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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Hello, II've searched the forums and found several configuration options,...
Did you get the Panasonic KX-FHD331 to work? I was able to send a fax, but today nothing....
Thanks again for the help, your suggestion of plugging in my second router to work...
OK, let's try to walk before we can run ....... I have disconnected everything....
interesting, did the power light blink at all when you reset it? you have a slightly...
Hey, Thanks for the quick reply. I tried the reset that you suggested...
if you haven't done this specific reset, you can give it a try: unplug power,...
Feds bite BitTorrent Government shuts down Web site used to steal "Star Wars:...
this used to be a common topic, but I haven't seen it in a while. not sure if these...
I have two RT31P2s and one works fine after being replaced 4 times. The other one...
Hello all, I have a motorolla surfboard sb5100 cable modem with RoadRunner...
Yes, you can ground that to the same ground for your cable system. It probably isn't...
Well, waiting since April 16th I figured I'd call today to see if I could get a status...
ipconfig /all lists info from your computers network cards. why you would need...
That is really unfortunate, a couple of questions: Will you get your phone...
I checked with Comcast and they told me I did not have to register the MAC address...
I requested a number transfer in January and it still has not gone through. After...
Just change the static IP address on the voip router to a static ip address
make sure it's set to dhcp or obtain ip automatically in its setup. also, comcast...
Yes you need to get another router that supports VPN, plug computer into that router...
I need your help. I have been a very happy Vonage customer for over a year now,...
Were you able to get it working with the capacitor? I've been using it for several...
The Cat 3 runs from all the phone jacks, individually (Star or home run pattern)...
Well, how do you cancel, and where is the eLOA form? I don't see options for either...
Wow, to my surprise this morning, i check my email this morning and i was informed...
Vonage TV Commercial - Unofficial [video width=400 height=350:8dd08193ae]http://www.vonage-forum...
Vonage TV Commercial - Snowmobile [video width=320 height=260:a873f1a87c]http://www.vonage-forum...
Vonage TV Commercial - Skier [video width=320 height=260:c86c24b1b6]
Actually I just dial the area code and number without the preceding 1 and it works...
What's your set-up?...
If I'm assuming correctly that you are a canadian citizen, the answer is probably...
I have made several calls in which the person I am calling eventually cannot hear...
Vonage is now telling me that I'll have to reactivate my number with Qwest for the...
You have 2 ways of configuring Do Not Disturb. One is to send all calls to voice mail...
Vonage TV Commercial - Batter [video width=400 height=350:5624e94ce4]
truckin88, I can try to answer your question. As far as I can tell, having looked...
Vonage TV Commercial - Tree [video width=400 height=350:f61b5934ed]
Vonage TV Commercial - Dizzy [video width=400 height=350:bc9fb824ad]
Vonage TV Commercial - Rocket [video width=400 height=350:7ace5fcd08]
Vonage TV Commercial - Fountain [video width=400 height=350:914b00e067]http://www.vonage-forum.c...
excellent idea. If my thrid scheduled date of 5/31 falls through I will definitely...
Install Vonage today. I also use mirc to do irc. I can receive a file via dcc but can't...
I might just end up using a spare cisco ata 186 I have around the house and just use...
I like the Cisco phones as well but take a look at the Grandstream phones, the sound...
Thank you for all you help Tommy. I going to try to get all configure tonight. Trying...
who is your isp and what kind of connection is it? how is your network setup?... Vonage...
If you set it up to be the default trunk or only have 1 trunk then it will dial out without...
just use PPP. it's ALOT Easier, and works 100% for me. it's even a little fast than...
I have checked the manual, and I do believe I have the latest firmware from feb 2005....
If your number transfer is bogged down for 6+ weeks with no relief in site CANCEL...
I have a primary and secondary line enabled on my router and all is working fine....
Do I need prefix like 9 or can I dial straight out? Also do you have any recommendations...
Its based on the trunk you have setup. If you set it up to be default then asterisk...
Three months and counting on my number transfer. Vonage has cancelled my bill...
Maybe this is stupid question how does the asterisk box know to route to the linksys...
heh, that is a good test and can be a good indicator, but has nothing to do with a "voip...
How this thread - titled "There's No Way to Cancel Service" became a VoIP rate plan...
I will venture to guess that you are out of luck on this one. But it is worth a phone...
I have a US Vonage account but am living in Canada. Much cheaper that way. But how...
I have service from several providers. I prefer the plans that don't charge me...
Don't get their hopes up.... BINNER :evil: :evil: :evil:...
Please type the foll in DOS prompt: tftp get test If...
I had similiar problems. I solved mine by putting my wireless router that was rock...
:-D My experience so far: April 11, 2005 Awaiting Letter of Authorization...
Getting two external IPs solved my problems completely. Here's the new setup: Modem...
LOL I stand corrected :)...
