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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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To clarify... Media Player will play the .wav file if I download it (save)...
here are a couple links I found. odd that media player can't play a wave file. you...
fishbone2, I'm using the Linksys WRT54GS, as well. All I have done is upgrade the...
I get the following message when trying to listen to voice mail with my XP Home machine...
just fyi, this should be in the Vonage forum (
Will just add to the body of knowledge around this problem... I've got a Motorolla...
Updated Date: Number Transfer Progress History: January 3, 2005 Awaiting...
find out more about what? foip? getting tivo's etc to work? if it's the latter here...
why do you keep asking this over and over? go search google. if you're not having...
How can we find out more... With Vonage, you are no longer tied to your...
um, doesn't specify that you have to hang up. that is where the confusion...
I also have this problem where a caller punches through when I'm already on the...
Why are you always yelling? Go ahead and yell that caps are yelling. Well, bold...
If I were to buy it and say....set it up in my friends (across the US) area code, would...
Hum.. You must not have read the latest (Feb 8th) issue of PC magazine with a review...
You could always get an IQ phone (I think that's what they are called.. CallerIQ...
I know that I will miss this feature also. My in-laws have "unknown" by default....
The rebate does not work like that. You can not get referred from your friend AND...
Hello. I currently have: ~Toshiba PCX1100U cable modem on Road Runner. ~Belkin...
I plan on signing up this weekend and just bought the hardware from CompUsa.......
If you've got routers that don't need to do routing (such as the one in your Gameroom),...
That will be fixed with this:
Ahhh.. we don't seem to be able to edit our posts any more... :?...
Hrmm let me fix this.. I got my threads mixed up... yeah the area codes.. being added...
...and are there any setup issues with having two adapters? It is time to ditch...
For Repeat Dialing to work you have to first HANG UP when you hear the busy signal....
Ahh yeah... I was talking to XO the other day about getting some numbers.. they...
Area Code issue I meant 2 say....
Devices like that...TiVo, DirectTV, etc., are extremely difficult to get to...
Like many others I've been waiting. In my case since Nov 30, 2004. I just sent...
Ahh ha..just talked to a vonage rep (are some of them in India)? Anyway.. he was...
Well it didnt work quite so well. I am calling home from work and the call gets garbled...
Thank u Matth. And I agree, I would like to see more bells & whistles also. The area...
OK, so when will Vonage offer anonymous call blocking/rejection? (I tried this...
I don't understand how this is a "service specific" issue? Guess some how vonage...
In general, the Linksys RT is a better device than the Motorola VT (known as the...
I have to agree.. lingo may be cheaper.. but they don't seem as good as Vonage......
me neither...but again if my memory serves me correctly, the vonage instructions...
I have had the Motorola and got rid of it as fast as I could! Piece of junk! Very...
Sure, Lingo is abit cheaper, AND they may offer Anonymous Call Blocking, BUT you...
hrmm.. doesn't work: Activating Repeat Dialing is easy and will last for...
I did a dead short.. no resistor......
lingo has been around since june or maybe before. they are one of many voip services...
I'm very happy with my Motorolla too, which is actually a replacement for a Linksys...
Just for sake of curiosity, did you do a dead short between the terminals, or did...
I have never heard the ticking you refer to. Mine is dead quiet now. Doublecheck...
I just noticed that there's a new VOIP provider out there, Lingo, which offers...
it's odd that the stutter tone doesn't stop. what I'd try is leaving myselfa voicemail...
woohoo I just tried the "short the pins" trick.. and it worked.. very quiet.. except...
So did you find "the magic bullet"?...
I had Vonage replace my Linksys with a Motorolla and never had this problem again....
About 13 years ago we moved from one neighborhood to the next and were unable to...
Oh, I forgot to mention that my voice mailbox is empty. I was reading the manual...
Every time I pick up the receiver to dial a call, I get this "stutter tone". Anybody...
I am having the exact same problem. My old Panasonic Showstopper was working fine...
My Results Download 2,956,304 bps Upload 363,832 bps QOS 98% RTT 36 ms...
