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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Do both of your lines run side by side throughout the house?...
Thanks a lot. I'll give it a try....
Is it really necessary for "5ucks" to be filtered out as an obscenity? What if I...
So you want a way around blocked voip. I guess its a good thing I came to this forum...
It seems most people think we are just slacking off over here. I believe people...
Colesch is right. Unfortunately, We have no control over the amount of time some...
Well after reading a crap ton of posts, I can see that most of the complainers are...
I'm certain that you don't need the WAN port. If you temporarily put in
What I'd like to see a virtual PBX. Basically it works like this. 1) Phone is...
Went and got myself a $16 modem and it works fine. Seems the old modem only used...
Then again maybe you didn't raise enough stink. Vonage doesn't have any control...
Good to hear a positive LNP comment. Thanks :)...
This is the fix I applied for Medic. Log into your web account go to Account...
Signed up on June 22nd and the number got ported today (July 1). Way to go Vonage....
Trying to forward port(not using UPnP) via the port forwarding dialog. Forwarding...
yes and what do you mean by busy signal? is it exactly like a busy signal, or just...
Has the UPnP issue been resolved?...
My rtp31p2 router is running 1.28.00 firmware. Is this the latest? I constantly...
I think caller id name support from cell phone companies is fairly new. and to set...
A Linksys BEFSR41 4port. I can't bring up the router setup page (,...
I agree with you cargojack, but remember, I'm in Alabama! When I mention voip,...
[font=Verdana:4aff81c692] this happens everytime vonage recycles their network...
What's the brand/model of the router? Did you skip over any password screens?...
That is an interesting question... the call waiting beeps are placed way too close...
No one from the reponse team ever got back to me, even after I called and emailed...
Why are you confused? They are testing it in NYC and will rollout elsewhere by end...
Heh...on the Sb5100 it is called Standby... Security Features Top-mounted...
No matter what I do I can't access the router setup page. It's finally working...
What is the best 5.8 gh 2-line phone to get to share with my home traditional line....
1. Anonymous Call Rejection; 2. Anonymous Call Rejection; 3. Anonymous...
Yes, I guess you would call it the "stand-by" button. Although it turns off all...
login to your vonage account and disable call waiting. Its under the features...
Hello. Every time I get an inbound call, my phone goes crazy. It make all type...
The WRTP54G and RTP300 are both running Linux. That means more potential for advanced...
Edit: oops, wrong thread....
I called about that yesterday too. My calls were a few hours ahead of the actual...
Oh no, I was talking specifically about the modem.......
hmm... seems i'm having the same problems...i had firmware 1.00.18 and had huge...
[font=Verdana:b461d3ebdb] scroll dow in the webui screen, i believe you should...
I can top that!. Earlier this week my cell phone #'s were showing up on my caller...
[font=Verdana:a71ccf5115] as far as i know, the rt31p2 and the pap2 uses the same...
I have moved to an area with a pretty non-existent crime rate, but for piece of mind...
Its called Network Availability Feature. Its designed to forward calls to another...
Maybe you have an... antenna thing that could be adjusted to get a stronger signal,...
I haven't seen reports of anything newer than that. 3.1.3 is (coincidentally?)...
This is usually how you get to the router settings. First, plug the computer into...
Thats Right mundy :)...
Off button as in the Standby button on the 5100?...
Now the question becomes who do we put our faith in, the "water cooler" crowd or...
That's funny that T-mobile works for you because my whole family has T-mobile...
How to do save your router configuration? I did not find this option...
I lowered the bandwidth setting to 50kbps, and put my linksys adaptor before my...
Just checking what everybody else's firmware #. mine is 3.1.3. Anyboby else?...
well vonage uses tftp (port 69) to push firmware updates, but here is an explanation...
I get similar results, but it seems to be carrier dependent. for instance, t-mobile...
The thing is when I called his verizon number, I could only leave a message flawlessly....
I found an easy way to forward my home line to my cell phone when I leave the house....
Before switching to VoIP when a person called it showed there first and last name...
Ok....I have dial tone but can't call. Network properties show a couple of...
*** Thanks for replies, I'll check it out....
I appreciate the help but if I knew what I was doing....I wouldn't ask for your help.
Rolands, yes, it should be intelligent enough to realise, that the simulring...
What sort of speeds are you connecting at? If it's higher than 28.8, you might want...
You said "Router Is not powered"... when I said to turn off the router, I meant to...
disable wireless mode on the WRTP and the firmware will complete every time. this...
not unless your isp is givning you two ip's, and even then I'm not sure how the modem...