OK I just dialled the preceding 1 and the call worked. Have you never used Vonage? http://www....
Try and set it as the default route or add a prefix like 9 to dial that trunk right...
yeah you need to dial a 1... as in 1-800.... do you just pick the phone and dial 570-323-2222...
Using the AMP webbased config when I add zap truck what do I put in for my Outgoing...
I currently live in Denver, and I am on business day 50 for them to transfer my number....
reebok: I guess that would mean standard tier-1, non-installation...
I am trying to get vonage to every phone jack in my house, I have all the lines run,...
The call waiting beep is incessant and annoying. What if you have a 30 second delay...
I would be concerned over what would happen if a family members car broke down or...
It seems the India issue isn't as cut and dry as I thought:
I think its version 0.9...
There's no need to connect the outside phone line to the Vonage device. You simply...
Odd statements you make, but I certainly like the 500 minute/month choice. I have...
Well, I just signed up for Cingular around 3 weeks ago. They're pretty good. I got...
I am not debating with you, I am just letting people know that there service has...
I personally think this option is great. I would even prefer a less expensive option...
With your logic mate there would be only 1 kind of car produced and our houses would...
I see. Let me spell it out for you. I pay $40 per month for 1000 minutes unlimited...
I was thinking the other day about what happens if you dial 0.. I didn't try it tho.....
Just add a Zap Trunk in AMP. What version of Asterisk@home are you using?...
Who is the chicks ass showing in that picture? KDWycha...
Hey hey hey now :) My understanding is they are all employees in the U.S. up in Edison...
I'm going by what you have already admitted right here in this thread. You...
I think you mean switch->linksys adapter->asterisk box->ip phone/analog...
Landline service here with Verison costs at least $50 per month per line with their...
I'm sure the procedure defined by Mundy5 works for you, but If I had to go through...
it should work, be sure you're entering all the info it needs. judging from the...
Ok so in my asterisk box I have Digium Wildcard X100P OEM FXO PCI Card so setup is...
and for a misconception on your part, intial tech support/customer service,...
cid 92 et. al.: I do not know thew "official" explanation as to what the SB4100...
I have the Linksys RT31P2 router and I cant get either of them to keep a connection...
Hrmm just a note.. I don't condone pirated software.. that was a joke :P GardRailz......
[quote="dconnor']Mine is Hack away, hit it hard!!! Smile [/quote] heh...
POTS== it's obvious when people climb poles, or fuss with lines around your house...
I'm halfway tempted to give out my IP address and challenge any of you guys to grab...
Ok just moved in a new house, ordered vonage, I have a cat5 wire I can hook up between...
Hey, I am planning to leave ol'verizon for the sleak phones Cingular offers. How's...
oh, I am glad you like it. You are the first person to comment on it and it has been...
Sorry, I didn't check specifically for you :) I have Cingular cellular service...
Yeah, I guess you're right. I don't really pay attention to which channels I'm...
Thanks for checking that for me. It goes through now with or without that last extra...
AFAIK, Vonage is distributing its hardware through national electronics stores,...
i am able to dial 866-CIN-GULA with no problems. I omit the last R since it is...
I can't help you with your problem, I am sorry. But I just wanted to point out...
dconnor, Wanted to thank you for the new hover-over drop down menus. Thanks!...
tracerbullet, I'm sorry to hear that you are having such trouble with your...
I'm sorry but Broadvoice service has been horrible....
Hello all, I signed up to test the Linksys RTP300 router and I can't get the damn...
I have a similar setup and unfortunately with vonage you cant do IP only communications...
aboat2, who was your carrier prior to vonage? I jealous of your speedy port....
OK I just dialled the preceding 1 and the call worked....
Can someone tell me why I changed my wireless service and kept my number in a matter...
I try to dial 866-CINGULAR and all I get is a FAST busy signal. CINGULAR tech doesnt...
Your point is taken, but all things being equal, Fresno IS the "major area" in this...
I personally think this option is great. I would even prefer a less expensive option...
Hey! I got in.. woohoo.... hrmm wow... dan.. what have you been doing.. you've...
I think you are discounting a potential market segment that Vonage is attempting...
Mine is Hack away, hit it hard!!! :)...
You have got serious issues. VoIP is just as secure (if not more) then a POTS line....
Well I guess they are not lying anymore because they didn't even give me a soon....
Correct.. they would have to be a network admin on the network you use... someone...
Sorry to see you go mate. But if 541 doesn't show PDQ I'm right behind you. I'm flat...
Hello Everyone, I just got vonage came over from broadvoice and I was using...
Gentlemen / Ladies: We have an excellent thread going here, let's keep it...
Obviously there is a way to cancel. These are just a few examples...
Everyone else who reads this thread can determine for themselves based on the...
Just a heads-up for anyone who cares, I'll be switching to myphonecompany now...

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