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Vonage UK
How do you call 999
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Vonage UK
How do you call 999
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Ethernet Cable; Wiring schematic? 568-B?
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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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First off three weeks is no long enough to wait for a number transfer... Second,...
Follow this link for step-by-step instructions on how to go about adding another...
I have a business plan with one line and one fax. I would like to add another line(number) What...
that's odd the second page of replies wasnt here when I just posted. never mind...
so let me get this.. cable modem -> Computer USB and cable modem ->...
We moved. Using a neighbors ISP connection until our cable modem is installed....
What are you referring to in terms of 'reseller'?...
cool thanks, should keeps us going till adsl+2 lol :)...
Hello Have you solved this yet? I have exactly the same setup (including ISP)...
it's like deja vu all over again....
"worked a few days ago, needed to rearrange..." so explain what your set up is...
Hi Toby I think I know what your problem is. You say you have the usb cable from...
Tried all that already... The other odd thing.. incoming calls ring, and the CID...
Ugh, Ok. Couldnt any of us?? I just like gaming.....
Location: Currently in Finland ISP: Cable provider HTV (Welho) Speeds:...
I agree with the post above. You might try 10-digit dialing. If that does not work,...
did you read his first post?...
Did you try: 1) resetting to "factory defaults"? 2) or the reset button? (Never...
Even now router's status is showing that it's still restarting.. so, do i need...
heh I'm pretty sure settings are saved. at any rate, vonage pushes the firmware...
This forum has never had online chat. Are you confusing this site with
He may need to open ports so that he can steal software, music, games or movies....
Good job ;)....
Well i had to open ports because I run alot of game and voice communication servers...
that's not a good sign. what is the power light doing? I've never seen anyone...
Could you perhaps bring back the online chat or get some more people who know what...
ok, wait, you have usb going from the computer to the cable modem AND ethernet from...
Anyone here like to play computer games? If so post your favorites. Mine are! Call...
I agree. Although im a happy customer support is horrible. If i ever see a better...
the easiest way I can think to explain it is firmware is the operating system of...
I have to dial 606 ( my old area code i used ) to get a hold of people. But the area code...
I recently had problems with my phone being busy, before that I was able to make...
Ok i figured it out! I have to join to that 192 ip while they join through my external...
I know i dont need a google term. I need a something i can understand term!...
Try it without the http maybe. just the numbers....
I am have a problem only being able to recieve incoming calls intermittently....
:x Worst customer service support I have ever experienced. I placed...
Hi rene, As i have mentioned in my previous email I am trying to get vonage working...
Under Voice tab in Status, i could see the below status Router still restarting....
I'll do my best (and thank you in advance for you patience and help)... Cable...
ok, I still don't have a clear picture of your setup. just write it out. cable...
The lights on the router are as follows: Power: Solid green Ethernet 1:...
this is interesting, starting to see a loose pattern with this issue. can you access...
Add one more vote for the Uniden TRU series cordless phones. The base without the...
My internet connections coming from the RTP300 work fine, DNS included. It tells...
Have you called up Vonage tech support yet? It's worked fine for me since day 1,...
FWIW, I had two RT31P2's before they finally shipped me an RTP300. Both RT31's...
I have the Linksys RT31P2, the line "1" light is solid, when I pick up the phone,...
I have roadrunner broadband internet connection. 2 weeks back i got the Linksys...
The dialtone is generated by the Vonage adapter itself, not the Vonage central...
You might have better luck posting this on one of the dedicated Linksys forums...
so your network setup is cable modem (which one) to the lnksys rt31p2 to your computer...
If the problem is intermittent, I'd suspect ISP problems rather than interference...
I can vmail and call forward configuration just fine. Whenever I try to access...
It is a single computer hooked up through my Comcast cable/internet line. Like...
there are tons of posts on this. search the forums. most people like the uniden...
Just received my RTP300 yesterday. DHCP/NAT is working fine, and I am able to...
you don't need the cd or anything like that. it should be plug n play more or less....
Thanks Dan, That is what I thought, but before I switch my office over I wanted...
It means four lines in actual use at once. QOS is explained here...
This was a brand new one- I had the vonage system working fine for 5 weeks until I...
I have just tried to upgrade firmware of my wireless linksys router befw11s4....
Your PAP 2 TA should connect directly with the Cable modem through a port switch....
thats a good question, I doubt it tho, since they are run as separate companies,...
When the test says I can support a maximum of four simultaneous connections does...
confused, since your pap2 is behind your DI-524, you probably will need to...
Haj, haven't tried all the features, but I am unable to re-enable my voicemail...
I just hooked up my vonage box... internet is working great... pick up phone...
You the man now take it like a man you have no idea what update to the RTP 300 is plus...
I never said I was up to date on anything. I merely looked up the definition of firmware...
It sounds like white or air noise and its very audible if you have one of the defective...
Well if you are such an up to date pecker checker why dont you answer the ? then buddy...
It was a knee jerk reaction Butthead for which I apologize. The man asked an intelligent...
does vonage send out used routers? i dont see any reason why that address wouldnt...
I take that personally m y friend Yuo should take your comments elsware...
Butthead: And this was only your first post. Wow, you are really living up to your...
Firmware is something You wear on your head its kind of like a jock but only tighter.....
This problem began appearing Thursday of last week. Incoming calls to my...
Thanks VonageTPA. I moved my phone away from the modem and router - it was a couple...
If not from one of the several Vonage Reps that frequent this site, than most certainly...
Sounds like shes cheating on him!!!!!!!!!...
I had to reboot tonight and set up Vonage again. I tried to go into step 2: COnfigure...
Hi, having read your post I have a couple of questions for you, I am using exactly...
I haven't had much luck with sending questions to customer support at the regular...
I would really like to use my Vonage voicemail. The only reason why I'm still using...
I've not heard of cordless phones causing choppy audio with the Vonage phone adapters....
Thats the thing.. That wont work.....
I have a 900MHz Uniden 'cheapo' cordless phone and I'm wondering if some cordless...
Well, DMZ should never actually be necessary, because you can get the same effect...
So, what you're saying is... Vonage hates babies? :)...
What is firmware and where can i get the latest for my RTP300, And will it help me...
Solved. 8)...
my problems are similar, yet different. My router will disconnect, but it won't...
Ok im going to explain exactly What is going on. I have forwarded my ports correctly...
So my server wont work with the 192 I didnt test it But the IP didnt change But it DiD...
DMZ is supposed to forward everything... just look in your router settings, it...
Long story - short: To prevent the service from being used as a baby monitor ....
I just thought lowering vonages bandwidth would have a large affect on the sound...
Just get the new RTP 300 which they send out now. You can hook it up to your wrt54g...
May I ask why you are cancelling?...
Well i enabled it, I THINK. Because I was able to port forward my Teamspeak server...
Kevin, Yes.. check out the Epygi Quadro 4X. You can hang your ATA off of the POTS...
Ya, I saw that the other day :( :( GRRRR!!!!...
I am currently looking into purchasing service. I have 1 question though. I currently...
Hi, I just got Vonage 3 days ago and so far it has been touch and go :(. All calls...
I have DLink DI-524 wireless router connected to cable modem, and then connected...
The topic says it all. I have been unable to the access the Features settings of...
I'm just using my RTP300 as a phone adapter. Literally, hooked it up, turned on...
I'm not saying that vonage is free of any quilt. However, all I am saying is that...
How I deducted that it could very well be vonage is more than one reason. 1. I haven't...
1. Location - Boston MA 2. Comcast Cable internet 3. The 3Mbps/256kbps package 4....

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