "serious problem using my VOIP and Internet access using the Linksys...
Hi! I have the same problem. So I bought a pair of 5.8ghz Uniden wireless expandable...
Hi! Occasional echoes can be caused by poor POTS wiring at the other end of the call....
I am a potential new user and have several issues: I live in a 4-story apartment...
I had the same problem where the cable modem was up and running fine, sometimes...
Your test results look good. Did you have other network traffic going on during...
Hi! Could you be a bit more descriptive of the term Provisioning ? It is nowhere...
1. Your location Charlotte, NC 2. Your ISP name and type (cable, DSL,...
Hello everyone I'm a soon to be newbie to vonage. I would like to start out on the...
Have you considered switching to another server to see what happens? :wink:...
Quality Between You and Boston (Preserve Speech Quality): 4.3 Detailed Results:...
HI! Please read the Sticky Posts at the top of the page and please tell us about your...
If you go to and run the test, then post the detailed...
I don't think the netgear model number is relevant, but I'll tell you what ports...
Luis: I can only tell you that my parents, who spend a lot time in Mexico use...
No, you can not plug an RJ-11 cord connected to a phone into your NETGEAR router...
Dell is probably just trying to cut down on tech support calls. :) The original...
I have been trying to get help with QOS and the RTP300. The Vontage technical team...
Hurricane Katrina will probably overtake the 1906 earthquake as the deadliest...
As a softphone customer I'm using Vonage as a replacement for Skype - due to poor...

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