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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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I wonder if these outages have any relationship to the delay in porting phone numbers. The...
it was funny, cusz the other day when we had the storm, whenever the lighting struck,...
One feature that no one seems to have mentioned is the ability to forward SMS text...
I'm pretty sure it's 20 unless it's changed recently....
[font=Verdana:67bd9c9365] Thank you Stephen, I had not been aware of the Yap/Nomad...
Make sure you've got the latest firmware version before you consider junking...
way ahead of you did that last night, so lets talk ;) dont have vonage yet,...
Is it really only a half mile? I bet if you agree to pay for the work, they'll run it....
Ugh..this isn't good. Site is still down...going on 2 hours now....
I'll chime in, for what it's worth. We live in the Tampa Bay area, and anyone who's...
I moved to the wilderness and they don't have cable modem here or even DSL. Lots...
Hello Recently I just switched over to Vonage and purchased the Linksys Wireless...
Somewhat true, I'd overlooked that. Some access points have a Wireless Bridge...
The service status message to your left addresses your area code in FL, but I'm...
My Vonage service was working flawlessly until customer service changed my packetization...
The first thing you should do is upgrade the firmware. Download it from here: http://www1.linksys...
Sean, Thank you for posting this, here is a little more detail;
[font=Tahoma:49b3fb9bc3] In Daniel's VOIP Forum Newsletter today, he noted: [color=black][size...
Old houses eat electronics. I'm in a 125 year old place right now, and we put in a...
This is why I absolutely, always, 100% of the time, never not, will always have...
Thanks! I am going to do it hopefully today * keeps fingers crossed* if I opt...
Yeah..this is unnacceptable. This is the second full outage since I became a customer,...
I just clicked the link on the home page and it took me right to the Vonage signup...
At least once a month the customer site is down. I forwarded my business calls this...
DeeJay, thanks for YOUR reply and all your info. Yes it is very upsetting to...
Can't blame MS for this one. :o The site is down. A few hours ago I got a message...
Hi So I finally decided to take the plunge....but the link from the coupon...
Is there a problem with the Vonage customer site? I've tried to log in with both...
because it's not "real" 911 for one thing. as far as those few with "true" 911, I...
How can you test 911 without getting into trouble with police dept? Most cities...
I don't know if anyone CAN help you, but I am certain no one will. As you can see from...
that is correct and you need a dual FXO card to do that....
Equipment: Westell 327W wireless modem/router and Linksys RT31P2, using Verizon...
I can't access Vonage Control Panel either. I just got back from vacation and my...
West coast of FL (area code 727) and our NY, NY line (area code 212). No calls...
I have noticed an echo the past couple of days on my end of the line. I can hear myself...
You mean only one call per outgoing line can be made, if my Vonage account has two...
That is correct but only one call can be going out of the vonage line at a time but...
I was thinking one line in, one line out... I've not seen too many small PBXs with...
JAX Talkin College Football Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Krystals and...
I have a quick question regarding the asterisk software. Can use this software...
Yeah that makes it a little more clear... Sorry for all the newb questions,...
My experience is very similar to yours. I plan to keep the pressure up on this...
Most of these terminal adapters will work, as most of them use the same protocol...the...
I'd like to report that my Vonage is now working perfectly fine. I'm not exactly...
Will a VT1005 work? There is a lot of 5 on eBay ending in 6 hours. Item: 5788473404 PM...
I've had this problem since signing up to vonage in May. Have been on to support...
Line 1 from Comcast: Submitted eLOA on June 8th Transfer complete on June...
I am not familiar with Asterisk either, but I don't see the need for two lines. You...
"Real old house"... you might have the opposite problem of what you think it is.....
So you want to set up a dial-in line for the Vonage box? It *could* be done, but there's...
PM me your info I will look into this for you....
After waiting 10 weeks to port my number I decided to cancel the port an resubmit...
but having said that... Looks like I spoke too soon as by the end of the day,...
