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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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The primary purpose of a primary access point is to give wireless clients access...
Has anyone had any luck in calling customer service to get this resolved? I can't...
I also thought the "poll" results were pretty interesting......
Well, it looks like the results are in!...
Never had a problem either...just plug the ethernet cable into my RT and go...
My connection box is rusted, old, and looks nothing like the above. As it turns...
Well there are plans that reduce the price but of course that requires a fee and...
I have Cingular. I can't remember which one she has. I typically get great calls...
incomming calls to a cell phone are free to you, there is no charge, regardless...
:P thank guys so much, I just tried voip test, the score is 3.7, which is similar...
If you want to do it your way make sure the RT31P2 is connect with its WAN port and...
that is good.. :) thats weird tho that you could not get a clear call before, was...
Hi, I'm sitting on the fence about switching to Vonage. I have a Napco alarm system...
Call CS and have them set your RT31P2's ringer to 90 Volts, 20Hz, Trapezoidal....
Reebok: why use the right tool for the job, when you can pay less for the wrong tool,...
Oh, and try a call to Boston on from your computer to see...
I had to setup an IP reservation on the web-admin page of the Netgear router such...
or if you want to use something designed for that application, you could use a wireless...
I'd suggest the WRT54G S (more RAM, larger ROM = more stability) over the WRT54G....
If you make the RT31P2 your first [or only] router, then you can use voice QoS, which...
The phone you're using could be contributing to the problem... I'm not sure what...
I just got vonage today and I am having difficulty setting it up. My current network...
More great news! It obtains a DNS automatically!!!...
Good news is I was able to upgrade my firmware! Still working on the DNS issue......
Do you have any problems with your phone service with this setup? The recommended...
I don't think changing the order of devices is going to have any effect on DTMF stuff....
I'm not sure that it will help. I have my WRT54GP2 connected directly into my cable...
You could get a WRT54G (they're as cheap as $40 in some places) and put the 3rd-party...
I was trying to be cute.. not trying to insult you or anything...! I'm not familiar...
Although Vonage has (805) area codes they don't have any in my 100 mile stretch...
Hi, I am living in a University Dormitory which only wireless internet is...
Thanks for the reply mundy5, i've tried changing the bandwidth saver 50 and 30...
Heh. Considering I've been called "sir" on the phone more than once, I'm surprised....
Has anyone successully ported a number from an area where Sprint is the ILEC? There's...
Contacting the FCC isn't going to do anything. They simply don't care about consumers....
Some of the 2.4Ghz phones will wipe out the entire WiFi (802.11) frequency when...
The definition of spam is traditionally unsolicited advertising, usually through...
OMG, this turned out to be something so stoopid!! Somehow, the power outage/return...
And make sure they are using different channels. :-D...
Or just move them away from each other, three feet at the very least....
The default VoIP port is 5060. Configuring that port to high priority gave me a...
Avoid 2.4GHz phones if you have a WiFi network. They tend to interfere with each...
:roll: sorry if it sounded any other way...I was just being paranoid and since...
You may use whatever phone you would like. I never stated that you could or could...
umm....sorry but can we not use a 2.4 GHz cordless phone with vonage?...
I just signed up with Vonage and set up a virtual number for a friend in Canada, then...
Well I am a little uncertain just because 2 customer service reps seemed a little...
You can unlock your VT1000 using instructions on the web (search for "0xdecafbad...
s, I can answer at least your first question with some confidence. I have...
Ralph, We are "almost" in the same boat but I boat out of Newburyport :) I'll...
Hi I have Comcast HSI in Seattle with an RCA DCM305 cable modem and Linksys RT31P2...
I got my PAP2-NA's on eBay (from compudation FWIW). Make sure any listings specifically...
My number has been succesfully transferred to VONAGE (after 1 day of no inbound...
VonageTPA, Isn't SPAM different than a pop-up ad? Why do you think that Vonage...
Acehawk74, Have you ever had your wrt54g working in the past before your Vonage...
It's possible that they're unaware of it happening... Complain via their Spam...
Dominus, I guess your question begs the following question: Why does it matter?...
XJJoe01: have you actually tested that? On the other routers, you can't connect...
If you want to connect the wrtp to another router, just turn off the DCHP server...
I'm going to call the cellphone company and see if I can find out. I thought surely...
Best way to find out is to try it... that is, if CS is able to make the change. I...
so how does the service sound to you BP? Is there an echo on everycall?...
[quote="paul248"]The thing is, why are they using DTMF regeneration in the first...
Well with a lot of help from CS I have now gotten my number from Altell ported over. Thanks...
The thing is, why are they using DTMF regeneration in the first place? It seems...
I do some work with LMRS radio systems that are controlled with DTMF tones. Some...
I love popups. I enjoy when about 100 pop up and bring my computer to a grinding halt....
That is no excuse....
Im sure vonage is paying a company to advertise for them and have no control on how...
It may be possible that you have a squeeky voice that triggers the DTMF tones....
