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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

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Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

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You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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I have a similar setup, and it works fine behind a Linux-based router and Internet...
Many people don't seem to understand what goes on behind the scenes when dialing...
Ah..I see. Where is the call terminated from IP to the PSTN? Is the server or whatever...
Unfortunately, Vonage isn't the only company that does this sort of thing. For...
that will learn him...
I have an inline phone adapter that runs into my sound card mic. I think I picked...
It would be nice if they would give us a "little" access to do things such as raise...
obviously he is heard of a cell phone. good gordon man, who hasnt?...
I had a problem to with the Mac ID. I first entered my cloned MAC not really thinking...
When the device is removed with network availability enabled, calls go directly...
Hey, It was just a fun thing to try. It's not like I go around with my VOIP phone...
Vonage uses GT Group Telecom as its Canadian number provider. Based on that, Vonage...
their website is
First of all, enigma91884 discussed the problem with me and offered a few suggestions...
The wife and I currently just have Sprint PCS cell phones with a 1-800 number running...
Well it took about a month for mine to go through. I think you'll be fine if you have...
Wow! That's big question! The answer depends on how handy you are. If you are not...
Just wondering what NXX vonage uses in Toronto, ON, Canada in the area code 647? Do...
Thanks to dconnor for you looking into this situation. I need a 4 jack unit that...
Just a point everyone considering or waiting for LNP: Don't cancel your exsisting...
i'm currently using 2 RT31P2 units for 4 lines just fine.. i have the second one...
I am thinking along the same lines as Miket603 that it will probably have to do with...
After some initial MAC id and DHCP issues, the Talisman Basic running on my WRT54GS...
I just bought the Vonage Phone adapter from London Drugs and arranged to switch...
Ok, thanks. That's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. I'm also assuming that...
once again, vonage to vonage calls never go on the pstn, only on the vonage network....
Better to be safe than sorry, remove it and turn on call fordwarding or something...
Ok, I join the fray as well. I was able to get my new installation up and working in...
I cancelled my telephone service that was provided by my cable company today since...
You can probably hook up your phone to a tape recorder to record, then hook up your...
Is there anyway to record your vonage telephone calls ... saving them to a pc in...
I'm not an engineer, but I don't see how low ring voltage could cause a cordless...
What I chose to do with a device that I purchased, that I *own* is of no business to...
Click2Call's caller ID messages are very odd. The number sent is "click2call"...
Members and Visitors, When I first began having trouble with my phone not...
Yesterday my friend signed up for Vonage and is awaiting his install pack. He lives...
I hear ya man. Ive had very few problems and I am Verry happy currently with my setup....
I am in Germany for some weeks and am wondering what I would need to connect my RT31P2...
I have Vonage at my house and love it. I recommended it to family, and they have all...
I've been avidly reading these forums since I signed up for Vonage on the 16th,...
i didnt read up one the product you bought, but if its just a switch, you need 2 public...
hmmmm, last called the GI Bill place a couple hours ago, and it's still doing it....
Ah, that could be, I did have a message there.... It's the same tone a LL phone gets...
when my router was first upgraded to 1.28, it stopped getting an ip address from...
I have my landline service with Verizon (MA), and long-distance service through...
Glad I am not the only one! I have Comcast and have good speeds. I called today and...
Have you never heard of a Cell Phone?? Very light and portable, you don't have to...
take notes 8)...
u the man enigma...
Anyone here into wardriving? I've recently become quite interested in it. I purchased...
I can try toggling the MWI on/off (pm acct #). Also go into your voicemailbox with...
Well, I called and cancelled my long distance service with Qwest. I read somewhere...
call us and have us reapply the firmware. I tried convincing them that the 1.28...
thats actually an issue that was brought up at a recent meeting and we basically...
Have you noticed that most all NewBies now pick an avatar... It worked! :)...
TY that did it. Sure wish I had posted this here sooner. Good Job enigma91884....
For a Vonage LNP credit see this thread: In...
I have had hit or miss luck with my fax machine and my tranz 380 over Vonage. I understand...
Yup. THe blinking lights mean the PAP2 is not getting an IP address. You only have...
try going in through the features section, then access voicemail. Also try disabling...
As I noted above the SBC website had a mystery order placed for my phone that had...
i didnt read up one the product you bought, but if its just a switch, you need 2 public...
If you cancel your Vonage service we don't cut off you with the ability to use your...
Its not illegal. There is nothing in there that customers need access to. What's...
it needs a router. you can buy the linksys rt31p2 which is a router with vonage built...
Hi, I have a Toshiba PCX2500 Cable Modem (Earthlink ISP). I purchased a Linksys...
There is a very easy way to nail down exactly where yoru problems are with your call...
I have had this problem since Jan and have sent numerous emails and even talked...