Hrmm interesting.. I had vonage about 9 months ago .. and had a motorola unit which...,12229728~mode=flat...
I sent a brief email politely explaining my situation to Mr. Citron, and in about...
And you are right. The noise does not drown the call out by any means but it is detected...
I think mine has it a little, but it doesn't really bother me too much. if they start...
You have the problem more than likely. The easiest way to find out is by plugging...
Ok.. does anyone have a WORKING linksys? I'm curious if I'm just hyper sensative.....
I agree with ayidth. seems like it would have been easier for her to do it there (heck...
yes. see here and here is...
You should have subscribed to Vonage UK for the UK end - they would provide a Linksys...
Would plugging in an old landline phone into line 2 and leaving it off hook accomplish...
yes, she has broadband. she called NTLworld and they said they didnt block it and...
Does anyone know why some states aren't included in Vonage?? WV and a few others...
Answer to number 2.... It's easier to keep the number so that you don't have...
I thought about that but I don't have time to be calling from SBC to Vonage to SBC...
let me look into my crystal ball... honestly, how is anyone going to know that?...
The number that I was assinged by Vonage is an extended local number for my friends...
From my experience (having had Vonage less than 14 days after buying a WRT54GPAP...
if you buy something from a store you should be subject to their return policy (which...
glad to hear it binky. and markwi, read binky's post. that's one way I know. If...
I ordered on Wed and I still cannot track when I look at the order status it is still...
I have two little points on this whole thing. 1. Have any of you people even...
Another week gone, another week without a transfer. I sent an email to the email... this is how my setup is (smc...
Still no transfer date after 10 weeks.. I am suppose to hear from them today with...
Hi, i'm interested in grabbing a VoIP service and I had some questions about vonage....
You have to give it time to get in the system. It can take up to 24 hours before the...
After reading these posts yesterday (because I have the same issues), I contacted...
I just got my tracking number via email, the sender was ""....
Will I be able to use my Netgear Wireless router WGR614 with the RT31P2 Linksys...
Does the vonage website tracking number provided ever work? Mine always says...
Having (at last) received my Vonage ATA I have been exploring what it can and cannot...
Let me guess, Comcast is your cable provider & you live in the NE US?...
This is far from fixed. How do you know 1.26 firmware was to correct this issue?...
that worked like I wanted it to. They really need to look into the hardware and change...
Tried enabling port forwarding from the Motorola device for port 80 (http) to...
Alright, makes a little more sense now. Okay, so is the reason why you want the RT31P2...
Rebus, thanks for the tip...but all I have is my cell phone right now. THANKS!...
I've got a 3 level house. In my office is my cable modem and the BEFSR41. I have...
Hey everyone, Okay I figured this would be the best place to look for some information...
I must be missing something here. Why is it that you are running 2 routers? Is there...
Me and my buddy did this and IT WORKS GREAT. I just think its sad that 1. VONAGE HAS...
I've successfully made dozens of 3-way calls without dialing the #92 before dialing...
I have tryed everything and Ihave the internet router and I amgoing to to bestbuy...
I gotta agree with reebok... mine is the Uniden TRU5860-2 and I just love it.
Bluesters - don't take that as gospel... I gotta ancient Compaq here that's chugging...
Greetings all! I just today got my new vonage device. I have had some problems...
Giving me flashbacks of my additiction to mutliboxing Everquest. =)...
Happy to try - but need a few more details... What phone adaptor? What's...
I'm trying to figure out the whole rate center thing. There are 6 rate centers in...
Sweet! ...probably causes a voltage drop across some key circuits that are the...
I signed up with Vonage about 1 week ago for a new retail establishment. The building...
Can you Please HELP!!!! No one at Vonage will pick up My phone light comes on...
Thank you!! Based on your reply, I picked up...dial tone. Everything is working...
Ok, I had my contact at TWC (who is in broadband support) recommend which modem...
The internet light always blinks 24/7. Do you have a light on one of your phone ports? When...

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