This one goes out to all the people who dream big, and then wanna go back when it doesn't...
the manual doesn't explain it? I imagine you just connect it and forward the...
looking for a correct setup for a wrtp54g and dc2100+ internet camera for remote...
Hi, Can someone tell me where I can buy a motorola vt 1000 adapter? I called...
Maybe not. But you're still paying for your POTS service and, more importantly,...
Ditto what muldrec did! Well, almost.. I still let my wireless device...
In the US, most inactivated cell phones can still dial 911, even if they aren't...
I have the same devices as you; however, I configured mine this way: ISP->Cablemodem->RT31P...
Why is Vonage even asking what features we want when they have not added anything...
For those of you who are interested or have the same problem, I finally called Vonage....
[quote="mini1"]I understand what you are saying now. I should transfer my number...
I'm using Shaw as well; I live in the Westend. I just ran the Speed Test and it's...
My brother has somehow had such a wireless access as well for a laptop. Somewhere...
Let me clarify #3, What I want to accomplish is to be capable of using a standard...
So a question to those who bought an adapter retail and got your activation waived,...
Ok, so I don't need Voicemail. That is good and you are correct. I understand...
Good point...I did not disconnect anything outside, but still have that, the...
I have Charter cable internet to a wireless router, wired to my Vonage adapter...
Yep, the FCC requires telcos to maintain a "soft dial tone" on every line, even...
Yes, that sounds right to me (obviously!). WAP's can be absurdly cheap (here in...
Hi Chris - Thank you for your contribution to this thread, that I started....
Hi, can anyone give me some guidance, or screenshots, for setting up QoS on the...
I tested my 911 a couple of days ago, and I had the exact same results, the call went...
the cd is generally useless. odd that it wouldn't work except with dmz, I wonder...
I saw someone talking about getting a cheap land line. This may help... When...
Aloksri, After you run the test, you should see a button saying Detailed Results..those...
I will be checking one out today...thanks for the info!...
The one nice thing about VoIP in general is that it creates far less network traffic...
Everything seems to work OK, I have no problem getting the guide for my Showstopper...
I contacted support by email to ask about the problem with incorrect outgoing...
Nesincg, where are you located?...
I'm embarrassed to raising this question, only to defer to someone else for its...
Stryton: Good luck with the transfer. Keep me posted as we have a small place...
I got a PAP2 from a Radio Shack store. It came with a rebate offer, so my net cost...
I've got no experience of that model, but I've used plenty of Linksys stuff and...
j'ai 23 ans et je souhaiterai venir faire mes études à Montréal. je me suis inscrite...
I'm having pretty much the same issue, only that I'm using eMule instead of BitTorrent...
How long should the negotiating stage take in a test call. I have finally found...
Yea, some of us are here :wink:...
I've been waiting for this to be supported, but as far as I know, no VoIP provider...
Vonage won't let you make a direct SIP connection from Asterix unless it's to a...
That is the way broadband is sold, normally the upload speed is a fraction of the...
agreed :-D...
That will happen if a post is deleted. It will make the next group of ten posts when...
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by #3, but everything you've mentioned seems...
thank you both for the tips. cheers to you!...
so for those of you who went thru the eLOA, once the request has been approved...
When I use and call up Boston preserving, my score...
Has anyone else noticed that a lot of people who posted their results from the VOIP...
You may be on to something. Can you explain in more detail? Is there a way to test?...
thanks guys!...
Vonage is so #@1%ed up. I received the following email today: Dear xxxxxx...
I got mine at OfficeMax. They were $149 but I've seen them on sale lately for around...
Must be that Canuck voice transfer.... :-D Just kidding... Well if it was...
I must first say I enjoy using Vonage VoIP. I have became a true Hater of the local...
I just got off the phoen with Tech Support, only had to wait baout 5 mins too.. :)...
The phone indicator blinks on and off. My vtech phone displays that a "extension...
Is the light for phone1 on on the device?...
Works now. I guess it was just a forum glitch that showed a page number that didn't...

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