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Salt Lake City: impressions after several months
Salt Lake City: impressions after several months

Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!
Review: My First Day With Vonage, Excellent!

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Great Price, No Complaints

You need some common sense.
You need some common sense.

Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...
Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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I'm installing now for the first time. I've followed the instructions to the letter....
Since I don't have a crimper I guess I could take an old phone cord and twiss the two...
Just make sure you don't short out any of the RJ-45 ports!...
Yes, in port 2. I do not see how it can possibly mess anything up. Its just a simple...
So where do you stick the RJ-11? In port 2 of the router?...
Just crimped on a RJ-11 with pins 3 and 4 shorted and ALL noise is now gone. Hopefully...
And BTW reebus this kills all the noise :)...
I tried several phones and each of them put out around 71k Worth of resistances...
Most are still 14.4, but there are higher speed machines available (such as the...
It shouldn't affect voice quality, but it probably also won't help dialup. When...
fishbone2, who is your ISP?...
Might want to be careful this doesn't short the circuitry inside the adapter....
I see. well from what I hear, the PAP2 is the friendliest one to travel with (size-wise,...
I ask because I will not be home to accept delivery of the package and will be out...
heh well anyway, there is apparently some issue between you and your isp. it...
If you need to make some long distance calls, here's a little trick to save you the...
you can buy one and set it up. I can't believe you would want to go pay for something,...
I'm just north of Tampa, and so far 4 adapters have each taken 3 days. It's 2 days...
The CSR will ask if you have defraged your hard disck yet..... Not even close........
Is it possible to get a vonage-based router from a store to use in the meanwhile?...
If you're at all handy with Linux might I suggest buying the WalMart $199 PC with...
No, i have a RCA DCM315 MODEM provided by Comcast...
I have the D-Link 4300. It claims "Automatically prioritizes and intelligently...
odd. is NAT enabled on the dlink? not even sure if that would make a difference....
that's all they ship out right now. the linksys RT31P2....
I just noticed that they put new info up about my order. I'm apparently getting...
Actually that's the initial setup, i.e. Router is dhcp server and VT1000 to obtain...
Comment(S) Welcome, appreciated & encouraged.....Is your DATA only line being...
Yes for both of your questions....
don't remember if you said it somewhere else, but do you have the Toshiba PCX1100...
Just spoke with Comcast and they told me to go to to run my test, my...
I like many others have had this issue and read the various fixes for it and came...
That's my take too. I guess in the long run we'll benefit. As a side note, I just...
I was just thinkin about that the other day too...but I guess they could always...
is the d-link setup as a dhcp server? and is the vt1000 set to receive an ip automatically?...
No call - Calling Voice Mail Calling cell phone No call retest This...
Forgot to mention that, but yes, I do have comcast here. I may have to give them a...
I tried as you suggested, i.e. connect the cable modem directly to the VT1000 to...
Almost sounds like the problem discussed in the thread about Comcast routers...
I'm not saying they block voip, but they may block ports in general that happen...
As you have turned off DHCP, you will need to establish a computer connected to...
her ISP is NTLWORLD they dont say anything on the...
My numbers with nothing in use: Download 3.13 Mbps Upload 245 kbps QOS 98% RTT...
What I meant was its a hard pill to swallow. I called them when I saw that I got charged...'ve said that already. you also said you were ok with it. but since you're...
Hard when I'm already paying for a service that I don't have!... sounds like her isp is blocking vonage's ports. she does have broadband...
there's a delay with getting a tracking number and the number being entered into...
oddly enough, even though the order's complete, and I do have a tracking number,...
Thanks. I think I'll call them sometime today. Did you click on the link to track...
I ordered on the 9th...I'm wanting to say it was really late at night...that's...
recently i have bought 2 vonage accounts, one for me and one for my girlfriend in...
reebok, I have seen exactly the same behavior as you. this was the primary...
go to and check out their TRU series. I've seen a lot of people very satisfied...
Mine is still processing. I ordered in the afternoon of the 9th. How about you?...
are you sure you don't mean DHCP? if there's a reset button on the unit, hit that....
sorry for the second post, but I forgot to add that a lot of people have issues with...
yea, my status just changed to "Complete" so I'm guessing I should get in a few days,...
personally I think the WRT54GP2 is sweet, but I'm not going to buy it anytime soon....
then look around the siemens website. personally, I love my uniden TRU 8860
kind of, I have no idea how auto works. what is needed is for someone to do the same...
What I'm asking is.. IF the QOS setting RESERVES a certain amount of bandwidth.......
who says it does? not following you there. are you saying the automatic setting...
fax machines have different rates. it's not an across the board thing. an older...
I'm curious also how the device 'knows' what my maximum speed is (to reserve).....
what firmware do you have? 1.26.01 was supposed to fix it....
it's my understanding that it's how much will be reserved while on a call. (basically...
I am having the same identical problem with the Linksys router..... keeps dropping...
Oddly enough I successfuly transmitted a outbound fax,, haven't tried receiving...
I had problems getting the Vonage (Linksys) router to work initially. The phone...
I'm in the same boat. I ordered mine on the 9th and it is still showing the order as...
I would like to know prior to asking Vonage to change my packetization, if this...
Hi all, I am a vonage UK customer. When I set up my router as per the instructions...
I am considering switching two tel lines from BS to Vonage for my house. What is...
That would be an interesting thought - can anyone comfirm this please?...
I was trying alternate settings with my VT1005 and unchecked the "use DHCS(?)"...
I was kinda wondering about that, because I have the Linksys 802.11b wireless...
We ordered ours on the 3rd and we received it the 11th. I would guess yours may take...
Today i went out and purchased a Motorola SB5100 to swap out with my old Home Connect...
Well, without doing a zip to zip match up, I would think that you should have your...
Florida, near Pensacola...
When it ships it will have a confirmation number, most likely today or tomorrow...
I have Verizon and have been waiting for a number transfer. Therefore, I have at...
I get the same problem of connection drop if connecting this way: cable modem->phone...
I'm just wondering...I just signed up with Vonage on the 9th, and it posted to my...
The 1100U was great for me on Cox Cable, both in Tulsa, OK and Bentonville, AR. It...
anyone? :?: :?: :?: :?:...
Add #92 for 3-way calling.
Did You get your Showstopper working?...

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