TY for your response but was hoping you could recommend a possible router other...
I also have the 14.99 plan plus the (866) toll free #. If you own a cell phone you got...
Until Vonage comes up with a way to make this work better, I came up with a way to make...
That's nice and all, but I BOUGHT the router as part of my package. I OWN the router....
Yes, I've been having the same problem for over a month. Emails to customer...
Only Vonage can activate the phone ports on the router....
I had a similar problem at one time where people couldn't hear me when I would call...
With softphone, the Network Availability feature being ON is what at least gets...
If you go to, you can access the administration...
Are you sure that is not a shutter tone, indicating that you have a voicemail message?...
I too have been waiting for my number transfer from Bell Canada to Vonage in Toronto. I...
Call 888-GIBILL-1. punch through at least one of their menus. Then hang up the...
Seems ever since the last upgrade, if I am surfing the web, I get lots of voice drops....
Dialed in to the NY number, am at the dling program data stage, but during every...
I have the Moto 5100 which goes to my Wan port on my Linksys WRT54G. I have my PAP2...
Agreed,. Let's just hope that he's sincere and has known about this problem. One...
hmmm....found a fix. Not what I expected. I was just reading some other issues...
of course, since the the mta is first, it's denying the request. the motorola...
So what did enigma do and is the information posted? Thank you...
that test measures qos like this: if you download at a consistent speed, even...
heh, and what would you say if a customer of your business came up and asked about...
is there anything in there about the model number of the uniden? that might be a...
My issue is concerning the fact that I sometimes cannot be heard by either someone...
I finally got this problem solved. The trick I believe was to talk to a tech at Vonage...
Download 1,530,000 bps Upload 277,000 bps QOS 97% RTT 5 ms MaxPause 60...
I would be concerned about the download speed seeing as Comcast recently rolled...
I just received a postcard 2 days ago that my rebate was declined because it was...
I need to understand how VoIP business works and what costs require for a company...
Sometimes the 1-800 number works, but you reach the USA company instead of the...
Hi everyone. I need help configuring my home web server (WinXP) to work with...
What specifically is your issue? This forum does not allow blatant ranting....
No. The Vonage Call Routing Network points your Virtual Number calls to your primary...
well...may laptop has FF v1.01 with out Click2Call installed. So...I updated...
[quote="scots"] Ah, ok I didn't know the forum wasn't operated by Vonage,...
Your good to go. Your max pause is a tad slow, but everything else is solid....
I have been using Vonage for the past 4 months and love all the extra services that...
AM I able to foward (or simul ring) 1 virtual number to one cell # and another virtual...
Deb- this forum is not owned,operated, or endorsed by Vonage. Vonage has no control...
I am a Vonage customer, and I have experienced the same one-way audio problem....
id have to monitor your device so we can see why it fails. we'd have to capture it...
Do I have any concerns with test results like this? I'm not capable of deciphering...
Well this person was talking about how bad their customer service was and wanted...
I hope your right. I really like the service and hope things get better. Thank you...
enigma, we use the 11 digit dialing here in the chicagoland area. I'm sure...
I have the opposite problem. My phone line will never blink if I get new voicemail....
If you have DSL you should make sure that "naked" DSL is offered by verizon. If You...
Paul, I suppose that I presented the phone thing poorly. It is indeed the phone...
I pinged SBC Texas customer service about the order placed on my account which...
I installed mine on November 15,2004 and sent in my rebate right away. I finally...
if it's your house than it's your wiring.
Well, I uninstalled 03 and downloaded 04 making sure to restart FF each time and...
I understand that there exists the pontential for a credit on my account to help...
mbhn5204, I appreciate the work you've done to troubleshoot this problem. However,...
mp1111, let me know how it goes, I live in Kitchener as well and have the big bad BELL.....
I looked in the members section of, as well as searched the forums,...
It never dials? Let's reset your from number manually. - Go to the page about:config...
Phone port 2 is nto active by default, unless you have 2 phone numbers, or we move...
You MUST keep Verizon active sduring the number transfer. Once it completed we...
Mongoos, please give me some info as the errors you are experiencing, I can...
Well. It doesn't actually dial out it just kicks up the 101 error. You're right....
It sounds like two things happened here. The "101" error is actually generated...
Make sure you're not using some kind of speed dialer etc etc, those dont work too...
JDR, I pmed u my phone number so you can take a look at my router as a possible configuration...
Thank you, Reebok! And everyone else who addressed this issue, as I was starting...
I have been following all the threads on this one way audio problem for a while....
Let me see what I can do. Give me a day....
I did just that. I signed up for info on your website to have a VAR contact me. I did...
I've heard all the stories, complaints, and whining about how horrible customer...
Congrats, man... My situation is kinda the same like yours... I am waiting for...
You might want to speak with a Vonage VAR...
is plugging into the house wire legal? would that be something i could do or would...
Initially I directly connected my phone to the Linksys phone adapter to make sure...

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