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Hardwiring in a Rental House
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Hard Wiring - Installation
Hardwiring in a Rental House
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On May 09, 2017 at 06:14:26

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dconnor Posted:
What is the main
number on the
account? And
which one is the
virtual number?

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Trafford Posted:
Seems like a
question. We
rely exclusively
on a Vonage system
for our

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diazou Posted:
Hello, It's
compatible with
Android your phone
? Thanks!

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jeddaisg Posted:
Hi all We have
a Vonage VOIP
system for our
office. Lately,
our call quality

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beast321 Posted:
I don't know if
you heard, that
many more
Dreamcast games
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Av8rix Posted:
Sorry to start a
new thread on an
old topic but when
I google “Vonage
MAC address

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You need some common sense.

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Vonage Customer Review: One month with Vonage, and...

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Vonage VoIP Forum Digest - September 17, 2007

Vonage VoIP Forum Digest

September 17, 2007

By Daniel Connor

Welcome to today's edition of the Vonage Voip Forum Digest. 

Because it is a slow news day today, we'll go to two Vonage Forum threads, one about Vonage activation issues and the other is about Vonage call quality.  We'll also check in on Vonage's stock price.

On The Vonage Voip Forum

Vonage activation woes with retail bought device is the title as well as the subject of a new Vonage Forum thread started by Vonage Forum Member Calculon.

Here's what Calculon writes in his thread opening post:

"I'm currently using Comcast Digital Voice but decided it was silly to pay $40 dollars a month for what is essentially VoIP, especially when I don't use my land line very often. I did some research using various Voip review websites but it seems like for every good review of these companies there is another "OMG THIS COMPANY SUX" review. Vonage seemed like the easiest choice to go with so that's what I did.

I initially was going to order everything directly from them because they offer "free" hardware plus free activation and the first month free ordering everything from the website. The problem I had with this was that they were only giving out $80 dollar Motorola routers that had the Voip adapter built in. I already have a Buffalo router and an individual cable modem, so I don't need another router to go with all of that. Yes I know it's possible to turn off the routing features but why deal with this and potentially inferior "all in one" hardware that I would have to pay for if I decided to cancel when I can just buy a phone adapter myself?

I purchased a brand new Linksys PAP2 on eBay for $25 dollars shipped and it arrived today. Once again I initially decided to activate everything online but was greeted with a 29.99 activation fee at the end of the ordering process. It seemed silly to me that they were offering this for free in addition to the router when I last tried this, not to mention that I'm broke until next week... knowing how easy this stuff is normally waived by companies like this (XM hands out free activations and months like there is no tomorrow) I called up Vonage.

After one Indian who transferred me to another Indian who decided to give me the number to the department I originally talked to, I was on the phone with someone who could get me activated. I explained my situation and how I was excited to get my phone service activated but was wondering if they could waive the activation fee. He said he could help me out with this and got all of my information.. once we get to the end and he's getting my credit card information, he explains that he will not be able to waive the activation fee since I did not purchase my hardware directly from them. He said that they will only waive one fee: either the cost of shipping or the activation. I explained that since I purchased the adapter myself they did not ship anything out to me, so I did not understand why they would not waive my activation fee. For the next 20 minutes I was put on hold a few times and told the same thing each time he came back.

Finally he gave me two options: Either I could pay the activation fee which would come to $32.something, or they could send me out a free router/adapter, with the free activation, for the cost of shipping. I asked him why they were willing to send me out free hardware in addition to the free activation when they could easily have me for just the free activation RIGHT NOW. I explained that not only did I already have my adapter, but that I purchased it for the explicit reason that I did not want their router combination device. I also explained that if I decided to cancel 3 months down the line, that I would be responsible for paying off the remainder of the cost of their device, plus be stuck with my current device. "Please suh, why can't I just have a free activation?" On hold again...

No sorry, you can either pay the activation, or we can send out the free router with the free activation if you pay the shipping. Also, if you want to then switch the devices once you get the free router you can... "Wait a minute, then wouldn't I still have to pay the activation for the Linksys device?" No, they would switch it over for free. "But isn't this just taking what I want to do and complicating it into many more steps for a higher cost to your company? And then can I send the router back so I don't get charged for it in case I do want to cancel down the line?" No, you're still responsible for the remaining cost of the router in that situation. (also I checked eBay and these things are not selling. I wonder why. )

This went back and forth for 30 minutes, until finally I apologized for wasting his time. I said I wasn't trying to come off as a cheap asshole, I just did not understand the logic of his company. I said maybe in the future this call will help you guys understand someone's position like mine and you could add a third option. By the end of the call he was agreeing with me that their policy was retarded, but there was nothing he could do about it. I thanked him for his time and was gone without my Vonage activation.

Now I do realize that Vonage has no obligation to give me a free activation, but normally these companies are pretty desperate to get customers and will waive silly fees like this. If I don't get a call from them by early next week offering me a free activation I'll just pay the damn fee, but it still just seems so silly that they would incur the cost of a router plus the activation instead of just giving me the free activation then and there on my own device.

I'm just wondering if anyone here knows of a coupon code for a free activation, or can give me the number of someone higher up who could get me a free activation."

Now here's a response from fellow Vonage Forum Member Blackjack:

"The problem is that Vonage is not a BYOD company. So, reading the stories here, you're lucky they will even activate that device at all, when the "proper" means of getting a device is directly from them or an authorized retailer. The bundle they offer comes with a waived activation fee if you purchase the router thru them, so I really do not see why they should waive the activation fee if it was you who decided you didn't want the VT2442. It's not like you ordered and they went like "We're out of stock, go buy one and we'll fix you up".

All in all, I'd suggest taking their offer of a new device with no activation, and once it gets there just swap it out with the one you got on Ebay.