Hey, Jumpin Joe. Looks like we are in same boat hanging on for dear life. My new router...
I have asked this before, but I think it needs to be repeated: Why can't Vonage &...
Joe: You can download and install the new firmware yourself. See this...
There are a few threads around here that mention places to download the new firmware....
Already changed ports yesterday but still no dial tone. I may reset to factory...
If you want that deal, you have to get it quickly. has some good prices...
hmmmm, When I run my tests I am getting a QOS 98-99% on my rogers high speed. I...
Have Vonage Tech support switch your phone ports and see if that makes any difference....
Even the outside surface of the case is hot, especially the back/bottom side....
Couple of things I forgot to mention. I'm using DSL and Verizon is my ISP. Running...
I also read what you read in the manual about the blinking light on the phone port....
I don't have a PAP2, but it sounds like yours has the IP set to static. It shouldn't...
After a port completes the virtual number will remain on the account for 7 days....
is the heat a problem? or why do you think it is?...
Yes, I can repeat this experiment: No Wireless; No Voice. Not knowing what...
My office router has a newer firmware version! And why did someone change...
I just wanted to let anyone who is in the market for a new phone that I found a site...
what kind of ip addressing system do they use there? it may need to be set up for pppoe...
are you sure the phone light blinking means new message? this is not the case in...
that is weird, and I can pretty much guarantee it's not supposed to do that judging...
Yeah. I've tried every different connection possibility I could, I've tried...
I have had 802.11[bg] connection reliability problems from day one with this...
I just got my service working early this week. Did CS have you perform a hard...
I have the following configuration <<<- Motorola SB5100 Cable...
Hello yoyoshirey, I've sent you a PM several days ago... please reply when...
I am new to Vonage (so take whatever grains of salt necessary). I was having issues...
Sounds like a configuration problem on the WRT54G. You should be able to pick up...
I have a RT31P2, and use that for my broadband phone service. I also have a WRT54G,and...
"Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."...
Got the same doggone router from them when we requested a new one, even asked for...
Does it still reboot if you leave it disconnected from the Internet?...
That's a known problem, caused by the DTMF tone detection algorithm. When you...
I signed up with Vonage because I wanted to be able to bring my number to my new house...
Nah, my problem is slightly different. The light will eventually stop blinking...
We've had Vonage for almost a year now and other than an incredibly long wait to...
I started off with the RT31P2 provided by Vonage. This worked well and I had no problems....
Does a cell phone company charge you differently based on the source of an incoming...
Hi guys: I checked Linksys site for a firmware upgrade for the WRTP54G and...
So here is my situation. I'm trying to figure out if I get billed for this: 1)...
I activated my account on July 7th and had no problems until today. So I had one week...
Assuming this is the same firmware used by the Vonage boxes, this would explain...
Maybe this might give a clue ...
God guys, call the 800 number please....then post the results......
I too have had a problem with Vonage's rebate system. I purchased a PAP2 Linksys...
Well, it turns out that when the first LinkSys adaptor died it also must have damaged...
Very sweet, thank you both....
I had just assumed that they all got auto-updated to 1.00.37......
congrats, im glad everything FINALLY worked out for you!...
OK. I'm a bit peed off right now. While browsing various news sites, I visited...
First off, thanks for all the help! I just noticed on my router that I am running...
Hi. I just wanted to update you all where I stand. After 2 more calls, they finally...
Let me suggest that you may have a different issue. Here is some history that may...
I don't think I can do this with mine but if someone knows how then please chime in....
On my RT31P2, under the local DHCP settings, there's a place where you can enter...
I have not had any problems with my vonage and xbox live...
The router gets an IP and DNS but any PC (hard wire or wireless) can't obtain a DNS...
yes, all your incomming calls to that number are free to you, even if you are on the...
I don't quite understand what's broken. Are the computers getting an IP, but no...
I think you may have the same problem as a number of other "happy" WRTP54G users...
I did. The phone line seems to work ONLY if the wireless AP is activiated. I was hoping...
I guess if waiting 2.5 months is "speeding up the process" then I agree with you....
Thanks for the info. When I said the Internet is fine I meant that I can connect...
Don't bother with emailing. Call tech support and tell them to escalate again...
Hi guys: I purchased a Linksys PAP2 adapter from Best Buy USA and activated...
This seems very typical of Vonage. I guy I work with was out for a week. Then Vonage...
Doesn't work on my phone either. Guess it doesn't support FSK VMWI ....
One of my colleagues was thinking of switching to Vonage and required this feature...
Reebok, I read that. And that would be a free call in that example, because it's...
the constant power light blinking means its dead basically. specifically I suppose...
yeah...but why waste time with a post and wait 2 hours for a reply? you could just...
read all about it:
I purchased 2 Linksys WRTP54G Vonage Routers with one going in my home and the other...
I'm on Rogers with their high speed extreme, and lately have noted some problems...
Keeping Your Phone Number Status History Status History for: 1262*******...

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