To my knowledge that is something they implemented in the new devices as to whenever...
if you see "provisioning failed" on any of the "RTP" devices, its a bug, which will...
Not having any luck. The hardware is setup as follows... SB5100 USB to PC...
How about on a Rt31P2?...
Sometimes it happens on some devices, if it does, you would have to call us up and...
Ok great, I'll try it. Make sure power is off on this is just a...
I have a PAP2. I called on my Vonage line and it was not problem. They did something...
according to Vonage 50k is still better than a regular phone line. 30k is considered...
how significantly does switching to 50k affect the voice quality?...
mgorbach, if you go to, at the top right corner there is a login...
Serra, Your gut instinct about the 414 to 262 phone call being a long distance...
my modem is leased, so im gonn ask for it to be replaced. i will report back afterwards,...
cargojack, my apologies. It wasn't clear that you have the PAP2 device. Regardless...
mgorbach, I have not seen this suggestion yet. Have you considered using...
Good to mine does that sometimes but not all the time...I just tried...
Call Vonage and tell them your line is not sending DTMF tones properly. They will...
many people have had this problem of touch tones not being recognized. one thing...
as far as provisioning failed, check this thread: yo...
this is sorta what I figured.. thought I would ask.. new TA already shipped anyway...
widely documented, check the fax/modem forum and use the search tool....
haven't seen that before, but it seems to require a password from vonage....
Hi, I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem or has found a way...
I do believe there are some rebates out right now for the SB5100 if you have to buy...
Has anyone else had problems trying to use a modem; not a cable modem, but an analog...
Good to see it is a valid survey if you have "no effect" Oh yeah, I meant to tell...
Ok hope this will benefit some other people. I have the newest Samsung Tivo for...
It works fine with Airtel & Dishnet/VSNL. I'm currently using it with Airtel....
Have you tried this ? : You should be able to unlock with this secret VOIP page:...
I've had Bulldog for a while, and vonage since it 1st hit these shores. The vonage...
Yes, the router will show the accurate version, so your upgrade did not take. I...
Hi, I am a new Vonage subscriber and loving it so far. Quick question out of curiosity: During...
Hi Im thinking about getting bulldog to provide my broadband and im just wondering...
May be the cordless phones. I know it sounds simple but try switching channels...
For some reason, from time to time I can hear my daughters conversations on her...
On some level, it does not matter if you cannot get local area code for your state....
Well if its worth looking into for you, Ill be at work at 2 and ill be glad to see if...
Thanks for the quick reply, and from a Vonage Rep. at that! I first noticed...
If you are asking if you can use the callvantage adaptor with Vonage, the answer...
Thats the first ive heard of this problem. Did you just notice it or has it been like...
Faxes from PC. The way to generate faxes from PC on Vonage would be to get a second...
I just installed the cable internet service along with the new linksys WRTP54G...
Does anyone know why my "Placed calls" appear to be 5 hours in the future? It seems...
I had this same type of problem when I first hooked everything up. The problem was...
just curious I have looked around and cant find any help already signed up for service...
Here's the new RTP300, for those who haven't seen it: I found it here:...
Clearly, your router is beginning to develop sentience. If you ever see the firmware...
Found this on dslreports..... Your right about the Latency, even though...
benheeha: Post your detailed 2-way results from a call to Boston on
I like the responses to #11: "Since using VoIP, I have No Effect. " Help!...
Yep...Both wireless and satelite, while technically able to "use" voip, are...
[font=Verdana:9152a056d7] so here's the complete picture for you sb5100->pc(usb)->pc(nic)-&...
[align=justify] Complete Parody Follows........ I took am taking a survey...
[font=Verdana:6e3819e560] city university??? if you are serious with your...
[font=Verdana:877964396f] whew... I thought linksys made a mistake giving...
[font=Verdana:0f9e246afb] hmmm... that's so weird... I've never heard a router...
Well, thats not entirely true. Regardless of who Vonage uses as it's underlying...
lol, buffet table is better :)...
After having version 1.00.29 up for a couple of weeks, I've come home to see my firmware...
Sho Nuff....City University :roll:...
Don't you mean the buffet table? :wink: Yes, I've had some chicken wings......
You are absolutely correct on that . . . . it is a rt31p2. Don't know where I got "41"....
Thanks Reebok :)...
The difference is one is for residential use and one is for business use :) . If...

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