I'm all for not letting the company screw you, but in this case it seems you're trying to screw them."

Calderon reads what Blackjack has to say, and then follows up with a new post in which he writes:

"Right I guess the giant "Vonage" logo on the box means it's not a Vonage device. 

"If Vonage offered a vanilla device that was not some all in one piece of junk, I would have ordered directly from them. Unfortunately these companies assume that nobody has a router when they are ordering a new service. Right now if I had taken whatever Comcast offered me I'd have a cable modem/router all in one, which would then be hooked into the Vonage router/adapter, which would then be hooked into my router which I chose because it's not a piece of junk.

Like I said in the original post I don't have some delusion that they owe me a free activation, just that I don't understand why they would rather spend $80+$30 on me when they could have me for the price of activation(which costs more than my actual device)."

And then we have fellow Vonage Forum Member tglea, who, after reading what Calderon and Blackjack had to say, writes his comments, which I have placed in quotes.

Blackjack wrote:
The bundle they offer comes with a waived activation fee if you purchase the router thru them, so I really do not see why they should waive the activation fee if it was you who decided you didn't want the VT2442.

"Really? They give you the device for free. You statement insinuates that free activation is a perk for buying a device directly from Vonage. The way I see it, there is no purchase involved. I'm sure you can use the rebate argument but in reality there is no purchase when you get a instant rebate."

Blackjack wrote:
All in all, I'd suggest taking their offer of a new device with no activation, and once it gets there just swap it out with the one you got on Ebay.
Probably the best solution. He will get exactly what he wants. Only problem is he will have to wait another 5 days or more to start using the service. I'm pretty impatient myself, so that would be a bummer for me as well.

Blackjack wrote:
I'm all for not letting the company screw you, but in this case it seems you're trying to screw them.
Sorry but I don't see the logic in that statement whatsoever. He is willing to sign up for just the waived activation fee. Vonage will incur 63% more in cost just to acquire him as a customer. Quite the opposite really. Vonage would be saving money by waiving the activation fee and letting him use his own device. He would be saving them money. So how exactly is he trying to screw them? Calculon wrote:
Like I said in the original post I don't have some delusion that they owe me a free activation, just that I don't understand why they would rather spend $80+$30 on me when they could have me for the price of activation(which costs more than my actual device)

"If you are around long enough, you will find several things with Vonage that don't fit into the category of logical practices. After you are already a customer, they basically refuse to send you a new adapter even if you want to pay full price. They tell you to go to a retail store a buy a new one. So does it make sense that you can't buy a new device from the company that provides the service? I agree with you. It doesn't make much sense to give you a free device and activation when you are willing to settle for only the free activation. Oh and the frustration when you know that the agent agrees with your logic but yet is unable to do anything that isn't in the scripts or procedure. If you do get set up, I can tell you that in my case the service(not customer service) has been very good. Good Luck!"

Vonage Forum Member Miggggel starts a thread which he has gone about naming, Phone Quality very choppy.

First, Miggggel describes the issue:

"I had to change the order of my set-up to get my sling box to remote connect and now the phone quality is very choppy now," I can only hear every other word."

Next, in order to give other Vonage Forum Members enough info so they can provide advice, Miggggel then describes his setup and includes his Vonage text results:

Old set up: Cable Modem, Vonage router and then Belkin Wireless Router(feeds PCs Wirelessly and hard wired to Vonage router)
New Set up: Cable Modem, Belkin Wireless Router(feeds PCs Wirelessly and hard wired to Vonage router) and then Vonage Router

Location: Andover,Ma
Provider:Comcast cable
Modem: Belkin Pre-N wireless router (F5D8230-4)
Vonage Router: Motorola VT2442-VD)
Phone: Panasonic Model: KX-TG5214 5.8GHZ

Speed test statistics
Download speed: 7371768 bps
Upload speed: 380584 bps
Quality of service: 78 %
Download test type: socket
Upload test type: socket
Maximum download pause: 100 ms
Average download pause: 4 ms
Minimum round trip time to server: 23 ms
Average round trip time to server: 68 ms

Voip test statistics
Jitter: you --> server: 3.6 ms
Jitter: server --> you: 0.0 ms
Packet loss: you --> server: 64.1 %
Packet loss: server --> you: 100.0 %
Packet discards: 0.0 %
Packets out of order: 0.0 %
Number of supported Voip lines: 6
Estimated MOS score: 3.4

Having this information available encourages endor and Steve48 to offer responses.

First, endor:

"Several questions:

1) Are you trying to actively use the Sling Box at the same time as the phone?

2) Why did you change the order? Why didn't the Motorola work with the Sling box? I don't have the Motorola router, but looking at the manual from the Vonage site, it appears to support port forwarding, which should be all you need.

The Motorola will prioritize voice traffic, whereas the Belkin will not (AFAIK). This may be causing you problems, especially if the link is heavily used."

And now for what Steve48 wrote:

"Also, your packet losses are awful beyond belief. Where you running things like the Sling Box when you ran the test? Does the Belkin have QoS capability? If so, set it to favor the Vonage box. If it doesn't, then you'll never get acceptable Vonage performance with this setup."

Miggggel took these suggestions and ran another test, but the results are not what he really wants. So what this tells me is this thread is an active one, and one worth monitoring. 

Vonage Stock Report

Monday n the New York Stock Exchange, Vonage stock closed at $1.94 a share, down five cents (-2.51%)  from Friday's $1.99 a share, but then again, that closing price was three cents higher than today's lowest Vonage stock price and that was $1.91 a share. Total Vonage shares traded today attained 691,500 shares.

Once again, our Vonage Stock Forum can be reached from this link.  

.That's what's hot about Vonage today. Check with us tomorrow for our next edition of the Vonage VoIP Forum Digest.

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